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Instagram Logo Font Copy and Paste with 5 Best Font Generators

Get bored of the official Instagram logo Font? This article will offer the 5 best Instagram logo font generators. You are free to use 100+ fonts at least!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Wen

The search for the Instagram logo font has ended here because we will give you helpful information. I hope you are aware that Instagram is a free visual sharing application. Here you can take photos, apply some effects, and can share them with friends and family. Thus, with every passing day, we can see that Instagram is becoming a popular marketing platform. However, many promising brands are taking advantage of this opportunity. But many factors work together to make this platform a huge success. Yes, one of those factors is the Instagram logo font generator. So, let’s learn more about this in detail. 

 Instagram Logo Font

What is the Instagram Logo Font Generator?

The Instagram logo is made of two elements, the camera icon with the word “Instagram” below. The Instagram font is the logotype that you can commonly see. But we know that one Instagram font could be boring for a long time; that's why it is vital to change it more often. However, the solution to this problem lies in the Instagram logo font generator. Yes, there are many Instagram logo text font platforms available in the market. So, here is the list of some of the popular platforms with pricing details: 

Name of the platform Is it free or paid? Number of available fonts
Fontspace  Free with some paid fonts 80,000 Free fonts 
BrandCrowd Free ( But it ask for an email to download and edit the logo)
More than 272 free Instagram logo designs
Turbologo It starts from $3 with one logo file Hundreds of Insta logo fonts
Font Meme Paid with free templates Available in many languages and fonts
Instagram Fonts  Free to use Hundreds of fancy fonts

These logo-generating platforms help to create great and unique symbols that attract the public. So, with these logo text font generators, it has become an easy task to grow Instagram followers and likes

Top 5 Instagram Logo Fonts Generator Online Platforms

The main aim of all these Instagram logo font generators is to promote creativity and uniqueness. However, some of these platforms provide free text logos, and some charge amounts. So, here are the top 5 platforms with the detail: 

Fontspace: Instagram logo font copy and paste

Fontsspace is one of the best and trustable spaces to create Instagram logos and fonts. Here there are thousands of fonts that can help to stand out among the crowd. Moreover, Font Space offers more than 80,000 free logo fonts that help to create the perfect design. Thus, these fonts are licensed free, and anyone can use these to enhance aesthetics. It is effortless here on Fontspace to copy and paste the Instagram logos. Here are the following specifications of the Font Space: 

  • Font space was founded in 2006 and working with more than 3100 designers. 

  • Moreover, you can easily download more than 80,000 free Instagram fonts that are free and hassle-free. 

  • Each font is checked and verified by an expert team that professional designers create. 

There are more than 16,000 commercially used licensed free fonts. However, you can easily download these fonts to preserve the style and value of your content. It enhances the user's experience. 

 Instagram Logo Font Copy and Paste

BrandCrowd: Instagram logo font generator with Edit box

If you are an Insta influencer or want to attract Instagram followers, then BrandCrowd is a great free option. Here you have attractive and stylish options that help to create a different and astonishing effect. BrandCrowdInstagram logo font generator is a perfect choice that lies in the budget. However, you can enter your email to download the font instantly. Moreover, you also have an option of Instagram logo font copy and paste. Here are the following quick specifications of the Brand crowd Instagram font generator: 

  • You can get the Instagram fonts in any format that goes best with your needs and requirement. 

  • Moreover, you can easily use these fonts on Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else for branding purposes. 

  • The BrandCrowd provides the images in any format like JPEG, PNG, etc., with high-resolution quality. 

Moreover, you can even edit and design the customized Instagram logo text font. It is nothing better than including an entity in your logo. 

 BrandCrowd - Instagram Logo Font Generator with Edit Box

Turbologo: Instagram logo font design

The Turbologo generator gives access to hundreds of free templates. Here you can log in to change that template as per your requirements, taste, and needs. Moreover, the whole editing system takes less than 5 minutes to create your desired Instagram logo. Thus, you can download it as a JPEG, PNG, or SVG after making the logo. Here is the following process to design the logo on this generator. 

  • At the first step, create an account with the name of your company. 

  • Now at the next step, select the image that you want to incorporate with the Instagram logo. 

  • At this step, customize it as per your choice. Now, you have created the logo and download the image in any format to wrap up the process. 

Examples of Turbologo Instagram Logo Font

It is the best Instagram logo generator app that helps to create a design in few minutes. Moreover, it is the best app for start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses to create something in their imagination. 

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Font Meme: Instagram logo text font

Instagram Font Meme is one of the best most-used apps to create text fonts and logos. However, the Instagram logos and fonts have the support of handwritten Instagram logo text font. Currently, the app using a font named Billabong. It is publicly available, and you can download it to use commercially. Here are the following highlighted points that you shouldn’t overlook about Font Meme: 

  • There are many free templates and Instagram logo fonts that you can use to create some things that attract Instagram likes daily.

  • Moreover, these fonts are free with verified licenses. However, you can use these fonts for commercial purposes. 

  • There are many themes and categories, text generators, images, and tools to use during the process. 

 Instagram Logo Text Font

If you want free access to the filters, custom previews, and free fonts, head towards FONTS COLLECTION. We can say that a vast collection of filters, templates, and Instagram logo font will not disappoint you. 

Instagram Fonts: Free Instagram logo fonts

Instagram Fonts is one of the leading Instagram logo font platforms. Here you can easily convert your thoughts into visuals. Moreover, you can use pre-designed templates and create a customized logo to enhance the aesthetics. Instagram logo font has a complete package that includes: 

More than 180 fancy fonts 1800+ eye-catching emojis Filters
More than 90 decorating styles  Customized templates And much more

However, it is effortless to use and needs only a few steps to create the logo. But it is better to go with the minimal style that looks appealing and highlights the message. You can download the app and start converting your dreams and ideas into reality. 

Free Instagram Fonts

How to use Instagram Fonts generator? 

But precisely here are the following steps that you have to follow to create the logo: 

1. Instagram Fonts has the app, and you only need to download it from the Play Store

2. Now at the second step, go to the "languages & input" in the "Instagram settings" and "manage the keyboard." Here you will turn on the "Instagram Fonts" and then hit on the OK button. 

 How to Enable Instagram Fonts Keyboard

3. At the third step, you will switch the current keyboard with the recent Instagram Fonts. 

 How to Switch to Instagram Fonts Keyboard

4. After all this process, you can start enjoying the recent and updated Instagram Fonts on the app. 

 Instagram Text Fonts

Moreover, you can use the customer-friendly and free app on iOS along with android. You can enable the multi-language keyboard to enjoy the advanced features. Apart from this, you have a choice to go with the VIP plan for using advanced features. 

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Wrap Up

While selecting the Instagram logo font generator, it is vital to choose a user-friendly platform. Moreover, it would be beneficial if the platform offers mobile apps that make it even more handy and useful. So, always decide proper search and choose the platform that can add aesthetics to your Insta posts. You can also attract other followers with stylish logo fonts. Check your Instagram below to see if your followers grow.

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