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Latest - 7 Creative Instagram Reels Ideas to Get More Views

The most comprehensive guide to Instagram reels ideas for business, video, content & more in 2021 is here, click to get it now and let reels views rolling in.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

First launched in Brazil in late 2019, Instagram Reels are now available for over 50 countries. Instagram reels is a content format in a new dedicated Feed on the explore page that allows you to create and share 15-second videos with others. It’s like “TikTok on Instagram”. Success in reels will help your account or brand upgrade to a higher level in 2021.

Creative Instagram Reels Ideas 2021

Keeping pace with the times and combining the latest Instagram features and hot trends, this post offers the most comprehensive Instagram reels ideas. Whether you are a brand business, a writer, a photographer, a beginner, or whether you are looking for video, music content, or editing ideas, you can find the answers here with joy.

Targeted Instagram Reels Ideas for Different Groups

#1: Instagram Reels Ideas for Business

Instagram Reels Ideas

As shown in the picture, reels visitors can like, comment and share your reels, and they can also see how many likes and comments the reels has received in the lower right corner, which cannot be hidden at present. This indicates that if you want to show your popularity for business, you should consider how to get more likes and comments, to show your business success. Of course, simply buying likes and remarks is ill-advised, because the success of one reels means nothing, and only when each of your reels has great data, people would recognize your influence on ins.
For this reason, Instagram reels ideas for business is to increase reels likes and comments at the same time by increasing followers.
Once your followers base rises, if these followers are real people, then the number of Instagram reels views free might get increased; if they are your target customers, they would like and comment your reels. So the problem is that the followers need to be real people and target groups. In view of the fact that the traditional followers growth rate cannot keep up with business needs, therefore, it is recommended that you use a Insta auto followers tool and reels auto liker, such as GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

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Best Instagram Reels Ideas for Business

#2: Instagram Reels Ideas for Marketing

Best Instagram Reels Ideas for Business (1)

The secret of business success is not to do what other successful people do, but the opposite. Imagine that if you are the first person to conduct some poll votes, contests or questions in Instagram reels, then you will not only improve the reels engagement, but also sniff market trends and customers' psychological needs earlier. Users in reels are a new market for your business to expand, because the Instagram reel has also attracted some TikTok users to start using it. Except for researching the market through reels, don't miss this opportunity to develop your new users.
In addition, although reels and story are not the same, they also have similarities. You can apply some market ideas of story to reels, such as adding hashtags to pictures to get reels likes.

#3: Instagram Reel Ideas for Writers

7 Instagram Reels Ideas for Writers

7 Instagram Reel Ideas for Writers:
1. Show Your Work Space, Team, Handwriting, book signing.
2. Show Your Expertise. Allow others to ask you questions and answer them in the reels by adding texts.
3. COS the funny characters in your book. Invite your fan to participate.
4. Share portraits of characters or illustrations in the book.
5. Share recent writing insights.
6. Help readers analyze the psychology and image of characters.
7. Recommended book list.
As an writer, you can share some details about your work: the book, the characters, or interesting things that happened in the writing process, and even you can discuss with readers and give some suggestions to friends who love writing; Or you can let people know another side of you from the perspective of life, so that your book fans can remember not only your books and characters but also you.

#4: Instagram Reels Ideas for Products

Best Instagram Reels Ideas for Products

If you want to sell products in reels, referring to these Instagram reels ideas for products:
1. Show product manufacturing process or craftsmanship.
2. Present the raw materials of the product and its efficacy and benefits
3. Release the product contest reels.
4. Unbox your product.
5. Give the product usage guide and trial.
6. Other interesting uses of the product. Both let your product and reels more interesting.
7. Show who has tried your product and let them speak for you.
Any idea that can cover or associate your product is fine, as long as it can inspire your fans to buy immediately!

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All Components of Instagram Reels Ideas

Instagram reels is a short 15-second video on Instagram, whose record and edit multi-clip Reels videos with audio, text, special effects, and stickers, then share them with your followers. In light of this, there are some practical Instagram reels ideas for your content, videos, and music, which is also a supplement to Instagram reels for business ideas .

#1: Instagram Reels Content Ideas

1. Diverse themed reels: competition, news, sport, animal, fashion, tutorial guide, etc.
2. Based on different post time: holiday, weekend, Easter, birthday, anniversary, etc.
3. 'How to' tips and methods: sharing knowledge to help audiences is future-proofed, like food recipe!
4. Issue a challenge: this's not easy, provided that you have a certain number of Insta followers bases, so that this challenge will not be unattended. To get more followers, you can enjoy unlimited free followers instantly trials by just download a useful free followers tool below.
If you still have no instagram reels content ideas, find sparkles in the square to know the recent Instagram reels trends. Always keep in mind that there are few restrictions on reels ideas on Instagram. Just keep it attractive and related to your field.

#2: Instagram Reels Video Ideas

Instagram Reels Video Ideas

1. Travel videos: add some weather tips, route suggestion, destinations and tour carrying.
2. Tutorial videos/show your process: you can continue to publish reels about one topic, such as recording the whole life of a plant.
3. Comparison video: before and after.
4. Tell a story.
5. Edit videos: use these tools: VLC, OpenShot, Blender, iMovie to shorten, trim the video and add some special effects.

#3: Instagram Reels Music Ideas

Instagram Reels Music Ideas

1. Add recently popular or trending music.
2. Add different types of musics according to your reels,such as pop music, funny synthetic music, light music, classic music, upbeat music, etc.
3. Music downloader of reels: SnapDownloader, BitTorrent, Snaptube, etc. If you want to use others’ music, these tools are really useful.
4. Music editor: Adobe Audition CC, Audacity, ocenaudio, Acoustica Standard Edition, Hindenburg Journalist, etc.

Wrap up

In addition to the above-mentioned ideas, you can also attract visitors to your reels by adding unique covers and special names of reels. Indeed, the best Instagram reels ideas for business must be grow followers efficiently! Once your followers base increases, any problems will be solved, and other ideas will also be the icing on the cake.
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