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How to Edit Instagram Profile Bio to Attract Followers in 2021

Having no ideas about your Instagram profile bio? This page offers you some great Instagram profile bio ideas which could help you attract more followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Kevin

An attractive Instagram profile bio is vital for you to catch people’s attention on Instagram. Once your homepage makes them feel interested and stay for a few moments, your chances of getting followed by them grow greater. You may ask: How to make Instagram profile attractive enough and get more Instagram followers and likes? You will find out the answer by reading the content below.

What Is Instagram Profile Bio?

Instagram profile bio is a part of your Instagram profile, and serves as the function of a brief introduction of yourself or the account itself. It could be short with a simple sentence or just a few words or even emojis. It could also be long with a couple of sentences according to different users. More details about Instagram profile bio are displayed in the picture below. Due to the limitation of letters, Instagram profile bio cannot be too long to fully express yourself. So, let us take a look at some examples of good bios in the next part and see what can we learn from them.

What Is Instagram Profile Bio.png

Notice: Instagram profile bio has 150 letters limitation.

3 Examples of Good Instagram Profile Bio

Three examples of Instagram profile bio are listed in the picture below. They came from Ford Motor Company, Starbucks Coffee, and Supercell. Good examples of Instagram profile bio are numerous on Instagram, you can find more brilliant bios by yourself. Examples listed here are just for display.

Some Examples of Good Instagram Profile Bio.png

You can notice their similarity is that these three bios all introduce themselves in a very short way. Their main businesses and brands are express only in one or two sentences. So, a brief but complete bio should the most ideal one. Ford wrote its accomplishment in the first sentence in the bio. You could also highlight your advantages, product, or brand’s strengths in the first sentence. People like straightforward introduction and expression on the internet.

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Instagram Profile Bio Ideas for You

Bio ideas are various and large in amount on the internet. Here are some selected Instagram profile bio ideas for you. You can use the most suitable one or ones for your own bio.

1. Add Emoji to Your Bio

Emoji is perfect for you to express emotions or characteristics in bio. Appropriate emojis would make visitors feel interested and easy to read your bio and then view your homepage and posts. But too many emojis in one sentence might make visitors feel confused and want to quit your homepage. So, one or two emojis in a sentence are preferred like those accounts shown in the picture below.

Instagram Profile Bio Ideas Add Emoji to Your Bio.png

2. Use Quotes from Celebrities or Historical Figures

Quotes from celebrities would attract people who have seen these quotes and want to learn more about your content. Even people who haven’t seen your quotes from famous people would notice the name behind the sentence. Of course, their names are not necessary for your quotes. You can choose to add it to your bio or neglect it. You can choose the most relevant quotes for your account. Irrelevant quotes would create a sense of distance to your visitor.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags cannot be set aside. Appropriate hashtags bring you more opportunities to be seen by other people as shown in the picture below.

Instagram Profile Bio Ideas Use Hashtags.png

4. Add Links of Website or Another Social Media Account of You

You can provide as much information as you can in your bio. Use the links you have to create an information network. So, people who want to learn more about you would be satisfied with your comprehensive information and decide to follow you. Other information like email or phone number is also ideal.

Instagram Profile Bio Ideas Add Links.png

5. Update to Professional Account

Instagram professional account provides you more choices about bio. Category of your account and contact options, etc. are available for you. You can also use Instargam promotion by a professional account. Professional account is optional. You can decide to update your account or not.

Instagram Profile Bio Ideas Update to Professional Account.PNG

Better Choice to Attract Followers Than Editing Instagram Profile Bio

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Better Choice Than Editing Instagram Profile Bio.png

The Bottom Line

Above all, the content about how to edit Instagram profile bio has been finished. Try to use some ideas for your bio and get more followers. However, a more convenient way has already been introduced above. Why not try GetInsta to get free Instagram followers in an easy and fast way?  Just get it and start to hack free Instagram followers and likes right now.

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