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How to Increase Instagram Landing Page Views and Links Clicks on Instagram

Learn the basics of creating an Instagram landing page and how to promote it for conversion purposes. Use GetInsta to gain more followers.

Updated 2022-12-29 14:10:15 | by Albert

There are major social media platforms these days, and they include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of us have already figured out how to promote landing pages and link clicks on the first two but not the third. On Instagram, adding links to your profile is somewhat limited and making images and videos clickable is still impossible. So, Insta may be slow on your conversion, but it has more than 1 billion users. That gives you a reason to try the conversion on the platform as well.

Here, we will focus on an Instagram landing page for your account and the business as well. It’s all about increasing the views, clicks and boosting your page in the end.

How to Increase Instagram Landing Page Views and Links Clicks

What is Instagram Landing Page?

An Instagram landing page can be viewed as a webpage that uses persuasive words, benefits incurred, and maybe a video or picture to convert prospects and viewers into actual customers.

Instagram is known to be on mobile devices, bringing in the need to create mobile-friendly landing pages. The users will later experience the Instagram landing page views after clicking on a promotional link.

The Instagram landing page templates come from Facebook, which is now the parent company. They can incorporate post-clicks, headlines, and ad images. It’s a fast way to deploy your campaign and match messages, but you may want more since it's not comparable to design web pages that act as landing pages.

So, it’s still not a perfect way to talk to the visitors and address their wants but with the masses on the social platform, it’s still the pinch you need for better conversion.

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How to Increase Instagram Landing Page Views

As you look forward to building your Instagram landing page, there are a few tips that you can use to be on the right track. We have three of them here, and they involve the following:

Who Is Your Target Audience?

In everything that you do in business, the one thing you need to take care of is the audience you are addressing. You may have also heard that quality is better than quantity. So, what’s the point of having more than one million followers because you posted a Snoop Dogg photo?

What you should concentrate on is who you want to target with what you post. You may have a great buyer persona, but once it’s done, it’s a good thing to follow your targets and lure them with high-quality content that can aid in conversion.

It’s Not a One-Man-Band

Instagram is a social media platform which means you are not alone. So, as you create and promote your landing pages, you need connections, and they come from other Instagram users.

It’s a good idea to comment and like other brands and products that relate to your business. Next, you can link up to get the same effect from the Instagram landing page. Once you have done that, continue with the same method when reaching out to the influencers.

These are the people who can help you reach the audience you are targeting. Proceed to like what they do, comment, and contribute positively. If an influencer becomes your fan, that will be perfect for whatever you are promoting.

They will proceed to promote your products and services, and that’s how you reach new heights.

Try Out Different CTAs

What are you trying to reach out to when you make the Instagram landing page? The same question goes for the videos and pictures you post. You may want your followers to tag their friends, join your newsletter forum or give appropriate feedback.

Regardless of the objective, including a relevant CTA (Call-to-action) is crucial, and you can play around with it to see how the conversion goes. For example, you could run Instagram giveaways that earn you more followers but don’t convert to customers.

Call to Action on Instagram Landing Page

At such a point, you could try persuading them to sign up for the newsletters or invite other friends. As you keep testing, you will find out what works for you. It’s also okay to extend the testing to your profile URL.

You need to remember that Instagram doesn’t allow clickable photos or videos. So, when you add a link in Instagram bio, keep the link short and straightforward.

Instagram Landing Page Tools

You can spend a few hours or even days thinking of how you want to design your Instagram landing page. That is okay, but some tools can help you brainstorm faster and create the pages within a shorter time.

Let’s see the three tools that will help you create a desirable landing page for your Instagram conversions.


Shorby will help you create the Instagram landing page of your dreams, generate leads, and optimize your bio link. In addition, this tool has a feature that you would like to utilize – the SmartPage. 

Instagram Landing Page Tool - Shorby

It aids in creating the landing page you wish and embeds the links you need to promote. Once users click on your bio link on Insta, they are taken to the landing page, which has additional links and a gateway to more content on what you are offering.

It is possible to include your logo, phone number, email, business name, other social media links, and more. If you want to track the progress, then it’s possible by adding tracking pixels which will help in retargeting the customers on other platforms.


The Campsite is another tool you would like to utilize for Instagram landing page creations since it helps extract images from the social platform. The pages you create are user-friendly and mobile-oriented, and just like Shorby above, you can add more links.

Instagram Landing Page Tool - Campsite

More customization includes changing the font style and color to match your brand. On Campsite, you can attach links to the photos, unlike in Instagram. The best part about using it is the Canva integration.  


Tap.Bio is a mobile-optimized Instagram landing page creator that can help you transform a link into an Instagram story that blends with users’ wants. It’s excellent for those with a few followers looking forward to growth. Here, you can add links to stories until you hit the 10,000-follower mark.

The stories become cards that showcase your posts, and you can link to other social platforms. If you want to promote a website, it’s also possible to connect it externally.

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Bonus: Gain More Instagram Followers to View Your Instagram Landing Page

You have created the landing page you wanted, and now, it’s time to promote it. Getting followers by promoting your links and products in the ways we have discussed above is excellent, but it might also be slow.

So, we are introducing a way to get Instagram followers likes without undergoing a painstaking process. It’s GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita that allows you to get real likes and followers. All you need is to download the app and use it to log in or sign up for an Insta account.

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It has useful features which include the following:

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The points above give you enough reason to use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to promote the Instagram landing pages and posts. Here are detailed steps on how you can make good use of it:

How to Use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to Gain More Followers?

Step 1: Download the application on your Android/iOS device or Windows PC. After installation, sign in or sign up. It’s also possible to add more accounts.

Step 2: Once you join, you get free coins instantly. To earn more, complete tasks such as liking posts and following other accounts.

Step 3: Once you earn enough coins, use them to get likes and followers.

Get Free Instagram Followers with Likes - GetInsta

The Bottom Line

An Instagram landing page will help you create more conversions for your products and the brand too. The points we have discussed above will help you create a user-friendly landing page that users can adhere to and follow in return.

For quicker progress, it’s a good idea to involve an app like GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to help you promote the landing pages and gain more followers in the end. It’s free to use, and that’s why many are joining the wagon. So, why shouldn’t you? 

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