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5 Free Instagram Photo Editing Apps to Get Your Photos Amazing

Do you want more likes for your photos on Instagram? This guide will show you 5 high- quality Instagram photo editing apps to make it.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

Posting on Instagram has been a part of life among plenty of people nowadays. Do you want to stand out on Instagram? Do you want to be different from others' posts? You need the latest list of the best Instagram photo editor. Surely, if you are looking for some feasible tools, this blog will suit you much. We collected 5 Instagram editors that are highly praised to help you make your Instagram posts amazing.

Foodie - Best Instagram Photo Editing App for Food

Foodie is really a special Instagram photo editor on mobile. Why said that? As its name shows, this app contributes to filters that are suitable for food. It works very well, especially when you edit a picture for a nice dinner, a barbecue, or others.

If you install and launch Foodie, you will see a large number of filters, reaching 77 and divided into 4 parts, including selfie, food, indoor, and scenery. Here I show you how the filters on Foodie can work for you:

  • “YU1” filter makes the left photo’s color stronger.

  • “YU4” filter makes the right photo more refreshing. 

Instagram Photo Editing App - Foodie

(Foodie is available for iOS and Andriod

Layout - Simple Photo Editor from Instagram

Layout is a photo editor from Instagram team. Layout can help you put 2, 3, 4, or 9 pictures into one and offer the frame you need. On this basis, you can make some adjustments like replacing, mirroring, and flipping at your own wish.

Let’s see what Layout can bring us.

 Instagram Photo Editing App Layout

                                                                           A Delicious Meal                                                               Different Sea View

In addition, Layout also gives you some convenience. Every time you have done your editing, you can post your photos to Instagram or Facebook with one-click. 

(Layout is available for iOS and Andriod

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Meitu - Free Instagram Photo Editing App for Portrait

Meitu is a useful Instagram editing app from China. It gives you an easy way to do much editing work that is complex on PC. 

In Meitu, Portrait editing is the most popular part. It can smooth the skin of your face with one-click. Or you can use the built-in tools to ease the left scars of acne and wrinkles in the selected area of your face by hand. It takes time but will meet your needs better. 

Meitu – Portrait Instagram Editing App

Besides this, Meitu provides you the auto-beautifying function to optimize your portrait, once you shoot a photo on it. The "auto-beautifying camera" is highly praised among its users.

(Meitu is available for iOS and Andriod)

Snapseed - Professional Photo Editor for Free

Snapseed can be one of the most professional Instagram photo editors for mobile, which can meet almost all the needs to edit your pictures. There are over 20 kinds of editing functions provided for you to beautify your photos. Snapseed can analyze your chosen photo and tune it. 

Many interesting filters are provided like Drama, Grainy Film. For photos where you want to add some retro factors, they can be your nice choices. Let’s look at the following picture. Using the Drama filter editing function makes it more like an old photo. 

Snapseed - Professional Photo Editor for Free

Also, Snapseed allows you more functions to adjust your photos like curves, white balance, double exposure and HDR scape. You can tune your photos’ light and color as you wish.

Snapseed - Professional Photo Editor-2

Snapseed can do more. It is also friendly to the portrait. Snapseed can help you tune your portrait through adjusting figures of face spotlight, skin smoothing, and eye clarity. 

As a totally free app, Snapseed is quite professional. If you concentrate on cost performance, Snapseed can be the best Instagram photo editing app that can fill your need. 

(Snapseed is available for iOS and Andriod)  

Instasize - Photos & Videos Editor for Mobile

Instasize is a powerful Instagram photo editor for mobile integrated with multiple functions. Instasize gives you useful photo editing functions.

Photos Videos Editor for Mobile - Instasize

  • You can adjust your photo’s size for posting to social media apps

  • You can find one suitable for your photo from about 100 filters

  • You can adjust your photo’s details and beautify portrait

  • You can fill photo’s background as you wish

  • You can put 2,3,4,5 or 6 pictures together

  • You can tag your pictures with any words.

What’s more, can you believe all you are able to do for photos can also work for videos? Instasize can make it!

Instasize allows you a 3-day trial for free.

It costs 35 for a month, 148 for a quarter or 343 for a year.

(Instasize is available for iOS and Andriod)

How do You Choose Instagram Photo Editor?

I hope you have learned some about the mentioned Instagram photo editing apps. So do you any ideas about what app suits your photos more?

  • If you want the lazy way or edit food photos, Foodie is your first choice.

  • If you want to put some pictures together easily, Layout wins.

  • If you want to adjust the portrait and videos, Meitu can do it well.

  • If you want an app both free and professional, Snapseed is the best.

  • If you want an app integrated with diverse functions, Instasize wins.

Actually, without using it, you will never know whether it works. So why don’t you give it a try?

The Bottom Line

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