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Learn More About QR Code for Instagram in 2021

Want to know how to get and use Instagram QR code? Read this guide to learn more about Instagram and boost your Instagram engagement in 2021!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Neal

With the development of technology, more methods to connect people are appearing. Plenty of social media and new systems exist in our daily life. Instagram, as one of the hottest social platforms online, attracting more than billions of users, published its new system, Instagram QR code that helps people to add each other into their following lists. It betters the way to follow our friends. So if you want to know more about it, please read this guide about QR code for Instagram.

Instagram QR code

What is Instagram QR Code?

Using QR codes is a kind of popular method to identify information nowadays. QR code offers us an easier and more convenient way to deliver information. Usually, people use QR codes to make payments and add contacts. It becomes one necessary way online for its display form. And Instagram QR codes can help you add someone to your followers more accurately and conveniently. You don’t need to enter many letters and strange symbols. Sometimes you even enter the wrong username. Here are some features of it:

  • Unique – You can’t find the same Instagram QR code in the world. Everyone is unique to guarantee that you will obtain the right information you want.

  • Eternal – There is no limit to the time of Instagram QR code. That means you can save it and it works all the time.

How to Scan Instagram QR Code?

The first way is to scan it on Instagram App. Find and click the magnifier (search) on the bottom. And click the scan on the top right of the page. Then you can scan an Instagram QR code.

How to Scan Instagram QR Code

Besides Instagram app, you can scan a QR code by system camera, after which you will go to Instagram interface and obtain information inside the QR code.

How to Get QR Code for Instagram?

Instagram QR code generator is provided by Instagram office. It is easy to get QR codes for Instagram. Here are the steps to get your unique one:

Step 1. Launch Instagram and go to your profile page

Step 2. Click more options on the top right (3 lines) and select QR Code

Step 3. Then you will get your QR code for Instagram.

How to Get QR Code for Instagram?

Optional Tips: Beautify your QR code

As you can see, 3 kinds of modes are provided for users. The picture of your QR code can also show something from you. So you could choose to beautify it. Then let me show you how to do it:

Instagram QR Code Generator with Logo

  • Color Mode – Only multiple colors are in this mode. You could click the blank space to change the back color.

  • Emoji Mode – Click the top “color” to change into the emoji mode. You can click the blank space to use the emoji you prefer to display on your QR Code. It is the best Instagram QR code generator with logo for you.

  • Selfie Mode – Click the top “EMOJI” and go to the selfie mode. You can take a selfie here as the background. If you want to use a new selfie, you could click the Retake on the top right. Then click the background picture to change Instagram QR code sticker.

How Can You Usually Use Instagram QR Code?

After you own a QR code, how can you use it? We all know it becomes more convenient to add someone into contacts. Here I list some ways for you to use your Instagram QR code:

Face to Face

Usually, when your friends or someone else want to follow you, you can show the QR code you saved before. Then don’t need to enter your username, especially when you own a lot of letters and symbols in the username. It avoids some trouble for you and them both.

Promotional Video

For business promotion, QR code can be added to it. It is complex to switch apps and search one account. QR code helps them to scan it directly on the app they use to watch this video, usually. So it will bring you more followers from this promotional.

Comment Area

Comment Area is the place you can’t add a link. So it becomes hard to leave some information that can make the audience to your account. QR code on Instagram is a better choice than just usernames to promote your account. It is more attractive by the color and fun factor.

Besides QR Code, Feasible Way to Promote Instagram Account

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Sum up

With the development of QR codes, it is necessary for us to know how to get and use them. It is the chance for spreading your account, which contributes to your popularity. Thus, now it’s your turn to get your unique Instagram QR code and use it in your promotional ways. Besides, here is a tool to help you check your followers. You just need to enter a username to check them and get more followers now!

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