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Why Instagram Loop Can Grow Mass Followers & How to Join?

The Instagram loop is a new fashion these years. Do you know that Instagram loop giveaway can grow IG followers? Let’s find out.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Wen

Do you know that you can double Instagram followers and even make it to 10.000 in a short time? You may think that followers increasers can make it overnight. But to be honest, legal increasers can’t help you grow 10.000 followers overnight. Why some lucky guys, the people who don’t have managers to help them, can double Ins Followers overnight? 

Here goes in our main role, Instagram loop. You may not hear of it, or you may hear but don’t know how it works. All the puzzles will be clear after reading this article. 

 Instagram Loop

What is a loop giveaway on Instagram? If you don’t know, start reading this paragraph. 

Instagram loop giveaway is a hot trend among Instagram influencers and businesses, which is a means to quickly promote the brand and get the targeted audience. It’s a team works and the principle of it is similar to the ripple effect. The middle of the ripple is the giveaway rewards made by the host.

Title List

Why Instagram Loop Can Increase Followers?

Some of you might wonder there’s no way to double IG followers by Instagram loops because of the commercial purpose. Then you may make a big mistake. No matter who you are, sponsors or participants, everyone who joins the giveaway will get lots of followers. Because to join a loop, you have to follow all the people in the team, so does the next participant. It’s also a great way to increase your IG exposure. You will get 10k Instagram followers within months even overnight. Also, the followers will keep rising as long as the giveaway is ongoing.

 What is A Loop Giveaway on Instagram

Is It Safe to Join Instagram Loops for Followers? 

The answer is yes and no, which depends on what the loop is. There are some fake loop giveaways. When you want to join one, you must ask to see a list of other participants. On the other side, joining Instagram loop giveaways is a legal behavior. A Facebook spokesperson said, “This behavior doesn’t violate our policies.” The followers you get are from real people. So there’re no bots that would be tracked by Instagram. 

How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway

As a normal person, the role that most of us would play is a participant. But before getting to know how to join an Instagram loop, you should also understand how to run an Instagram loop giveaway

The following are the steps for the hosts. 

Step 1> Decide the theme of the giveaway and the prize.

Step 2> Looking for brand partners to cooperate. 

Step 3> Post the content on Instagram, including the theme, the prize, when does the activity starts and ends, the rules, hashtags, and sponsors.

Step 4> Send details to all of the brands, including the date and time all of the brands will post the image, and the date and time the giveaway will start and end.

 How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway

How to Join and Where to Find?

It’s easy to find a loop giveaway on Instagram by searching “Instagram loop”, “loop giveaway” etc.

You will find many influencers and brands that are running loop giveaways. Find the new giveaway and follow the instructions of it. Usually, the rules of every loop are a little bit different. Here are the regular instructions on how to join an Instagram loop

Step 1> Pick up a host you like. Read its rules carefully.

Step 2> Contact the host and ask for permission to join. If the host agrees, you will get a time when to join and exit. You may also have to like the image, follow all of the people on the team, tag your friend in the comment, etc. 

Step 3> Follow the date to post the image and tell the host that the mission is done.

Step 4> Wait for followers to grow.

 Instagram Loops for Followers

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Pros and Cons of Instagram Loop Giveaway

To better understand the Instagram loops for followers, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of it. 


Real followers: The followers you get are from the people who want the prize. Therefore, they are real. Every participant has a purpose, the prize, or the followers, while it’s not a robot can do. 

Organic growth: The growth of the followers isn’t instant but organic as the activity will last for a time. During this time, you will gradually get more and more free Instagram followers

Increase exposure: This point is obvious. Once you join the loop, your Instagram will get a big exposure both because of the giveaway prize and the host who should be a big influencer. Imagine that, most of the followers of the host will come to your Instagram, and the reach of your IG will definitely rise.

Be related to big influencers and brands: If you join the giveaway, you are on the celebrity team. For example, if the host is GiGi and the sponsors are Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, you will be a member of them!

 Join Instagram Loop Giveaway


Low engagement: As I said before, there’s a purpose behind those followers. On the one hand, if their purposes are not realized, you may lose lots of them after the activity ends. On the other hand, if the followers remain, they will seldom engage with you. A blogger has tested the followers from the Instagram loop and found that the engagement has dropped nearly a half compared to before. 

High Costs: Joining the giveaway is not free. The more followers the host has, the more it will cost. If the host has over 1 million followers, it may cost you hundreds of dollars.

Strict requirements: Every participant must be punctual to post and follow. If someone misses the time, he/she will be removed from the team and even be blocked from future loop activities. Being punctual can be a problem for some people. Especially when there’s a time difference, they have to stay up to post and follow and then spent much time on Instagram, which is exhausting.

How to grow real followers free and cheap?

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Is It a Good Go to Join an Instagram Loop Giveaway?

Actually, this question is a hot topic on the Internet. Some think it’s not friendly to IG accounts, while others believe that it’s effective to grow followers. Try the Instagram loop giveaway or not depends on your mind. If you think the pros of it are greater than the cons, you can give it a go. On the opposite, you can leave it alone. However, an expert on the Internet said that one should not join loop giveaways over 4 times a year. If you want to grow followers every day, you may try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, the best app to increase Instagram followers, which can make a monthly growth plan for you.

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