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Instagram Highlight Reel: Highlight Story to Make Instagram Reel Views Increase

Want to increase your Instagram reels views? Then you shouldn't miss this blog about using highlight reel for more Instagram reels views.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Kevin

Instagram highlight reel, this tool can help your Instagram reels views increase and promote your homepage for better impression. So, you might wonder what is Instagram highlight reel? The following content would answer that question and show you how to use it for free Instagram reels views. Just keep reading this page. If you have already known what is Instagram highlight reel, you could check part 3 for methods about Instagram Reels views hack by using Instagram highlight reel to its full extent.

What is Instagram Highlight Reel?

The Instagram highlight reel is a reel above your posts and below your profile, as shown in the picture below. It is a reel for highlighting your Instagram stories. Your Instagram stories could be set as highlights and displayed at the top of your homepage.

What Is Instagram Highlight Reel.PNG

Distinctive Instagram highlights covers and descriptions could be edited by yourself for more Instagram story views. So, let us take a look at some outstanding highlight reels below first. Have you found their similarities? These highlight reels all have eye-catching colors, delicate designs, and appropriate descriptions. Instagram highlight reel with a brilliant design would help your account form a nice impression for viewers. They also tend to watch ins stories with attractive covers. Then your stories views would increase instantly.

What Is Instagram Highlight Reel - Samples.png

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How Can Instagram Highlight Reel Help You

Instagram story viewers is an important factor for judging an Instagram account, and how to increase it becomes an issue many users concern about. The following content would show you a brand-new way about getting free Instagram reels auto views and hacking more followers.

Instagram Highlight Reel Helps You Get a Good Impression

Visitors would notice your highlights at the first sight of your homepage and touch these stories with round bars more easily. A nice first impression is vital for viewers. They would decide to follow you or not in a few seconds after scanning your homepage. So, Instagram highlight reel with the eye-catching design would gain more focus and a nice impression from visitors.

 Instagram Highlight Reel Helps You Get More Views on Reels

Your Instagram story would get more views by using Instagram highlight reel. Instagram highlight reel could involve unlimited stories, so there are more chances of visitors viewing your content consistently. More views symbolize more traffic and more chances of exposure to more people. You can inspect the performance of highlights at any time and conclude the results for the next post. If you want more detailed performance of stories on the reel, you could upgrade your account to a professional Instagram account. You can create great highlight reels like those above too, just keep reading the following guide.

How Can Instagram Highlight Reel Help You.png

Instagram Highlight Reel Helps You Get More Followers and Likes

As mentioned above, more story views symbolize more traffic and more chances of exposure to people who are not your followers, that is, potential targeted followers. So, it not only brings you more ins story views but would finally lead to more followers and likes to your account indirectly.

How to Create an Excellent Instagram Highlight Reel

To use Instagram highlight reel, you need to post Instagram story first, then add story or stories to Instagram highlight reel. Your stories could be placed at the Instagram highlight reel for the chances of being exposed to more people and get more views. The steps are shown in the picture below.

Step 1. Find highlight reel on your homepage.

Step 2. Tap the “New” bottom with a “plus” mark.

How to Create an Excellent Instagram Highlight Reel – Step 2.png

Step 3. Choose a story or stories that you want to display. The Instagram highlights icons and descriptions could be edited by yourself.

How to Create an Excellent Instagram Highlight Reel – Step 3.png

Step 4. Publish the Highlight. Then your stories would be displayed on the highlight reel as shown in the picture below when other people visit your homepage.

How to Create an Excellent Instagram Highlight Reel – Step 4.png

Instagram highlight reel could involve countless highlights or Instagram stories. You can edit as many highlights as you can. And the highlights still could be edited after upload. While there is still a faster way to boost Instagram Reels views, check the content below: 

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A Faster Way to Make Instagram Reels Views Increase

An Instagram highlight reel with a delicate design could help you make Instagram reel views increase as well as more followers and likes. But an excellent highlight reel needs some time and effort to create, which might be not so easy. 

There is a more direct and effortless way for you to get Instagram reels views free. That is GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. This powerful software could help you hack Instagram followers and likes without following anybody, which can improve your Instagram reel views instantly. So, just download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita immediately and start to get more free Instagram reel views.

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Here is how you can use this Instagram reels auto liker:

Step 1. Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. Android or iOS version is also available.

Step 2. Log in or sign up and add an Instagram username.

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The Bottom Line

After reading all the content above, you now must know what is Instagram highlight reel and how to use it well. The Instagram highlight reel is great to get more reel views and focus. Just try to apply it to your homepage.

If you want a more direct and instant increase of Instargam reel views and followers, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is more appropriate for you. After all, a well-designed highlight reel takes some time to accomplish. You can get free followers and like from this software instantly and conveniently. Just try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and start to increase Instagram reel views and followers right now.

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