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Use Instagram Reels Remix to Hack Free Reels Views – Freshly Updated

Instagram Reels Remix is a new feature of Reels. Check this blog to see how this feature could bring you millions of free Reels views.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kevin

After its release in the last August, Instagram Reels has won millions of Instagram users’ popularity. This 15-seconds short video becomes a new field of competition on Instagram after Instagram story, IGTV, Live, etc. Instagram also keeps updating this feature for users and tries to let users generate more creative and entertaining Reels. And this time, it puts forward an update on Reels called Instagram Reels Remix. Therefore, what is Instagram Reels Remix and how we use it to our content? No need to hurry. Just keep reading the content below:

 Instagram Reels Remix Feature.jpg

What is Instagram Reels Remix & How it Works?

Instagram Reels Remix is another kind of Reels which enables you to create Reel reacting to an existing public Reel. You can use Instagram Reels Remix “capturing your reaction, responding to fans or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collab on Instagram.” according to @creators. Then how does this new feature works? You can follow the steps to below to use this feature or skip to part 2 for how to get free Reels views by using it.

Step 1. Find the Reel that you want to Remix.

Step 2. Tap the three-point tap and choose “Remix This Reel”.

 Use Instagram Reels Remix – Step 2.png

Step 3. Film your reaction with Reels and add effects or whatever you want.

 Use Instagram Reels Remix – Step 3.png

All the steps of using Instagram Reels Remix are listed below, isn’t it very simple to use? Just try this new feature now!

How Use Instagram Reels Remix Feature to Get Free Reels Views?

Instagram Reels Remix is a reaction to older public Reels. If you make a Remix for a Reel and the original creator of the Reel would receive a notification, which is an excellent chance to get free Reels views from the viewers of that older Reel. Cause older Reel already has been viewed and accumulated popularity and the original creator may also have a larger viewers’ community which is an important source for you Reels Remix. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Just open Instagram app and make Reels Remix now.

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Exclusive: 3 Instagram Reels Remix Ideas

So, how about Instagram Reels Remix ideas? How can we use this new feature to its fullest extent and benefit from it? The following content would show you 3 ideas about making creative and interesting Reels Remix.

Collaborate with Other Creators

The first idea is to collaborate with other creators’ Reels to make two separate Reels become one Reel and reach a goal that two different people or things in different spaces but doing the same thing. This kind of Reels Remix could be various and you can use own ideas to create. An example of this Reels Remix could be found in @creators’ posts. By the way, you can find information about the latest Instagram updates and new features from this account.

 Instagram Reels Remix Ideas - 1.png

Capture Your Reaction to Other Reels

This kind of Reels Remix could be interesting and attractive too. You can choose Reels that you like and film reactions when watching it. Then both the followers of your account and viewers of that Reel could have chances to see your Remix. For the example of this kind of Reels Remix. You can see the one from @armielchandler and @taylorcassidyj.

 Instagram Reels Remix Ideas - 2.png

Reply to or Interact with Your Followers

Reels Remix is also an ideal way to interact with followers for they could also post Reels. You can even set up user generated content contest and let them post Reels on the topic you choose. Then you can use Instagram Reels Remix to reply to and interact with them.

If you find Instagram Reels Remix option not showing in your Instagram app, you may first check your settings and remember to enable Remix or just update your app. What If I cannot find “Remix This Reel” in other people’s Reel? Someone may ask. This maybe the reason that they did not “Enable Remixing” for that Reel. You can ask the creator for Remixing or switch to another Reel.

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Bottom Line

All the content about Instagram Reels Remix has been illustrated above. You should have a comprehensive knowledge about this new feature. Now open your Instagram app and start to create interesting Reels Remix. But do not forget GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, this powerful Instagram Reels auto viewer and liker could help promote your performance a lot. Download the app and you will never regret it.

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