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How to Log in Instagram with Facebook: Guide & Issue Fxies

Instagram login with Facebook is available. Here's a beginner guide of how to log in Instagram with Facebook account and fixes for login not working issue.

Updated 2022-12-30 13:12:00 | by Jane

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram built a closer connection with its current owner, driving users to share data across both platforms thanks to the link of accounts, what means that, Instagram login with Facebook is available. 

Instagram Login with Facebook

Actually, the feature - Instagram login with Facebook - receives a big welcome by users. It simplifies the registration process without checking verification code sent to your email or phone so that it boasts friendliness to beginners, especially to the elderly who are not so familiar with social networking. What’s more, your Facebook friends probably follow you on Instagram if they have accounts.

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How to Log In Instagram with Facebook?

In the following, the detailed guides of Instagram login with Facebook on mobiles and computers will be shown respectively. Before that, one thing you should confirm is that you have a valid Facebook account.  

Instagram Login with Facebook on iOS/Android Devices

Step 1: Install Instagram app on your device and open it.

Step 2: On the login page, you can get the words “Log in with Facebook”. Click it.

Step 3: Immediately, you will lead to another page asking you to log into Facebook account to connect to Instagram. Do it.

Step 4: After the success of login of your Facebook, click the button Continue as Facebook username.

Step 5: Instagram will ask you sign up with a username according to your Facebook profile. Click Sign Up button and follow the instruction to create new Instagram account login with Facebook. 

Instagram Login with Facebook on Mobile

1. If you have gotten Facebook app and logged in before the installation of Instagram, you can see the button “Continue as your Facebook username” the moment you open Instagram.

2. You can log into Instagram with Facebook username/password after the registration.

Instagram Login with Facebook on Computer

Step 1: Open the browser on your PC/Mac computer and visit

Step 2: Click Log in with Facebook. Another page pops up asking you to log into Facebook account.

Step 3: After login, you will see a signup page of Instagram. The full name is shown according to your Facebook profile. And what you need do is to set a new username and password for Instagram account. After that, click Sign up.

Instagram Login with Facebook on Computer

If you have logged into Facebook at the beginning, you will be led to the Instagram signup page once you click "Log in with Facebook".

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More Things You Should Know About Instagram Login with Facebook

As mentioned above, Instagram can fill basic information of the new account login with Facebook based on Facebook profile, but further settings should be manually managed.

How to edit Instagram profile after login with Facebook?

Go to your Instagram account profile page and click Edit Profile. Then, you can customize the information, incl. name, username, bio, email address, phone and gender. It is highly suggested to set a unique username and impressive bio (e.g. consistency to style of your Instagram or brand) to make audience know what you can show off clearly and attract more followers.

Edit Instagram Profile After Login with Facebook

How to change Instagram password after login with Facebook?

Some people may prefer the easy access to Instagram with Facebook account, but it is quite necessary to give a particular password for Instagram in case you lose Facebook password or your account is suddenly suspected. 

1. Go to your Instagram profile page.

2. Tap the three lines at the top right corner and click Settings.

3. Click Security. If you haven’t set a password for Instagram after login with Facebook, click Create Password. If there’s an existing password, click Password to change it new one.

4. If you have forgotten the password, please click “reset it using Facebook”. A link to reset password will be sent to your email. Open it to give a new password for your Instagram.

Change Instagram Password After Login with Facebook

How to link and unlink Instagram with Facebook?

Generally, the accounts are linked when you finish Instagram login with Facebook. If you would like to manually link or unlink Instagram with Facebook, please follow the steps.

For linking, go to Instagram profile page and tap three lines icon. Tap Settings > Account > Sharing to Other Apps > Facebook. Next, enter your Facebook account. Tap Continue > Yes, Finish Setup. 

For unlinking, go to Instagram profile page and tap three lines icon. Tap Settings > Account > Sharing to Other Apps > Facebook > Accounts Center. Now, you can find all linked accounts. Select one and click Remove From Accounts Center > Continue > Remove (Username).

Link and Unlink Instagram with Facebook

Instagram Login with Facebook Not Working? How to Fix?

Instagram login with Facebook not working problem may happen at anytime. Once you get an error login message, please check the causes and try fixes below.

Cause 1: You’re using a poor network connection on device.

Fix: Please check the network signal strength and select Wi-Fi or cellular data having the strongest internet connection. If you still can’t log in Instagram with Facebook after trying all available networks, wait till the connection is stable or move to the location in proximity to router or cell phone tower.  

Cause 2: Instagram server issue occurs.

Fix: Sometimes, Instagram server may be temporarily down. Any login activity goes to fail. Just wait a moment and try to log in with Facebook later.

Cause 3: You use an invalid Facebook account.

Fix: If you log into Instagram with Facebook but the error message “Invalid username/password” pops up, please check whether you input wrong email or password and log in with the correct one again. If all information you give is right but the error message still appears, it’s a possibility that your account is suspended or locked. Contact Facebook with the request of restarting or unlocking your account. Otherwise, try to use a new valid account. 

Cause 4: Instagram login with Facebook goes wrong resulting from caches.

Fix: Please uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app on your device. Then, log in again. If you still can’t log into Instagram with Facebook, reset your phone to factory settings.

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How to Get Free Instagram Followers

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The End

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