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7 Profile Picture Ideas for Instagram to Attract Following

Seeking some Instagram profile picture ideas? This article will give you 7 practical profile picture ideas for Instagram to attract the following.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Wen

One of the things that everyone does when you open an Instagram account is setting a profile photo. This photo is similar to your ID card, letting people know who you are, what kind of people you are, and what you look like. However, it is not easy to have or always have a photo with a high recognition except you are famous. 

If you lack Instagram profile picture ideas, this article will inspire you. We provide 7  profile picture ideas for Instagram for you, and every idea is practical. 

 Best Instagram Profile Picture Ideas

Why Does Instagram Profile Photos Matter?

The first thing in this article is to figure out why does Instagram profile photos matter. If you don’t realize its importance, you may lose lots of potential followers. Know its significance so that you can utilize it well. Next, we will discuss its significance for three reasons – first impression, following, and engagement.

Firstly, a good profile will leave a lovely impression on people and get people interested in you. We all know how important the first impression is in real life, and the Instagram profile photo is yours. So, do not make mistakes if you don’t want to leave a bad impression. 

Besides, a special or fashionable profile makes you distinctive and appealing, which will greatly attract the following. People are attracted by your profile, and they will click your profile, know your stories, and see your posts. It will gradually increase your Instagram followers and likes.

Lastly, a well-designed profile will improve engagement in your post. People are more likely to have a chat with you if your profile looks pretty or special. There are many effective ways to improve engagement on Instagram, but small ways can also be helpful for it can also increase engagement in a sense. As one saying goes, “Details come from attitudes, and details reflect quality.” The profile is the detail. 

7 Best Instagram Profile Picture Ideas

Now, you have known the importance of Instagram profile photos. It would be much easier to understand this article. To get more Instagram followers and make your Instagram professional in a small way, let’s look at the 7 best Instagram profile photo ideas for guys.

Idea 1. Be Confident & Show Your Face

Many of you like to use pictures of famous people or models, which means nothing to your Instagram. Why not use your pictures? People are more willing to know the real side of you. It’s time to set a photo of yourself as an Instagram profile. Affected by the photo of real you, gradually you will earn lots of loyal followers.

But do you know how to show your face in a good way? Here are some tips for you.

  • Be closer to the camera, make sure your face is in the middle of the picture

  • Make some positive facial expressions, sweet smiles, or some funny faces

  • Eye contact with your followers

  • Do some movements appropriately

 Instagram Profile Picture Ideas-Show Faces

Idea 2. Clean and Special Background

If you feel kind of boring with your profile, maybe it’s because you ignore the background. A clean and special background will make a difference to your profile. But one thing you should know is the background must corporate with the human. An irrelevant background probably makes your profile foolish as well as detracts the focus from you.

If you still don’t know how to choose a background, there are two suggestions for reference.

  • Pay attention to color collocation. Determine the main color.

  • Clean or well-regulated background

 Instagram Profile Photo Ideas-Background

For example, look at these two Instagram profile pictures. You can find the main colors of them at a glance, white and blue. The color of their clothes is well-matched with the backgrounds. The beauty wears white knitwear and the sky is azure blue with white clouds, and the man’s cloth and skin correspond to the mountain and sky. Both keep a good balance between figures and backgrounds. 

Idea 3. Use Cartoon Pictures

Want to give people a sign that you’re humorous? Want to express views of life and the world? You can try cartoon pictures, especially exaggerated cartoon profile pictures, which will bring you an unexpected surprise. Most of the time, people consider Instagram users who use cartoons as their profiles are humorous and have a strong character. One suggestion for you, you’d rather find someone to design a special cartoon for you than steal other’s cartoon pictures.

 Insta Profile Pic Ideas - Cartoon

Idea 4. Take Professional Pictures

Why we need professional pictures? First of all, professional photos will enhance the quality of your Instagram by adding texture to your profile picture. Secondly, most people’s selfies are awkward. Everybody loves taking a selfie, who doesn’t? However, it’s easy to be superficial when you don't know how to take a selfie. So think twice if you are going to use a selfie as a profile. Due to these two reasons, taking professional pictures is the best choice.

Idea 5. Update Your Picture Timely

One of the Instagram profile photo ideas is to update profile pictures timely. Most of you like changing photos during festivals in accordance with the festival atmosphere. However, it could be unseasonable if you use Halloween pictures during Christmas. Also, do not forget to change your Christmas profile picture when stepping into the hot summer. No matter how beautiful your profile is, update it in time. If not, it may cause misunderstandings that you don’t post often, and you will lose potential IG followers.

You can either choose a picture that applies to every season or update your pictures timely.

 Ideas for Instagram Profile Picture-Updating

It’s harmful for your recognition if changing Instagram profile photo 2 or 3 times within a year. If necessary, changing 1 time a year and update timely.

Idea 6. Use Props and Light Wisely

If you are a skateboarder, you can use a skateboard in your Profile so people would know your interest. Indeed, props show your interest or even a job. Besides, some props would make your photo cute and funny. You can try anything, an apple, a flower, your pet, or food…

Light is also a vital element. It will beautify your photo if you have a nice corporation with it. Your shadow in the wall or shadows on your face will leave a magical feeling to people. The key to using light wisely is to find the light source and make sure you are facing the light. Different time of the day has different magic. The morning light is a cute girl, the noon light is a sunshine boy on the beach, and the evening light is a couple of lovers.

 Instagram profile photo ideas-Props and Light

Be careful backlight. Some of you believe that letting the camera facing the light would make photos brighter. Instead, a backlight will make your face gloomy!

Idea 7. Edit Your Photo to the Right Size

You have already read many ideas for Instagram profile pictures, but one last thing you may ignore is the size of your photo. The Instagram profile is a round circle, and sometimes it’s hard to crop all the content or the important part of your photo. Besides, if your photo doesn’t meet the standard, the photo quality would be lower. So what’s the perfect size of photos so that you can crop all the content without blank and keep the photo quality? 

For personal pictures: 110 x 110 pixels

Upload on computers: 612 x 612 pixels

Upload on phones: 510 x 510 pixels

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Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, Instagram is a tool to market yourself, and you are the commodity. Packing yourself well, you will benefit a lot from it. That’s all about Instagram profile picture ideas for guys, which are suitable for all users. Hope these ideas will help you to have special, fashionable, high-recognition profile photos. 

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