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Instagram Reels vs Story: Get More Likes and Followers

Looking for an authentic comparison of Instagram Reels vs Story? Read this article to find out every aspects of Instagram Reels and Story for more views.

Updated 2022-03-21 15:06:46 | by Kevin

In November 2019, Instagram came forward with a great update, the Instagram Reels. It allows users to create a 15-second multi-clip snap. For this reason, many content creators and brands use Instagram Reels to promote or market their products. Reels focus on content creation, while Instagram stories focus more on real-time events. For example, a video made while traveling is an ideal choice for an Instagram Story, while a dance video is perfect for an Instagram Reel.

In this article, we will compare Instagram Reels vs Story. Keep reading down to find out more!

Instagram Reels vs Story

Instagram Reels vs Story: Which Is More Popular Now? 

Undoubtedly, Instagram reels and stories are the two most commonly used features among users. But, which one would you prefer to use? Of course, it depends on the type of content. If you want to share real-time events, Instagram Story is the way to go. On the other hand, Instagram Reel is all you need for content creation. According to Instagram, there are more than 500 million users who publish and watch stories daily.

Wondering which one is more popular: Instagram reels or story?

We’ve listed some of the pros and cons of Instagram reels and Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Pros & Cons


  • Instagram Story can lead new users to your profile. It generates lots of engagement.

  • Adding a story is a great way to share your brand personality.

  • It lets the users send a message directly from a Story

  • You can monitor the analytics of your Instagram stories by seeing how many viewers your story gets.


  • Instagram Story will disappear after 24 hours (including all data related to it).

  • As data disappears, it may not work for content creators and social media managers.

Instagram Reels Pros & Cons


  • Instagram Reels can increase your organic reach

  • It encourages brand engagement

  • You can see the count of Instagram Reels likes

  • It allows users to purchase a product in just a few clicks


  • It can’t be promoted via paid advertising

  • You can’t add licensed music to your Instagram Reels

Want to know what’s the difference between reels and stories on Instagram? In the next section, we will compare both features based on various aspects like convenience, entertainment, etc.

Instagram Reels vs Story: Which is Better to Use?

No doubt, Instagram reels are becoming very popular with each passing day. It is a more convenient way to market your products. Also, it offers a ton of editing features to make your Instagram Reels stand out. At the same time, Instagram Story is the best way to share real-time events.

Let’s find out “Which one is better to use: Instagram reels or story?”


As said before, adding an Instagram Reel can generate more audience conveniently. That’s simply because Instagram reels are a great way to boost engagement. If you are looking for content creation, reels are more convenient.


Instagram Reels are the best choice when it comes to video editing. With additional editing features, you can create more sophisticated videos. For smooth transitions, you can slow down or speed up clips.

Entertainment or Engagement

Indeed, Instagram reels vs story is a never-ending debate. Instagram Story is something that you can share with your followers or a group of close friends, no matter public or private account. Also, you can re-share someone’s reel as a story. But, you can’t re-share other people’s stories. If you need engagement for your products, look no further than Instagram reels engagement. But, an Instagram story is the best option for engaging with your followers. 

Which One is Best: Instagram Reels vs Story

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 However, many people wonder which feature is best to increase followers and likes.

Instagram Reels vs Story: Which is Better for Followers and Likes?

Instagram Reels and Instagram Story are great ways to increase followers and likes. But, Instagram Reel is a more convenient method because it is a short video to promote your products. Moreover, it can lead more audiences to your IG account. On contrary, Instagram Story is somehow restricted to your followers only.

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Many people tend to compare Instagram reels vs story. Each feature has unique pros and cons, as listed in the article. Both are amazing ways to get more likes and followers. But, using an Instagram growth app can help boost your account quickly and organically. This is where GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita comes in handy to generate more likes for your Instagram Reels or Story. 

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