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10 Useful Solutions to Instagram Reels Not Working or Showing, No Sound

Is Instagram Reels not working for you? Try these ways to fix Reels option not showing, no sound, and other Reels not working on Instagram errors.

Updated 2022-04-14 10:32:57 | by Vita

The long-lasting photo-sharing app, Instagram, has stepped into short-form video content market by rolling out the Reels feature on its Android and iOS apps. On the basis of beyond one billion monthly active users, Instagram Reels has rapidly become a stand-out in this field.

Fix Instagram Reels Not Working

However, various Instagram Reels not working problems have cropped up according to users’ feedback. “Why is my Instagram Reels not working? How to resolve this issue?” This guide has rounded up common Reels not working on Instagram problems, and will explain what workarounds you should use when similar stories happen to you. Let’s delve into the details.

Common Instagram Reels Not Working Properly Errors

It’s time to cut to the chase. As mentioned beforehand, there are different Reels not working on Instagram problems. On balance, most people are bothered in the following 6 situations.

  1. Instagram Reels Not Showing. The Instagram Reels option not showing up is the most seen Reels not working on Instagram issue. Besides functional bugs, this issue may also come down to Instagram account glitches, improper configuration, or overburdened app data.

  2. Instagram Reels No Sound Option. This Instagram Reels no sound issue is primarily caused by technical glitches. Luckily, some tricks are available for us to make the Instagram Reels audio tool work normally.

  3. Instagram Reels No Internet Connection. You can find the Reels option yet when you tap it, you are only greeted with the No Internet Connection error, even if you have a high-speed Internet connection.

  4. Instagram Reels "Something Gone Wrong" Error. A pop-up error message says “We’re sorry, but something went wrong”. The same as the error message in case 3, this Instagram Reels error message may be connected to technical glitches of the app or on your account, unstable Internet connection, or an outdated app version.

  5. Instagram Reels Camera Lagging. The Instagram camera starts lagging when you create reels with filters. The most likely root is overloaded cache and app data.

  6. Instagram Reels Not Uploading. The video uploading process is stuck forever to upload Reels or it shows that the video can not be posted without any hint. What causes Instagram Reels not uploading? Bad internet connection is considered as the factor in the first place. Furthermore, unsupported video files may also give rise to the issue.

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Full Solutions to Instagram Reels Not Working, Not Showing, No Sound

To tackle Instagram Reels not working issues, it’s suggested that you follow the solutions below until you find the one workable for your case.

1. Update Instagram to the Latest Version

The old version of the Instagram app may be the reason why Instagram Reels doesn’t work. The official development team keeps constant updates to add improvements and fixes. The most direct way to resolve Reels not working issues is using the latest version. Here is the how-to:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS, search for Instagram.

Step 2: Open the Instagram app info page, tap Update.

Now, open the Instagram app to check whether you can use the Reels feature normally.

Fix Instagram Reels Not Working by Updating Instagram App

 2. Sign out and Then Sign into Your Accounts

Some people also encounter Instagram Reels not showing after the update, especially when they have multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts associated with the Instagram app, you may try to sign out of the account and then sign in again.

Step 1: Click on the profile icon on the bottom right corner of the Instagram app.

Step 2: Tap the three parallel horizontal lines on the top right corner, then tap Settings.

Step 3: On the Settings menu, scroll down to the Log Out option, click it.

Step 4: Then click Log out on the pop-up dialog box and log into the account again.

Sign out & into Account Without My Instagram Reels Not Working

3. Switch to a Different Account to Post or Share Reels

Some people have reported that there are no Reels on new Instagram accounts. Since a new account with fewer followers and less engagement seems to have less chance of getting the Reels feature, under such circumstances, you can either buy gradually increased Instagram likes followers or follow the steps elaborated in solution 2 to log out of your current account, then switch to a different one.

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4. Clear Instagram App Cache

Overloaded app cache would result in functioning abnormally or other performance issues. You’d better clear the Instagram app cache to achieve hassle-free and fast device speed, which may be helpful to resolve some Reels not working on Instagram errors. Due to different operations, the following respectively show you how to fix Instagram Reels not working on Android and iOS.


Step 1: Open Android Settings, scroll down to Apps.

Step 2: Find and tap Instagram. You can use the built-in search tool to search for the app.

Step 3: Tap Storage under Usage, then tap Clear cache.

Clear Cache on Android to Avoid Instagram Reels Not Available


Step 1: Go to Settings on your iOS device.

Step 2: Head to General, iPhone Storage, scroll down to the Instagram app, and select Delete App.

Step 3: Reinstall the Instagram app on App Store.

Now you can check whether the Instagram Reels works correctly or not.

Solve Instagram Reels Not Working by Clearing Cache on iOS

5. Uninstall & Reinstall the Instagram App

Another way to fix Reel option in Instagram not showing, no sound on Reels, Reels video not uploading, and similar problems is reinstalling the Instagram App on your device.

As shown above, on iOS, Go to General > iPhone Storage > Instagram, tap Delete App, and reinstall the app on your iPad or iPhone.

On Android, you can either do it in Settings or directly long-tap the Instagram icon on home screen, and select Uninstall. When the process finishes, open Google Play Store to install the app again.

Reinstall the App to Resolve No Reels Option Showing

6. Join Instagram Beta Program

If you keep on failing to find the Reels option, joining Instagram Beta Program should be the final workable way to access the feature at once. The Instagram beta feature is only available on Android operating system at present. Since a beta program is the experimental version of an officially released app, usually with forthcoming features but unstable performance, use the beta version at your own risk.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store, go to the Instagram app.

Step 2: Under the Join the beta section, tap the Join button next to Learn more, and click on Join again on the confirmation dialog box.

Step 3: Tap the green Update button to use the beta version.

Join Instagram Beta Program Without Instagram No Reels Error

7. Report the Problem to the Instagram Official

There is a chance that your account isn’t along with the Instagram Reels feature at all. Due to the fact that Instagram keeps on testing the Reels features from different aspects, though being rolled out worldwide, the Instagram Reels feature isn’t accessible for every Instagram user at the moment. If you have tested all methods above yet have no luck, you may report the Instagram Reels not showing or working problem to the official team via the Instagram app.

Step 1: Go to Profile > Settings > Help.

Step 2: Tap Report a Problem, then click on Report a Problem again for confirmation.

Step 3: Briefly explain the problem you’re faced with, for instance, Instagram Reels not working. Upload screenshots on what is not working normally if necessary.

Step 4: Click submit.

Report Instagram Reels Not Working

Here are extra tricks to the Instagram Reels volume not working or no audio option issues, which are proven to be useful in some instances according to users’ feedback.

8. Tap the Audio Option

For some seasons the Audio feature may be invisible when you create reels. You just need to click on the empty space where the audio option is supposed to be to work it out.

Click Audio Feature to Fix Reels Not Working on Instagram

9. Insert the Audio Track into the Clip in Advance

Some people have complained that there is no audio or the audio quality becomes crappy after sharing reels on Instagram. If you’re also worried about that issue and have the audio file on your phone or tablet, you can embed the audio track into the clip previously for seamless playback.

 10. Turn the Volume Down and Up

This tip is applicable to scenarios where people meet no audio issue when browsing others’ reels.

Instagram launched Reels on August 5, 2020. It still requires a long period of time before the feature covers all users. Although there is no official statement, Instagram seems to be more inclined to give this feature to accounts that are active and with a great number of followers. Therefore, when you find Instagram Reels not working, you may also try to grow your following.

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The Bottom Line

Most Instagram Reels not working problems boil down to an outdated version of the Instagram app so they can usually be resolved by simply upgrading. Provide that you have tried all common fixes therein yet the Reels option remains unseen, instead of heavily digging into the roots, you’d better increase more emphasis on how to free get or buy organic Instagram followers to build a high-quality account, which can be greatly helpful to let the feature reach you.

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