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How to Add Instagram Location Tag 2021 - Custom & Get Benefits: Followers and More!

All about add & custom Instagram location tag with a step-by-step tutorial in 2021. And more about how to get benefits from it - followers, likes & money! Just come and find out!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Julian

Instagram location tag has been a hot topic all over the world for a long time. From what it is to how to use the location tags on Instagram will be all introduced in this article today. Just keep reading to find out more - what benefits that location brings and how it helps? Get the benefits, and get the surprise now!

Here are what you are going to know in this article:

What is Instagram Location Tag?

As its name implies that a location tag on Instagram, is a specific location based on latitude and longitude of where you are, or the place where you decide to share all your Instagram content.

Instagram location tags are displayed at the top of every post once they're published, right underneath the Instagram username or the brand.

Instagram Location Tag - What It Is 

What Benefits Location Tag on Instagram Brings?

Since you already knew that every post with an Instagram location tag, will be showing in a specific feed on a location page. It means that the post will be seen by millions of users who are currently under this location tag or are exploring this location.

More Benefits that Comes with Location Tag on Instagram are:

Get Engaged with More

Whoever found your content under an Instagram location tag, is more likely to become your engaged followers and consistently support you. Why? Because they are entering this location page willingly at the very beginning and you, who are also here, will be what they want reasonably. 

Instagram Location Tag - Top Feed

Organic Likes with the Location Tag on Instagram

An excellent post with a location tag is more likely to get organic likes on Instagram because your awesome content could express this location greatly. The more accurate the content is the more likes.

Expand Local Followers Target-ly

If you want to target some followers accurately without spending a cent, using Instagram location tags would be a perfect way to achieve that. Make sure what you post under a location tag could describe your brand perfectly so it will expand your followers on Instagram freely, and greatly.

An Instagram idea name will help more when your post with location tags because it will attract more attention. Double any efforts that you took.

How to Add Instagram Location Tag on Post & Story? [Step-by-Step Instruction] 

It is time to learn how to add Instagram location tag now, after knowing the basic information and those benefits. Follow this step-by-step instruction to add some Instagram location tags to your latest post.

How to Add Location Tag on Instagram Post in 2 Steps?

  1. Creating an Instagram post.

  2. Click "Add Location" on the New Post page, and the location tag will be on it.

How To Add Instagram Location Tag

Extra: You can search for more location by clicking "Add Location".

How to Add Location Tag on Instagram Stories in Steps?

  1. Creating a post in Instagram Stories.

  2. Click the "Stickers" icon when editing the post.

  3. Select the "Location Sticker".

  4. Type in your location to find it on the Instagram Stories editing page.

  5. Select the location.

And there you go - this is how to add location tags on Instagram post, and stories. Is that very easy and yes? It is really as easy as learning ABC.

How to Make Instagram Location Tags? [Create and Custom]

When adding location tags on Instagram, users might occur these problems sometimes:

  1. You can not find the perfect location tag or the most accurate one.

  2. It is not interesting to simply share a location tag, and you want to create something much funnier. 

No worries anymore! Because here - we have got you covered all the aspects about Instagram location tags! Slide up to learn to create and customizing location tags in steps!

How To Make Instagram Location Tags

Follow this step-by-step instruction to create and custom a location tag on Instagram!

Step 1: Log-in with Facebook.

Step 2: Click "Check-in" at the top of your Facebook thread, which should be underneath the status bar, and enable the "Location Services".

Tips: To enable the "Location Services" that you need go to "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Location Services" and allow the Facebook App to know your location there.

Step 3: Name Your Location when the GPS app has narrowed your location.

Step 4: Add Your Location - Click the bottom of the screen for the add location button.

Step 5: Add your location you will be taken to a category.

Step 6: Pick a physical location and claim your location.

You may find some steps in this instruction-section and find it long. But no worries! You will know how easy it is to learn how to make Instagram location tags!

Since the Instagram location tag will be on Facebook, too. Why not getting some Facebook auto followers to spread your "the special" location tag? You will be surprised! 

FAQ: Instagram Story Location Tag Not Working [100% Work Solution]

There are some times that Instagram story location tag will be not working. It is common! Just check the following 100% working solution to fix this.

100% Working Solution #1: Make sure your privacy settings are set to public on Instagram.

This feature only works if you have a public account according to Instagram's privacy terms.

Instagram Story Location Tag Not Working - Solution One

100% Working Solution #2: Make sure your location setting is turned on. 

Instagram Story Location Tag Not Working - Solution Two

See! This whole "Instagram Story Location Tag Not Working" is basically easy and common. Just check these solutions and you will find how easy the key is to this question.

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The Bottom Line

So, all the staff is everything about Instagram location tags in 2021. From how to add & make location tags to how to fix the problem when not working like from A to Z. You will always find a thing in this article that is helpful to you. Keep this in your browser and come back next time for this article will be updated regularly. And do not forget to try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, which will surprise you in a way you never know! 

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