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How to Boost Instagram Reels Engagement: Top 9 Tips Latest in 2021

Struggling in Instagram Engagement dropping? Take 10 minutes to read and learn 9 tips to boost your Instagram reels engagement!

Updated 2022-01-21 14:45:03 | by Carol

There is a common opinion in social media that videos can gain more engagement than pictures. And the factor proves that it is true. Video posts get 2x engagement of other post types according to SearchEngine. Therefore, Instagram Reels are very popular among Instagrammers.

As great as it is, most people still simply post videos and don't know how to increase engagement. So, the article offers you 5 useful tips to hack more Instagram Reels engagement. Read and find the best way.


What are the Factors that Affect Instagram Reels Engagement

At first, let’s have a quick review about what is Instagram Reels. It is “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram”. Different from Instagram Story and IGTV, Reels will not disappear after 24 hours, and its length is limited to 15 seconds. You can simply consider it as a competitor of TikTok.

Next, let’s move on to the factors that affect your Instagram Reels engagement. Many factors will influence the Instagram reels engagement rate, here are 5 main elements. The overall views of the video, the overall views of an audience, the number of likes and comments, the speed from publishing to reaching a specific number of views, etc. You can monitor these data through Instagram Insights. To use Instagram Insights, you have to transfer your account into a business account.

How to Increase Instagram Reels Engagement?

Well, in this part, you can see 9 tips to help your nstagram reels engagement. They are divided into four sections depending on the target elements mentioned in the above.

Increase Engagement on Instagram Reels by Improving the Speed of Getting Seen

The speed from publishing to reaching a specific number of views matters in Instagram reels engagement rate. Here are 4 tips that can make the speed faster.

Ride on the waves of someone or something

At first, it is not a shame to do this, this is to speed up and gain more views. You can take the advantage of someone or something that is trending. For example, beauty influencers can do transformation makeup when a film is hot. Dress-up influencers can do the same style of dressing. And in recent 2 years, vintage is the new fashion, your reels may get views sooner than other styles if you do the dress-up. Moreover, you can do the most popular challenge, this is also a good way.

But you have to remember, do not ride on the negative waves, it is bad for your characteristic. Furthermore, you should burry it in mind that ride on the waves will only work for a while, it is not a permanent solution. The contents of videos are the key point.

Using hashtags

You’ve probably seen this method many times before, but it is worthy to say again. Tags, especially hashtags can increase the chance to be seen and eventually boost the engagement on Instagram reels. Combine this method and the above will achieve a better result. When you publish the videos, you can add hashtags of that trending or challenge. This will make your videos seen more quickly. Check here to copy and paste IG hashtags for your reels 


Choose an appealing cover

There are millions of videos in Instagram Reels, if your cover cannot attract audiences at the first sight, you will lose the chance. There are very few people who will come back to watch your videos again. You can pick one of the most interesting frames to be your cover or you can edit your cover in advance. To grab audiences’ attention, you can add some stickers and striking captions on the cover.

Post at the best time

You should know that there is a so-called best time to publish on Instagram. Imagine if you posted a video late at night, would anyone watch it? By the next day, your video had sunk below, and even fewer people will watch it. Of course, you wouldn’t do that, it is just for example. According to the data from Sprout Social, the best time to post on Instagram is different in different fields and it varies from day to day. But here is a picture that you can refer to.


The best time on working days is from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Posting on weekends is not suggested, but if you want to, you can post 9-11A.M.

To make sure that you always post at the best time, you can use Instagram timer posts.

Reels Increase Engagement by Gian More Likes and Comments

To avoid Instagram reels engagement drop, you cannot ignore likes and comments. Here is a tip that can help you.

Call to action

Call to action is actually a marketing term. It means you can use imperative verbs to make people do something, usually to buy your products. In improving Instagram reels for engagement, you can write a call-to-action caption. For example, “give me a like if you like this video”, “leave comments below to express your opinion”, “follow me to see more of my work”, or “comment 1or 2 to show if you like this video or not”. Call-to-action captions are varied, just choose the one that suits your video.

Make a Large Improvement in Instagram Reels Engagement: Hack Views

Views are the most important factor to measure Instagram reels engagement rate. The 3 useful tips that you can take to get Instagram reel views are as follows.

Know what your audiences like

It is a very important step to check the performance of the video after you publish a reels post for a while. You can use Instagram Insights to monitor and analyze what your followers like. Analyze your recent posts to see the engagement of which type is high and then post a video of the same type. If you can still get high engagement, then you are on the right track. Of course, don't keep posting the same type of video, your audience will get bored and think you are not creative.


To use Instagram Insights of Creator Studio, you should transfer your account into a business account at first.

Go straight to the point

As you know, a reels video can only 15-seconds long at most, and the beginning is often when the audience's attention is most focused. You have to attract people in the first few seconds otherwise they will swipe away. You don't even need to preface it.

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Use stickers

Stickers can bring many benefits, so let’s put it last. Instagram provides many kinds of stickers, music, location, emojis, hashtags, cute patterns, countdown, and quiz, etc. You can use some of them to attract audiences. You can use vote, quiz and moods stickers, and other stickers in the video that viewers can participate in. This can bring you and your audiences closer to each other and can help you build up a good relationship with them. They both contribute to Instagram reels engagement increasing.

The Bottom Line

The passage introduces 9 useful tips to make your Instagram reels engagement increase. Every tip is worth trying and you should remember to combine them in practice. Among them, call to action, stickers, and hack followers/likes for free are the easiest. What’re you waiting for? Try InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita and get a large increase in your engagement now!

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