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10 Instagram Likes Tricks to 1000 Likes Per Post in 2022

Want to get 1000 likes per post on Instagram? This article will introduce the 10 best Instagram likes tricks to help you achieve your goal.

Updated 2022-05-07 09:49:30 | by Kevin

Instagram likes not only define how successful your Instagram profile is, but also play a pivotal role in growing your account. Why is that? Because the more likes you get, the better chance you have to get even more likes. That’s how the Instagram algorithm works.

Whether you want to kickstart IG growth or have been running your Instagram for a while, it’s important to increase as many likes as you can. So is there any Instagram likes trick to get more likes on Instagram? The answer is positive.

 Best 10 Instagram Likes Tricks

This article will introduce the 10 best Instagram tricks that can help you grow likes on Instagram successfully. Just make sure to continue reading!

1st. Create High-Quality Content

As the phrase puts it, “Content is King.” In other words, your content remains the most important Instagram likes trick to increase engagements of all kinds on Instagram. So you might need to create content that is high quality in all aspects. Given Instagram is aesthetic-oriented, the first and foremost thing is to make sure your image is appealing enough.

You can use the best camera for Instagram, for instance, a DSLR to take photos with high-resolution quality. In addition, you might want to make sure your images meet the aspect ratio on Instagram. Any image wider than 1080 pixels will be compressed, and you’ll lose details. If you post images smaller than 320 pixels then they will be enlarged, causing blurriness.

2nd. Optimize Hashtags Strategy

Proper hashtags are the most effective Instagram free likes trick that can help you not only get more likes but also reach a broader audience. Are you using the best Instagram hashtags for likes? You can optimize your hashtags strategy by checking the performance on Instagram analytic tools.

Generally speaking, your hashtags should be highly relevant to your content and potential audiences, so your post can be found by more people and get more likes. If you don't know where to begin, you may resort to an Instagram hashtags app, which can provide you with tons of trending hashtags for Instagram likes.

3rd. Run Contest with Giveaways

We all like giveaways, that’s why a contest is the fastest way to get organic likes on Instagram. You can run a like-to-win contest with amazing prizes and set the entry requirements that people have to like your posts, follow your account, and you can surely receive a lot of engagement afterward.

You can set as many entry requirements as you want, for instance, you can ask people to tag a friend or share your post on other social media to broaden your reach. But please make sure the entry barriers are simple enough, so people won’t be bothered to enter your contest.

4th. Use Free Instagram Likes App

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Instagram Likes Tricks Use GetInsta

5th. Partnership with Influencers

Collaboration is the key to success and this is also a useful Instagram trick to get likes. A successful partnership with another influencer who has a large following can instantly boost your Instagram profile and increase engagement. In addition, you can leverage your follower base via collaboration with other influencers.

So how to make it? You may start with an evaluation of influencers by viewing Instagram profiles. Cross-check their content and shortlist those who share similar targeted audiences. It might be tricky at the beginning, but you can start building relationships by creating high-quality content.

6th. Embrace Memes/Trends

Instagram memes are surely the most practical Instagram free likes trick these days. Memes are widely used in social media because they help the audience relate to the situation and become part of an exclusive group that is privy to the joke.  

 Instagram Likes Tricks Embrace Memes

One of the most useful Instagram likes tricks is to identify and follow trends. If you are just getting started on Instagram, trends could be the simplest way to go viral. Trends could be anything, a certain song or a special joke. You can simply jump on the trends and have fun with the community.

7th. Post More Engaging Videos

Today, video content remains the most favored format and the most practical Instagram likes trick. Compared to images, people are more likely to engage with videos. Moreover, videos work perfectly with the Instagram algorithm because they capture longer attention.

You can try to post more videos than regular images. Once they drive engaging results, you will have a better chance to get pushed to the Explore page and hack a lot of likes by increasing the reach.

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8th. Post at the Right Time

If you post at the wrong time, you’ll have no likes and have a lower chance to get even more engagement. Why is that? Because Instagram shows your post to part of your followers when you post it, and if the post has a higher engagement than average then it’ll be pushed to more people.

So this is another helpful Instagram likes trick – post at the right time. You can look into your analytics tool and find out the pattern in the times of peak activity of your audience. Hence you know the best time to post on Instagram Reels to get more likes.

9th. Make a Consistent Content Calendar

A content calendar is not only a must-have social media marketing tool but also an Instagram likes trick. With an effective content calendar, you can have a regular frequency to keep your followers’ attention and increase more likes.

 Instagram Likes Tricks Use Content Calendar

But please avoid spamming your audiences by posting too much. If you don’t know how to better schedule your post and get more likes, check out these Instagram post schedulers to learn more!

10th. Get More Instagram Followers

Last but not least, getting more Instagram followers is an important Instagram likes trick often neglected by many people. If you have a large following base, you can receive a lot of likes when you share a post. The higher engagement you get at the time, the easier for you to get more likes.

So how to get Instagram followers fast? Try InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, a full-featured Instagram tool that can help you grow Instagram in all aspects. With InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, you can easily hack unlimited free Instagram followers with unlimited coins!


So which one is the best Instagram likes trick that can help you get more likes on Instagram? The answer is to use Instagram likes apps, which is the shortcut to boosting your Instagram successfully. Today it’s hard to increase likes on Instagram unless you are already famous. The best way to get more likes on Instagram is to have likes already. So why not try InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita? You can hack unlimited Instagram likes with it and grow even more likes easily!

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