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Instagram Restrict Tutorial - What Does It Mean on Instagram?

Have you noticed the new feature - Instagram restrict? It prevents you from getting bothered by annoyance. See what benefits you will have from it:

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kelly

In 2019, Instagram released a new feature called Instagram Restrict. As Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, explained to Time: “the trick here is how do we make sure we address the incentives, address the problems, but also don’t undo all the good.” 

He said this because the new feature has confused many users: what’s the difference between this and block? Many still feel so until 2 years later now. That makes it necessary to introduce the Instagram restrict feature in detail. 

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Let’s move.

Instagram Restrict Feature

What is Instagram Restrict

Instagram restrict is a new feature originally designed to stop online bullying. As the survey from Pew, 59% American teenagers have been through online bullying. Restrict on Instagram gives users more control over what comments their audience can see and messages they receive from others. “The idea is to give you a little nudge and say, ‘Hey, this might be offensive,’ without blocking you from posting,” says Francesco Fogu, a designer who works on well-being.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

Generally, Instagram restrict feature is more like a mild warning comparing to directly block: I don’t like your behavior, but that doesn’t go so far as to break up with you. When you restrict someone on Instagram, changes below will happen:

  • His or her comments under your posts will not make public without your approval, while he or she can still see it as nothing happened. So he or she has no idea of being restricted.

  • His or her leaving message will go directly into “Message Request”. As a result, he or she cannot see whether you have read it or not.

  • He or she is not able to check your active status.

  • He or she will not receive any notification from Instagram to indicate that he or she gets restricted from you.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

How to Launch Instagram Restrict

Step 1: Open Instagram app. Find the account you want to restrict on.

Step 2: Go to his or her profile page, and tap on the three dots “...” at the upper-right.

Step 3: Select “Restrict”. In that case, you have added that account to the restricted list. Consequences that were introduced in the last part will be achieved immediately. 

How to Launch Instagram Restrict

How to Cancel Instagram Restrict Account

Step 1: Open Instagram and find the account you’d like to unrestrict.

Step 2: The unrestrict order has directly appeared under the introduction. Tap it on. Also, you can tap on the three dots “...” at the upper-right of the screen and select “Unrestrict” to cancel Instagram restricted account.

How to Cancel Instagram Restrict Account

How Do You Know If You’re Restricted

As mentioned previously, Instagram will not inform any person that he or she is restricted. However, there are some tricks to know if you are restricted by someone.

Firstly, by tracking their Instagram activity to see whether you are restricted. If someone has put you into restrict list, the small green dot representing online will never light on. When someone posts new content during the period his or her active status appearing off, then he or she possibly has restricted you before.

But this method is not 100% confirmed since some users may not turn on the Show Active Status switch.

The second one requires you to have a secondary Instagram account and follow the person you want to check. Use your primary account to leave a comment under any posts of him or her. If the comment is not available to your secondary account, you being restricted by that person is confirmed.

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Instagram Restrict VS Instagram Block & Mute

Differences between Instagram Restrict / Instagram Block / Instagram Mute:

  • Instagram Block: the blocked account will automatically unfollow you and has no right to see your content.

  • Instagram Restrict: the restricted account cannot send you messages or leave comments under your posts without your approval.

  • Instagram Mute: the muted account will not exhibit on your feed. You can still see posts from going to the muted account.

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Comparing to limit the range of these three features:

Instagram Block >>> Instagram Restrict > Instagram Mute

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Instagram restrict feature does not differ from iOS and Android. How to restrict Instagram on iPhone is the same as on Android. To fully understand how this feature works helps you to create a suitable online environment. 

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