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Guide to View Instagram Login History in 3 Steps

Come & check your Instagram login history! This article shows you how to delete Instagram login history, and ways to keep your account’s safety.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

Social media has become the main means of online crime. Criminals use technical loopholes, log in to your account, pretend to be you, send messages to your friends and then swindle money. Maybe you think it’s nothing, my virtual life and reality are separate, and I don’t follow my friends at all. However, the posts of social networks often reveal a variety of information about a person, and can even be specific to dig out what the person is called, where he lives, what he looks like, and where he goes to school.

To keep you safe, checking Instagram login history frequently is very important. It can let you know whether your account is logged in by yourself and whether your account is safe. 

This article will show you how to view Instagram login history on different devices and how to delete Instagram login history as well. Tips to make your accounts safer are also introduced.

Instagram login history.jpg 

Check & Delete Instagram Login History on Android/iOS/PC

Here is how you can check your Instagram login history and how to delete Instagram login history on different devices.

At first, let’s see how to do it on Android and iOS.

Step 1. Log into your Instagram account and find the settings in your profile.

Step 2. Tap the “Security” button and then click Login Activity.

Check Instagram Login History with Mobile Phone.jpg 

Step 3. Here, you can check Instagram login history all at once.

Remember to check if the positions and devices are yours. Pay attention to the time when you log in.

My Instagram Login History.jpg 

If you just want to know your Instagram login history, you can stop at step 3. But if you want to know the process of Instagram login history delete, you will have to do one step more.

Step 4. Find the login history that does not belong to you, tap the “…” on its right. You will see a map with the login location.

Tap the “Log Out” button, your account will not be login into that place again.

How to Delete Instagram Login History on Mobile Phone.jpg 

Here is the process to check Instagram login history on PC. You can check it without an App, just using the Instagram official website.

Step 1. Open your browser, and log into your account on Instagram.

Step 2. Tap on your avatar and click Settings.

 How to Check Instagram Login Activity History.jpg

Step 3. Tap the “Login History” and you will see all your Instagram login activity history.

 View Instagram Account Login History.jpg  

The same as on mobile phones, if you are wondering how to delete Instagram login history, there is one more step for you.

Step 4. Find the one location that is not you, and choose to log out.

 How to Delete Instagram Login History on PC.jpg

Change your password when there are many locations that you don’t know.

How to Make Your Instagram Accounts Safer

Now you know how to view Instagram account login history, but Instagram allows users to log in to the same account from different devices, and there may be dangers that you haven't noticed for the time being. So how do you protect the security of your account when using Instagram? Here are some tips for you to apply. There are three main areas and a total of 9 suggestions you should pay attention to.

Password and settings

  • Do not use the same password for all of your social media accounts. Many people use the same password on different social media to save effort. Don’t be lazy! If there is one person who knows your password, all of your information will be totally transparent. If you think it is very hard for you to remember all passwords, here is a little trick for you. Set a string of unique characters that only you know, and add a prefix or suffix when using different applications.

  • Do not take your birthday or names as your password. They are easy to get.

  • Using Two-Factor Authentication. This setting will make you enter an additional verification code when logging in to your account. Although it is one step more than usual, it is much safer to log in than just entering a password.

  • Change your password when there are too many locations that you do not know. Under this situation, just delete Instagram login history cannot help you a lot. You should change a more complex password immediately.

How to Make Your Instagram Safer.jpg 

Protect private information when posting

  • Do not post pictures with obvious landmarks, your house number, phone number, etc.

  • Do not use location tags that are too specific.

  • As a normal person, it is better not to expose your looks.


  • Do not use public internet unless you have no choice. The safety of public internet is not guaranteed. Your information may be stolen.

  • Do not log in to your account on a device that is not yours. If you do, remember to check Instagram login history and delete it.

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After reading the article, you must not worry about checking “my Instagram login history” anymore. You can view Instagram login history either on mobile phones or on PC. Remember, check the login history is not the last step, you should always keep the safety of accounts in mind.

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