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Free Instagram Presets for Adobe Lightroom: Updated in 2021

Check the 5 best free Instagram presets for Lightroom and how you can optimize your Instagram with Instagram presets and other strategies.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kevin

You probably take much effort to design and edit your photos on Photoshop for better looking, while smart Instagrammers have long known how to optimize Instagram posts more efficiently. Wondering why the feeds of influencers you followed on Instagram are always so attractive and consistent that you want to binge-stalk their content for hours? One of the big secrets they won't tell you is using Instagram presets of Lightroom. Instagram presets, or the thing you are more familiar with, filters, are a one-click solution to beautify your posts, reels, stories and boost your Instagram account.

 Instagram Presets

This posts shares what are Instagram presets and how you can get benefit from the 5 best Instagram presets for Lightroom and other Instagram optimization solutions. Sounds good? Let's get straight into it!

5 Best Instagram Presets for Lightroom: Trending in 2021

If you are tired of editing photos every time you want to post something new to Instagram, or if your feed looks like a mess because you can't remember what parameters you have set for the last uploaded picture, then Instagram presets could definitely save you.

What are Instagram presets?

Instagram presets are filters and edits predefined by professional photographers that you can apply to your posts, displaying your content in a consistent and delectable style. Compared with traditional and complicated steps to set photo parameters, it allows you to edit your photos with different aesthetics, ranging from vintage to futuristic, and various portrait presets with a simple tap.

If you search for Instagram presets on Google, you'll find a lot of presets offered by photographers and Instagram influencers. Though most of the time you can't download and apply these filters until you pay for them, free Instagram presets are sometimes also available online.

Can't find or download proper filter templates? Here are 5 trending Instagram presets for Lightroom, a professional photo editing program, that you can reuse for your photos or even recreate your own Instagram presets with Adobe Lightroom.

5 Best Instagram Presets for Lightroom

Insta Blogger

It's one of the most popular presets for Lightroom as you can tell from its name specific to Instagram. Insta Blogger is particularly amazing for indoor photography blogs and Instagram posts. It adjusts the exposure and brightens up dark images to give your photos a beautiful white look. The free filter package is available for both mobile and desktop versions of Adobe Lightroom, which allows you to directly apply to your Instagram photos or adjust settings as per your personal preference.

 Free Instagram Presets - Insta Blogger

Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby is a professional preset creator for portraits and weddings. Its sample presets are specifically prepared for beginners and experienced professional photographers alike, which include different types and styles for weddings, portraits, newborns, and film. These Instagram presets for Lightroom offer free options to retain skin tones so that people in your photos won't look unnaturally pale.

 Free Instagram Presets - Greater Than Gatsby

Aesthetic Preset Pack

This package comes from Lex Ells, covering 12 Instagram presets with a wide range of colors, temperatures, and styles. These presets are intended for Adobe Lightroom Classic and have been widely applied to raw and regular image files by people.

 Free Instagram Presets - Aesthetic Preset Pack

It's a collection of 12 free Lightroom presets that have been downloaded more than 6.3 million times.  Whether you're editing landscape images or want to create a consistent look across your Instagram feeds, it's one of the best free presets that help you create attractive photos. This Lightroom filter collection can be applied to Instagram, wedding, portrait, and landscape photography.

 Free Instagram Presets -

Fix the Photo

Fix the Photo provides free Lightroom presets for food collections that are broadly used by food photographers, bloggers. The food photography presets free is designed to help Instagram influencers and owners of establishments focusing on food and is compatible with all Lightroom versions. These presets for food usually modify the saturation, brightness, contrast, and clarity of the picture. This Instagram filter server also offers filters for a particular food, such as cake, cheese, blueberry, and salad.

 Free Instagram Presets - Fix the Photo

How to use Instagram Presets for Lightroom?

Once you download the free Instagram presets to your Mac or Windows computer or your mobile device, you need to unzip them and install the presets in the Lightroom before you can apply them to your pictures. In case that you are a newbie to Adobe Lightroom, the following is a quick breakdown of how to install and use Instagram presets for the Lightroom desktop version, CC and Classic CC, to optimize your Instagram posts.

Step 1: Simply download the Instagram preset package on your computer and extract files to a folder.

Step 2: In Lightroom, click the Lightroom tab to go to Preferences on a Mac. And if you using a PC, click on the Edit option at the top menu to access Preferences.

 Instagram Presets for Lightroom

Step 3: In the Preferences window, choose the Presets tab and uncheck the Store Presets With This Catalog box. And then click on the Show Lightroom Develop Presets button to go to the folder where the presets are saved by defaults.

 Import Free Instagram Presets to Lightroom

Step 4: Drag or copy the Instagram presets for Lightroom folder that you have downloaded before to this default folder.

Step 5: Restart Lightroom and go ahead to use these presets. You'll find them under 'Presets' on the left panel when your screen is under the 'Develop' tab in Lightroom.

 Apply Free Instagram Presets in Lightroom

Moreover, you can also create your own Instagram presets in Adobe Lightroom so that you can directly grab the template the next time you need to edit photos, though a little bit of experience and familiarity with Adobe Lightroom is required.

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 Add Instagram Account to GetInsta

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 Get Free Likes and Followers for Instagram

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It's admitted that Instagram presets are a powerful strategy to maintain cohesive and impressive Instagram feeds, only if you don't mention the time, effort, or even money that you have spent on them. But if your content is not supported by high quality or you don't want to blindly copy others' work, then GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita should be your best and fastest approach to absorb free Instagram followers and likes on Instagram.

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