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5 Instagram Meme Strategies to Increase Engagement Crazily

Are you struggling with engagements? Come and look at what meme accounts do. After learning these 5 strategies, you will gain crazy engagements too.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

You laugh at an Instagram meme within a few seconds, then scroll over. But it never occurred to you that such an unaesthetic post has already conquered social media marketers’ constant struggle. While many of them face an uphill climb on the issue of growing engagement, Instagram meme accounts feel it like a piece of cake. 

Yet, the instant happiness of reading an Instagram meme comes at such a low cost that we turn a blind eye towards its countless likes, comments, and shares. The successful strategies behind such enormous engagement, however, deserve every engagement-pursuer to learn.    

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What Is an Instagram Meme?

The definition of an Instagram meme is hard to explain. But simply speaking, an Instagram meme is to convey a sense of humor, shared experience, or sarcasm with the combination of captions and pictures, GIFs, or short-videos on Instagram.

Learn from 5 Instagram Meme Strategies to Grow Engagement

We can regard every successful meme creator as an expert in social media marketing since massive appeal and highly interactive engagement seem never lose at the hands of Instagram meme accounts. You’ll gain inspiration from them to increase engagement on Instagram if you observe their meme contents meticulously.

1. Unique Aesthetic - Instagram Meme Strategy One 

Establish your aesthetic image instead of seeking the same standard.

You recognize a meme post on Instagram at a glance. Not because it is too pretty, on the contrary, it is too messy. Compared with the mainstream taste of stunningly beautiful pictures, the unique unaesthetic style of Instagram meme accounts goes the opposite direction. To be honest, what they post is blurring and sometimes ugly.

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But the funny thing is that we have never stereotyped the prevailing aesthetic standard on Instagram meme accounts. Instead, we take its weirdness for granted and enjoy it a lot. Judging from this way, you shouldn’t follow the advice to “post prettier pictures” without thinking. There is no need to pursue the sole beauty criteria as everybody else does but you should figure out “What makes yourself different?”

2. Short Captions - Instagram Meme Strategy Two

Though lengthy captions, theoretically, keep viewers spending more time on your posts, in reality, most of them don’t have the patience. Your chance on Instagram is slim, in other words, you have only a few seconds to catch your audience’s eyeballs.


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Unlike posts writing like a micro-blog, Instagram meme pages produce a format that perfectly fits our fast scrolling habit. Short captions are fully displayed to convey the creators’ idea or oftentimes we see the captions attached to the upper part of the picture. It saves us a great deal of time and effort when we catch a glimpse of both the caption and the visual image at the same time. More importantly, the message is delivered strongly, directly, and easy to digest. 

3. Universally Shared Experience and Sentiments - Instagram Meme Strategy Three

Speaking of quality engagement, no one knows better than Instagram meme accounts. 

While it is even rarely seen massive comments under the name of big brands, hundreds of comments below an Instagram meme is the order of the day, let alone how many likes, shares, and direct messages they have sparked. 


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How come? It is all about connecting with the audience. 

On the one hand, Instagram meme accounts post shared experiences with a voice to be sarcastic or funny, such as TV shows we grow up with or well-known celebrities whom we make fun of. 

On the other hand, they share related sentiments to connect or to be consolable, such as the emotion that many people are going through. 

In general, whatever the content is, Instagram meme accounts always find it a way to resonate with the audience and entertain them. Therefore, you can see so much interaction happening below an Instagram meme: thousands of likes, comments, Instagram meme tags, etc. 

4. Post at the Right Time - Instagram Meme Strategy Four

Don’t post too frequently but post at the right time with quality.

You may have heard about the suggestion to post several times a day for high engagement. But we won’t see it happen on the Instagram meme pages, for everybody knows how difficult it is to create a quality Instagram meme. So are other types of content creation. 


So don’t strain yourself too much. Otherwise, you may end up being a mediocre content creator. The right way is to find the best time to post on Instagram two or three times. That’s more than enough. Besides, Instagram meme accounts never miss the chance to joke about festivals and trending events. You can do the same.

5. Target Your Audience - Instagram Meme Strategy Five

Great engagement also derives from the right audience. The Instagram meme accounts have a say on this. What they have created perfectly caters to the taste of millennials and Generation-Z gluing their eyes on the screen for many hours a day in favor of humor and sarcasm. 

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Moreover, some Instagram meme pages also consider niche audience’s tastes. They create memes focusing on a theme, for example, politics, arts, mental health, etc. 

Broad topics combine with specific themes. In this way, Instagram meme accounts garner millions of followers and high engagement for every post.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you bear in mind that it is never an easy task to increase engagement. Instagram meme accounts feel it the same way. If you want to produce quality content like an Instagram meme, you need a big heart and consistent effort to learn and improve. In the end, think before you receive a suggestion since anybody nowadays can be an expert on the Internet. But GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita frees your worries! 

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