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4 Best Tools to See Instagram Profile Views, Fast, Safe and Private

How to see who viewed your Instagram profiles? In this article, it has the 4 best tools to see Instagram profile views. Accurate, safe and fast.

Updated 2022-01-21 07:59:17 | by Sydny

Instagram, as a big social media platform, has collected many Instagram users who share their daily life and other interesting things. But there are still some Instagram users who just use their Instagram account to stalk others, which means someone takes advantage of an Instagram account to view other Instagram users privately, they rarely give posts or other actions on Instagram.

If you are an enthusiastic Instagram user with a public Instagram account, you may wonder how many times my Instagram profiles are viewed? How to see who viewed my Instagram profiles? Actually, there is no history to let you know who viewed your Instagram profile, so the best way is to find apps to help you. In this article, there are 4 best tools to see Instagram profile views, safe and fast.

Instagram Profile Views

#1. Who Viewed My Insta Profile: See the Instagram Profiles Views Easily

Who Viewed - My Instagram Profile is one app for Instagram profile views. It has rated 4.6 stars on App Store and has gained lots of good comments. With this Instagram profile views app, you can analyze who viewed your Instagram profile within seconds, in this way, you can know who cares about you or who is stalking you, and know the performances of your Instagram profile.

Besides, Who Viewed My Instagram Profile is totally safe, there is no malware or virus bothering you. You just need one click, and then you can get a detailed analysis of your Instagram.

App for Instagram Profile Views


  • You can use it to check the Instagram profile views.

  • You can see who follow/unfollow you recently.

  • With Who Viewed My Instagram Profile, you can analyze who is your top viewer of the Instagram stories.

  • This app has cool charts to analyze your Instagram performances.


  • Sometimes, the profile views can't be shown on this app in time.

  • It is only available on iOS devices.

#2. Who Viewed Profile Instagram - Safe Stalker to See Instagram Profile Views

If you are wondering who views your Instagram profile, Who Viewed Profile Instagram is one top Instagram profile views tracker in the market. It is available on Android devices and you can download it on Play Store. Who Viewed Profile Instagram can provide you with the most detailed information about your followers and profile views data instantly. With it, you can easily and clearly know who viewed your Instagram profile in a list.

Also, Who Viewed Profile Instagram gets a high rating on Play Store, and there are many high reviews. 

Instagram See Who Views Profile


  • 100% safe to be used on Instagram see who views profile. No virus is carried in this app.

  • The functions are not just limited to Instagram profile views, it also includes secret admirer check, ghost followers check.


  • Some services need to be paid for after the free trial.

  • It would take some time to load.

#3. Followers Insights Profile+: Check Instagram Profile Views Professionally

Followers Insights Profile+ is one professional Instagram tool to see your Instagram recent profile views. Different from other Instagram profile views apps, Followers Insights Profile+ can not only help you see the Instagram profile viewers, but also it can give you a detailed analysis of your story views. From this, you can see it is a professional tool that is mainly designed for views, Follower Insights Profile+ devotes itself to making all the viewers who see your Instagram profile, or stories become your Instagram followers. Also, it is a private Instagram viewer app, which can be used to see the interactions of the users who block you.

What's more, it also has the same features as other common Instagram profile views apps. It can track your Instagram followers and attract your followers to view your Instagram posts, also ghost followers will be found by Followers Insights Profile+. Actually, it is a great helper to assist you on boosting Instagram.

Instagram Profile Views Tracker


  • Professional to see who viewed your Instagram profiles quickly and easily.

  • A great tool to give you a detailed analysis of your Instagram followers.


  • Only available on iOS devices.

  • Need to give the payment for the subscriptions.

#4. InFollowers: See Instagram Profiles Views to Find the Stalkers

InFollowers, from its name, you may think it is a tool used for Instagram followers. In fact, it is an app to assist you to see who is viewing your Instagram profiles, also, you can use it to know who unfollows you or who blocks you. As an Instagram tool, it is devoted to helping Instagram users monitor the actions of their followers and viewers and making you get detailed information about your followers and viewers. InFollowers is only available on Android devices, and it can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, there are 4 best apps for you to see the Instagram profile views, you can choose one of them to see who viewed your Instagram profile. Also, if you really want to boost your Instagram, getting enough Instagram followers is a necessary thing, just download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to get free Instagram followers now!

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