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Instagram Lite: Instagram’s Ambition to Reach Everyone on This Planet

What is Instagram Lite? Don’t worry. Check this blog and learn every aspect of Instagram Lite inside.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kevin

Instagram is always developing new features and expanding to new areas. This time, considering the impact for COVID-19 and the need of remote communication, it releases an app called Instagram Lite which aims at “Bringing Instagram Lite to More Than 170 Countries” on March 10, 2021. Can this small app help Instagram to achieve that big dream? We will reveal that for you in the content below.

Instagram Lite.jpg

What is Instagram Lite & How to Use it?

Instagram Lite is a simplified version of Instagram and designated to bring IG to more people in this world. It only has basic features like publishing posts, stories, videos, and using Direct Messages. And the merits of this app are that its package only requires 2 MB to download and the promise of less data usage, compared to the Instagram app’s 30MB storage, more data usage as well as better network connectivity. But you may wonder is this practical to use Instagram with an excellent experience? So, let’s just see how to use this app.

1. You need to download this app from Google Play which available in 170 countries. If you are excluded from those counties, you can just download Instagram Lite APK from Google.

2. Install it with Google Play or manually.

3. Open the app directly and start to use it.  

 How to Use Instagram Lite - Step 3.png

It seems like that this app does not adapt to some Android devices for all the screen shots of it in this blog have a blank part where display nothing. The picture below is an example.

 How to Use Instagram Lite - Bug.png

Remember to allow your browser to install apps if you are using the APK version of Instagram Lite.

Here are some strengths and drawbacks of Instagram Lite and you can check whether these advantages could attract you.

  • √ Only 2 MB package

  • √ Works on 2G network

  • √ Less data usage

  • √ Fast to open

  • × Limited features

  • × Website-like experience

  • × Every action requires loading

  • × Adaption issues for some devices

What is the Difference Between Instagram and Instagram Lite?

The difference between Instagram and Instagram lite can be checked in the chart below.

Instagram app

Instagram Lite app




Countries   Availability




iOS & Android


Data Usage

Relatively High

Relatively Low

Loading Speed



Complete Messages Feature

Just simplified inbox

Insights   & Promotions




AR filters   & Animation


This comparison is based on the Instagram Lite_v249. Instagram would update this app at any time and the differences mentioned above may change.

FAQs about Instagram Lite

Since users have so many questions about Instagram lite, this blog prepares 5 FAQs of it.

1. Is Instagram lite good?

This may vary according to your device, network condition, and data plan, etc. If your device has little storage for the Instagram app, Instagram Lite is a good choice. The same goes for those people whose network condition is poor and scant data plan.

2. Does Instagram lite use less data?

Yes. Instagram Lite has less animation, effects, etc. It can save your data.

3. Is Instagram lite safe?

Instagram Lite is safe to use if you acquire it from Google Play for being developed by Instagram and checked by Google Play.

4. Why Instagram lite is not available in India?

Instagram Lite is available in India. You may need to look it up in Google Play.

5. Where is Instagram lite available?

It is available on Google Play in 170 countries.

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 How to Use Instagram Followers App Lite  - Step 2.png

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The Bottom Line

That’s all the content about Instagram Lite and Instagram followers app lite for you. Instagram Lite as an entry-level app for Instagram users is still a good choice to try, especially for users who have a device with little storage or in a poor network condition. Last, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita lite is worthwhile to be mentioned here again for you. Its excellent Instagram followers and likes services deserve your choice. Do not hesitate anymore, download this Instagram follower app now.

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