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Instagram Not Letting Me Like Any Posts? Why and How to Fix?

Why is Instagram not letting me like posts? Let’s reveal the reasons why Instagram liking action blocked, and also figure out how to fix this issue.

Updated 2022-12-30 12:59:41 | by Jane

Just like any other day, you’re on Instagram, and eager to discover new inspirations by browsing pictures and videos on your feed. Voila! You find some great ones, and you start to like them. But, surprisingly, you got the message that says, “Like not allowed”. You ask yourself, “Is Instagram not letting me like”? You try again, and it keeps saying the same. Being frustrated, you try to post and DM, which work as usual with no problem. So, unfortunately, Instagram blocks you from liking others’ posts.

Instagram not Letting Me Like

Well, there’s no need to be panic, since most of the Instagram users, no matter where they are on earth, have experienced this difficulty before. But “why is Instagram not letting me like posts”? Let’s reveal the reasons, and also figure out how to fix this issue.

Why Is Instagram Not Letting Me Like Posts?

Worldwide, Instagram users are reporting that the app leaves them unable to like posts. So it is better to understand the possible reasons why Instagram won't let me like posts. It is likely that you have the following behaviors that are in violation of the guidelines, so that Instagram shuts down this feature on your account.

Exceed the like limit or like posts too fast.

Maybe it is your habit and kindness to like every post on your feed, to support your friends. However, even it is not clearly stated Instagram has a restriction. If you like too many posts very fast in a short period of time, Instagram may consider you are a spam user. This is one of the best reasons Instagram not letting me like.

Comment on too many posts too fast.

This could also cause the error of Instagram stopping you from liking, as they say “we restrict certain activities to protect our community”.

Follow and unfollow too many people in a short space of time.

This behavior are likely to lead to “Action blocked” as well, since the actions could indicate that your account is being controlled by a bot designed specifically for spammers that are doing promotion or scam.

Send multitudes of DMs to multiple users at one go.

DM is a great way to interact with followers and increase followers, despite that, misusing of it may put you into a tricky situation – you won’t be able to like images for hours.

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Instagram’s algorithm prevents automated activity from robots, automation or spammers so as to protect the community. But it can get confused by the behaviors such as liking or commenting on too many images in a very small amount of time, and classes your account as a spammer.

In fact, a lot of people are complaining that they have been doing nothing wrong, “what’s the reason Instagram not letting me like”? It seems Instagram block you accidentally. So what’s next step to take to fix it?

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What to Do When Instagram Not Letting Me Like Posts?

After being blocked, the first question that comes to mind is that how long Instagram not letting me like. It can take a few hours, 24 hours or up to 48 hours to lift the block. If you’re looking for a way to fix the problem immediately, the bad news is that there actually isn’t any way. Not any useful method has been proved work.

Nevertheless, here some good suggestions for what to do during this "cool off" period, and help you be able to like Instagram posts again soon.

Wait for Instagram unblocking you patiently.

Most importantly, you will have to wait and be patient. In most cases, you’ll get the message with the expiration date or time that indicates when the action block will be expired. Instagram won’t block you all the time, so eventually you could be able to start liking posts again.

Reduce your actions on Instagram.

Another thing to remember, you are suggested to keep your actions on Instagram as less as possible. If necessary, you may log out your account for one day or even for two days. Plenty of cases have cited that this can help you to regain trust from Instagram.

Contact Instagram.

If you think Instagram has blocked you without reason, but simply an error. You may try to send Instagram a feedback about this issue, to let it reconsider blocking you, but it just depends. Say, you download Instagram and reinstall it again on your phone, switch to mobile data, or link your Facebook account, wishing that you can like Instagram post again in the moment. But it turns out that none of these will work.

After your account is finally expired, you are suggested to be cautious and retake your actions step by step. Go on a normal way of social media life and prove you’re a human being, to like and comment on posts, follow people, and send DMs, but strictly following the guidance and community rules.

Can I Get More Likes/Followers After Liking Blocked?

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The Bottom Line

Are your actions blocked on Instagram? Worry that Instagram not letting me like posts will reduce likes and followers? After understand why Instagram won't let me like posts, and what to do if liking blocked -- keep your actions low, log out for a while, and patiently wait until your account is expired in a few hours or 24 hours, you can manage your Instagram presence well. But it is still tricky since you can’t get new followers. So here we highly recommend GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. Download it, and you can get unlimited, free, and real Instagram followers, fast and organically, and also have your posts liked by them.

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