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How to Use Instagram Loop Videos to Catch More Attention [4 Practical Tools Recommended]

Instagram loop video is important to understand if you need to do well with your campaigns. Read this article to understand it better.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cracy

People are constantly thinking about innovative ways through which they are able to make Instagram loop videos. Instagram loop videos are fun and entertaining and people enjoy making them because of several reasons. Like celebrities or many influencers make Instagram loop videos because they want to grab their audience's attention. Normal people, who are not much of an influencer or celebrities tend to make it just for entertainment purposes.

People can also make Instagram loop videos in scenarios when they are bored, and want to kill their free time. Whatever the reasons may be one way is for sure, that is Instagram loop videos are very enthralling and have many advantages. Today, we are going to talk about some ways in which you can make Instagram videos loop to get attention.

Instagram Loop Video

What is Instagram Loop Video & Why Use Instagram Loop Video?

What is an Instagram loop video?

To better understand Instagram loop videos, visualize GIFS. You all must be familiar with GIFS, which are short videos of barely 3-5 seconds. Unlike, GIFS, Instagram loop videos only consist of a video section that is repeated over and over again in a loop. Hence, the name “loop” video. 

The best part about the Instagram loop video is that the part you want to repeat in a loop can be set according to your desire. Keep in mind that Instagram loop videos must be of 3 seconds (minimum), as this is the standard rule of Instagram. Moreover, in Instagram loop videos, your audio is not recorded, and hence, it is deemed more convenient by the content makers. 

Loop Video for Instagram

Why use Instagram loop video?

There are numerous reasons that you should use Instagram loop video. Some of the most effective reasons are listed below.

  • Gain attention

Video marketing is the number one strategy through which you attract a lot of audiences interested in your product. Instagram loop videos allow you to add mesmerizing effects and textures. It is really helpful for people who want to get make their Instagram more vibrant. Moreover, the Instagram audience loves those profiles that have trendy, and unique content. Instagram loop videos allow you to add a professional element to your profile in a fun way, and people consider your profile as a reliable profile.

By making Instagram loop videos, you can get more attention on your content, and on your Instagram profile. This is beneficial for content makers, and brand endorsers as their sales mainly depend on their customers’ interests. As the Instagram loop videos are user-friendly and are continuously repeated throughout the video length, you can highlight your product. 

Having repetitive motion in which your brand is significantly visible will allow you to get new business opportunities, and you will be able to attract a lot of other businesses. 

  • Your message is remembered by your audience

By making a loop video for Instagram, you can get your audience to remember you and your message. Humans can grasp and remember things more easily which is continuously highlighted and is in a repetitive motion. Hence, by making Instagram loop videos, you can convey your message more conveniently, and effectively. 

  • More dynamic profile

Instagram loop videos are unique, and they have a special effect on the users who see them. By making a loop video for Instagram, you will create an illusion that your profile is more dynamic and authentic. 

The more dynamic your profile is deemed by other users the more you will be able to get more followers. Hence, to make your profile stand out against all of the other profiles, you should consider making Instagram loop videos. 

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How to Loop Instagram Video: 4 Practical Tools You Can Rely on

By now you must be familiar with how Instagram loop videos hold significant importance for content makers, brand endorsers, and influencers. Therefore, you must learn about how you can make Instagram loop videos. There are 4 popular tools that you should consider while making Instagram loop videos. They include:

Tool 1: Kapwing

Kapwing is a famous online Instagram loop video tool, through which you can make loop videos for Instagram. By using Kapwing's online tool, how to loop Instagram video is no longer a problem.

To make Instagram loop videos using Kapwing online tool you must follow these steps:

1.First, open your browser, and then visit the Kapwing Instagram loop video. After landing on Kapwing’s page, you will see a box and an upload button. It means that you can either upload your video or paste its URL link in the box.

Kapwing Loop Video for Instagram

2.After uploading, you can select the number of times you want your video to be repeated (played in a loop). 

3.You can also trim your video, by clicking on the “Trim Video” button. It is essential if you want to upload a shorter video on Instagram. 

4.After selecting the number of loops and trimming your video, you would see a create button at the bottom of the screen. Click it and see the magic!

Kapwing Create Loop Video for Instagram

5.After a while, you can download your video, edit it, or can share it directly on to your Instagram story, or account. 

Kapwing Share Instagram Loop Video

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Tool 2: Boomerang

Boomerang is the number one tool for making Instagram loop videos. It is widely used by content makers and influencers for making Instagram loop videos. Through the Boomerang tool, people can easily make loop videos for Instagram, and their question of how to loop Instagram videos is solved effectively. 

How to use: First, download the Boomerang app from Google Play Store, or App Store. Then open the app, record your video through the app’s built-in camera by holding the only button that is available in the app. After recording, release the button, and you should be able to loop your video. From their share it to your Instagram.

Boomerang Loop Video for Instagram

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Tool 3: Clideo

Clideo is another Instagram loop video tool, through which you can easily make your Instagram loop videos. It is a versatile tool, which solves the question of many Instagram Influencers that is how to loop Instagram videos.

How to use: Visit the official website of Clideo and upload your video by clicking on the choose file option. After that, you can select the number of repetitions you want to choose. After choosing your desired number of repetitions, click the infinity sign, and download the Instagram loop video.  Clideo Loop Video for Instagram

Tool 4: is another popular Instagram loop video platform through which you can effectively make Instagram loop videos and attract more audience to your Instagram profile. Many people use the tool because it gives them a clear idea about how to loop Instagram videos.

How to use: Visit the website of, upload your video, trim or loop the video as much as you want, and download the looped video or export it directly on to your Instagram account. Loop Video for Instagram

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What You Should Do After You Publish Instagram Loop Video

After publishing the Instagram loop video, you would want your Instagram loop video to be watched by many users around the world. There are many ways by which your video can get a lot of views like, getting a lot of Instagram followers. By increasing the number of followers your Instagram loop video can get a lot of likes and post engagements. The second way by which you can increase free Instagram views and shares on Instagram loop video is by appearing on the front page or explore by Instagram itself.

This is possible when you post high-quality content, and use Instagram captions to get followers. Usually, it is a very common culture on Instagram to post whatever comes in the way, but Instagram does not share the videos or get them on the front page if the posted videos are not up to the mark, in terms of quality. 

Using trending hashtags and keywords also play an important role in maintaining the number of reaches for your Instagram loop video. Try adding trending and useful hashtags under your Instagram loop video, so whenever people search that particular keyword or hashtag they can be directed to your post.

All of the above things are only possible when you have a huge Instagram audience that will like, comment, and share your Instagram loop video. You can get unlimited Instagram followers by using an app called GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. It allows you to purchase Instagram followers that can be beneficial for your Instagram profile or blog.


The above-specified points tell helps you to know what is Instagram loop video, the importance of Instagram loop videos, and how you can make them by using 4 popular tools. You can also make Instagram loop videos to catch more attention. Moreover, if you want to increase free Instagram followers, then make sure to download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

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