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Best 8 Instagram Line Break Generators: Online Generators/Apps Recommended

Top 8 best Instagram line break generators are recommended here. You can add line breaks to your Instagram post or bio easily with online tools or easy-to-use Instagram line break generator apps.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cracy

No matter what you are going to post on Instagram, it is inevitably to write something long in a story or bio sometimes to express yourself in detail. Then, are words powerful enough to make yourself easily understood? Of course not. Adding line breaks is essential to keep your Instagram content formatted and grow your audience, to some extent. But Instagram has no built-in line break generator itself. How to fix that? Here in this article, you are going to find the best answers to where to find an Instagram line break generator to do your work well, what a line break is, and why it is so important. 

Instagram Line Break Generator

What is an Instagram Line Break & Its Usage

Simply put, Instagram line break is space between paragraphs to make any content clean and organized. When there are too many words included in your Instagram post, bio or comment, it is time to use line breaks to make your writing clear so as to arouse the attention of viewers. But unfortunately, Instagram cannot add line breaks itself. Without a built-in Instagram line break generator, you have to use symbols, emojis, dashes or periods instead to create line breaks. It is time-consuming and the effect is not always good. In order to fix this problem, try to find some free tools to do that. Subsequently, 5 online websites and 3 Instagram line break generator apps will be introduced for you to put line breaks properly and fast.

Preview the Effect created by an Instagram Line Break Generator

5 Online Instagram Line Break Generators: Free & Convenient

Without installing any software, you are able to add line breaks to your posts and bios conveniently. Just type your words on some online websites, add space or other effects you want, and paste them to your Instagram directly. Then, all the words and formats will be saved and displayed exactly. Now, come to the details of the 5 free online Instagram line break generators and choose one you like best.

Have you ever heard of this online Instagram line breaker generator? allows you to add as many line breaks as possible when you are typing something, and there is no word limit. You can use two options to make your text bold and italic, respectively. Once it is finished, just click the button ‘Convert (& copy to clipboard)’ and paste the content into Instagram. Then, your Instagram post or bio will be clean and beautiful.

apps4lifehost - a Good Online Instagram Line Break Generator

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This is another online Instagram line break generator you can easily access. It is free and convenient to use, but there are no bolding or italicizing features available. In order to create line breaks in your text, you need to write something in Instagram first and add line breaks. Then, paste it to this online Instagram line breaker generator, hit the ‘Generate & Copy Caption’ button, and paste it in Instagram.

Instagram Line Breaker Generator Online

How about this online Instagram line break generator? It is an excellent choice except for its word limit up to 2200 characters. You can paste or type something in this tool, and format it using the four options of ‘Bold’, ‘Itallics’, ‘Cursive’, and ‘DoubleStruck’ besides adding line breaks. After that, just tap ‘Copy’ to publish the content on Instagram, or click ‘Clear’ to erase the words and formats to enter new information. 

Textspacer Is a Versatile Instagram Line Break Generator

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Another simple and easy-to-use Instagram line break generator is seekmetrics. Type something you want to say, or paste a ready-made post here. Then, bolden or italicize the words in the box using the corresponding options. But you can only use either of them instead of both. So, if you want to arouse the attention of viewers, make some of the text bold, and some of it italic based on your needs. At last, hit the button ‘Copy to clipboard’. 

Seekmetrics Instagram Line Break Generator

The last online website for you to add line breaks, spacing, breaks, tabs and indentations is YayText. How to use this Instagram line break generator? Type anything in the box of ‘Your Text’, edit your paragraphs free and paste them to anywhere like Facebook posts, Instagram bios, tweets, etc. With a green interface and multiple free tools, this line break creator is worth your attention very much.

Highly Recommend This Instagram Line Break Generator

Are you hooked on any of the online Instagram line break generators introduced. Choose one if there is, continue to read if you desire more. 

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3 Instagram Line Break Generators Apps: Easy-to-Use

Subsequently, 3 Instagram line break generator apps will come to your sight. Compare them carefully and pick out the best tool.


This is an easy-to-use line break creator for Instagram which has a convenient editor full of colorful emojis and images. Aside from that, there are also other functionalities.

  • Available on Google Play and Apple Store

  • Offer 10 interface languages like English, Russian, Japanese, etc.

  • Allow you to add line breaks to an IG bio and post easily

  • Insert special symbols and smiles automatically

InstaSpace - Instagram Line Break Generator App


Another Instagram line break generator app available on iPhone and Android is GameSpacer. It is easy to operate and have the features below.

  • Accessible in Apple Store and Google Play

  • Provide 60+ custom fonts workable on Instagram

  • Add line breaks to your IG comments, captions and bio

  • Allow you to schedule stories and posts automatically

  • Free to use for up to 2 weeks

Instagram Line Break Generator -GramSpacer

IG Caption Maker

Compared with the last two apps, this Instagram line break generator is only compatible with Android, but it is still helpful to keep your posts formatted.

  • Accessible in Google Play

  • Add-supported and virus-free

  • Add breaks to Instagram posts and bios fast

How about such 3 Instagram line break apps? Which one do you like best? Make a decision based on your preference.

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