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3 Free Instagram Post Scheduler Apps for 2021

Automatically schedule Instagram posts in advance in multiple accounts with these 3 free Instagram post scheduler apps. You can do it on a desktop, android phone, or iPhone.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cody

The Instagram app does not allow you to plan your posts ahead of time and publish it automatically like you do on Facebook or Twitter. Luckily, Instagram allows you to use its API to schedule posts on Instagram. You don’t have to read the Instagram API doc, because there are a few Instagram post scheduler apps that help you manage and schedule your Instagram posts easily. 

Instagram Post Scheduler

Title List

Preview - Instagram Scheduler App with Editing

The Preview app is a very functional and versatile application that provides some wonderful features for scheduling. When scheduling you can reorganize your posts to improve the design of your feed. Of course, you can also upload posts with photos, videos, multiple photos, unlimited albums.

Other scheduling features are: repost from another instagram and see a calendar by day, week or month, amazing!

Instagram Post Scheduler Preview

In addition, it allows you to do data analysis, editing, and exploring hashtags. Within the Editing Tools, you will find more than 70 professional filters and thematic filters to create specific themes on your Instagram. You can also change the colors, brightness, contrast, and etc ...

The built-in Hashtag Tools enables you to search for hashtags by category, country or by the instagram community. You can also save your favorite hashtags in groups and then include them in your posts or analyze them to find the best ones. This application already comes with a specific group of hashtags when you click on the highlighted ones when developing the post. It is worth testing the best group!

Timing is important for Instagram posts. The Preview app gives you access to the data for analytics in the information tab, so you can easily find the best time to post on Instagram.

It comes with 3 plans and the free plan allows you to schedule unlimited posts. The only downside, if i have to name one, is that the Preview App only has the mobile version. You can access the website and download the app for Android or IOS. 

Planoly - Post Scheduler App for Multiple Social Media

Among all the Instagram post scheduler apps, Planoly stands out for two very important reasons: the auto-post and the possibility of using the web version. Unlike other apps, Planpoly also allows you to prepare everything directly from the computer.

Instagram Post Scheduler Planoly

In the Planning tab, you have access to a calendar with the entire month, where you can view the unscheduled, scheduled, and all posts in a macro way. It is possible to change the way of viewing to week or month. On this same screen, it is exactly where you will add a new post, insert the hashtags, or send it to the draft. What’s more, you can Post to Instagram from your computer, Dropbox or Google drive

After uploading to Planoly, it's time to schedule, and you can do it in two ways: Put the date on the same post or drag it to the date and time you want straight on the agenda.

In Planoly there is the possibility to create a draft or a category of drafts to later pass to the feed. Just upload the image and drag it into the draft category that was created for the web. Remembering that the draft can be images for the feed or for the stories.

In the Discover tab, you can discover what the community has been doing and get free images from StockPhotos with the hashtags already included that can be used in your posts.

In the Analyze tab, it shows all the data of your profile for analysis, such as the number of followers, followed, likes, and comments. You can filter by week, month, year, or a specific period. All information will appear on the screen in the middle with the 10 most liked images and the 10 that received the most comments.

There are also Comments and Shoplink tabs that are worth discovering. Last but not least, Planoly can also help you schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, besides Instagram. 

Crowdfire - Instagram Scheduler App with Content Curation

Crowdfire is an application for Android, iOS, and desktop that you can use to schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. What’s more, it helps you find out who are the people who do not follow you on the social networks Twitter and Instagram. 

Through Crowdfire, you can plan new posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as if it was in the social network apps natively. You can schedule posts with texts and images. Another good feature is the “Automate” option, by which the user writes a welcome message to his next followers. Just click on it and then press "Edit" to write a short text. 

Instagram Post Scheduler CrowdFire

When you open the app, you need to log in with your Instagram or Twiter account and password to see who's following you or not on social media. The menu is available on the button at the top of the page, on the left. By clicking on it, all options appear, including the one focused on revealing the followers and non-followers of the networks.

In addition to scheduled posts, Crowdfire is good for content curation by providing unlimited articles and images recommended for your topics. It has great navigation and excellent structure combined with a modern and very beautiful look. 

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