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Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags for 10K Reels Views & Likes 2023

Instagram Reels hashtags can help get views and likes quickly. Here are 50 trending Instagram Reels hashtags, check to win 10k Reels views, likes right now!

Updated 2022-12-30 19:33:34 | by Dale

Instagram hashtags are designed to target specific audiences. Proper hashtags can bring large views as well as loyal followers fast. Well, as for Instagram Reels, it is another feature that has gained its fame ever since being launched. As one of the most popular forms of content telling, short videos like the Instagram Reels keep gaining notice. Then, how about combining the great two powers together? An attracting IG Reel with proper Instagram Reels hashtags will surely do its magic and increase the Instagram reach and engagement at an incredibly fast speed.

Instagram Reels Hashtags

Here are some top trending Instagram Reels hashtags for more views and likes as well. Besides, some viral Instagram Reels ideas and tricks for 10k free Instagram Reels views and likes will be provided here, too.

Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags for Reels Views

When Googling “Instagram reels hashtags trending”, we all get the long list from #Reels to #travel. However, it does not seem helpful to add those random hashtags that are even unrelated to your content. So, what are the exact Instagram Reels hashtags you should use to get Reels views?

- For Your Page

On the long list of Instagram Reels hashtags trending 2023, you may see #foryourpage, #fyp, #forupage, or something like that. How would this hashtag help you in increasing Instagram Reels views and likes?

To be honest, it seems unlikely that a single #foryoupagethese tag would ever actually result in a boost, and few people will actually open the Explore page and tape #foryoupage for specific content.

But if you combine this one with hashtags that are relevant to your content, it’s not impossible to get a boost far beyond your expectations. But the other tags you add for your Reels must be specific and relevant enough so that the Instagram algorithm can send your content to the “for you” accounts. The following are some high-relevant Instagram Reels hashtags that you can add in the comment or caption.

- Trending Music

How to get views on IG Reels with trending songs? Like the trending hashtags, there are trending background songs that changing fast. Add one hashtag for your trending BGM that will attract people who are searching for this music. However, unlike TikTok, there’s no such option of trending songs, then where can you find those hot pieces of music?

# Go to the @creators

The Instagram official account @creators publishes Weekly Trend Reports every Friday. Form there, you can find music, filters, challenges, and Instagram Reels hashtags trending 2023 easily. Though, always a week late than the trends, but better than not, right?

# Go to the TikTok

Another way out is to check the TikTok trending songs. Unlike the Instagram Reels, people can easily find out what’s viral on TikTok, and ever since the two works similarly, you can put what viral on TikTok into Instagram Reels, add a hashtag for that song, and make your video the most viewed Reel.

# Manually Check

Though it’s troublesome, you can also check out whether a song is popular on Instagram by manually checking. For the trending songs, you can always see an upwards arrow symbol in front of the music. If you want to try this way, go to the Explore page and check the viral Reels Instagram Recommended to you directly.

- Trending Effects/Filters/Challenges

Not only hashtags for music, Instagram Reels effects, filters, and challenges hashtags all help. But basically, you do not need to add hashtags more than 5, and 3 is quite enough actually. The methods to find trending effects are similar to background songs, @creator account helps, TikTok works as well.

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Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags for Reels Likes

If Instagram Reels likes are what you are fighting for, then the tactics should change as well. You can tell your audience what you need directly with a #Like4like hashtag, but that doesn’t seem helpful enough. What else can you do?

First, find your targeted audience. Figure out what your Reels are specialized for, and add those relevant Reels hashtags from the trending Reels hashtags lists. Here’s a table of Reels trending hashtags for different content:

Exchange likes
#instalike #beautiful 

Except for the hashtags for exchanging likes, all the other ones can be subdivided further down. For example, if you posted a Reel for eating Chinese food. You can add both #food and #Chinesefood.

Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags for Followers

Similar to Instagram Reels hashtags for likes, you can add a hashtag of #follow4follow for free Instagram followers, and to get a huge number of followers fast, there is something else you can do.

A challenge or a giveaway content will help. You can make a video for your content and make the rule of participating like: follow me and tag 3 of your friends. Then, create a special but easy-to-remember hashtag for your viral content.

But that’s not 100% works since enough followers are the condition of a viral Reel. How to get followers fast for your Instagram Reels campaign? Check the next part for the fastest solution.

Tricks to Make Your Instagram Reels Viral

Except for adding trending Instagram Reels hashtags, you can also get your Reels views up through some strategies. Here are 5 practical methods you can use for your next Instagram Reels campaign.

- Add Followers

Your followers are always your first audience when it comes to Instagram views and likes. People who are not your followers can only see your content through the explore page, which would be much helpful if your videos are viral, but how to be viral? Loyal followers are the irreplaceable condition.

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Here is more information about this tool, you can try it after getting thorough knowledge about it, and don’t forget to combine this tool with proper Instagram Reels hashtags. Only in this way can your content reach a wider audience and get viral eventually.

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Get Reels Views Without Instagram Reels Hashtags - Step2

Step 3. Get as many as free followers with the free coins you have.

Get Reels Views Without Instagram Reels Hashtags - Step3

If you don’t want to download an app for free Instagram followers, you can also buy Instagram followers from GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita online. It is easier and more convenient to get high-quality Instagram followers online with username only.

- Follow the Trends

Though there are methods and strategies to get your Reels success, content is always the most important factor. Don’t forget the @creator account mentioned above, you can find the most popular content that is going on Instagram Reels. Except for that, the new feature of Reel Remix is helpful, too.

Find a viral Reel and remix it with creative ideas, combined with a proper use of Instagram Reels hashtag strategy, you may get a fast boost as well. 

- Choose the Best Time to Post Instagram Reels

Choosing the best time to post your Reels is important, too. But before deciding when’s the best time to post Instagram Reels, you should first figure out your user portraits. Who is your targeted audience? The office workers or students? Where are they from? And what’s the time zone of their regions.

Then, you can customize a time schedule for your audience to get as many Instagram Reels views as possible. For example, for the office workers, 6 to 10PM from Monday to Friday, and 10 to 12 AM for the weekends.

The bottom Line

Instagram Reels are taking its part and will continue taking its advantage as the short videos are rising up. To get more Instagram Reels views and likes, using Reels hashtags is necessary. This passage introduced trending Instagram Reels hashtags and strategies for a viral IG Reel. In most cases, loyal followers are the basic conditions of any viral content. To get Instagram followers likes quickly for your Reels campaign, tools like the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita are recommended. Since it’s free and safe, you can have a try and decide what to do next.

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