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Instagram Hides Likes in 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Instagram is still testing the feature of hiding the total numbers of likes and video views for some people globally. Here is your take regarding Instagram hiding likes.

Updated 2021-08-25 07:28:18 | by Cody

Instagram started testing private like counts globally late last year. If you are in the test, you will not be able to see the total number of likes and views of the posts on your Feed except your own.

How to view Instagram hidden likes if you are in the test? Why will Instagram hide like counts? How does it affect you? Here is everything you need to know.

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Why Would Instagram Hike Like Counts?

On July 18th, 2019, some users who have opened their Instagram apps in recent days will notice the difference on the popular social media site. The number of likes that are normally displayed on a user's post will no longer be visible. Instagram started the test to hide likes to reduce competitive pressure on the platform. 

Instagram says the reason for the update and testing is that users are focusing on interacting with the app, not on likes.  Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said that users in seven countries could not see what likes other users' pictures had received or how often other people's videos had been viewed.

In November, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the social media platform would begin hiding the number of "likes" in posts. Mosseri added that the move was in an effort to improve the emotional and mental health of Instagram users.      

Hide Instagarm Likes Notice

Warm Note: In order to reduce competitive pressure on Instagram, this platform has tried to test the feature of hiding like counts. But if you want to get more likes to avoid such embarrassment, it is necessary to get more free Instagram followers on Instagram now. By this way, you can also get more likes on Instagram.

But if you just want to see hidden likes on Instagram, then check the following to know more!

What Does It Mean to You?

Likes will be private now, but you can still see how many likes your post has received, and you know you like it.     

Posts on Instagram are accompanied by the expectation that likes from friends and strangers will come when they come. When you're in the test, you can see all the photos and videos you post to your feed, even if they're your own.  

It is important to note that likes will not disappear completely, but will be hidden from your followers, but users will still be able to share their likes and How many likes they got with just a few tap steps. Users can still see the total number of likes on a post, as well as the number of how many likes they have received on that post - but their followers won't know about it.

The test has now been extended to the whole world, including India, and as a test it prevents people from seeing the same contributions from other people. Instagram has hidden the number of likes on her posts from her friends and family in recent months.         

The most important thing I try to learn is how it affects people's feelings, and it will probably affect whether people engage with my posts or not. The platform's management hopes that more users will regularly post and publish what they really want to share without worrying about how their content will be received and ranked among popular posts, so I probably like it a little less. By bringing back the ability to post what you like without negatively impacting the publicly displayed engagement value, Instagram is changing the way users view likes. I'll post a bit more, but it will probably affect me that people don't engage me as much as I would have if I had posted it.

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How to See Hidden Likes on Instagram? 

You'll still be able to see how many likes you've gotten on your own Instagram posts, even if your followers can't. You can still see the total number of likes on a post, as well as how many likes they've received on that post - but your followers won't know about it. Even so, it's still a way to judge how successful your posts are compared to others, not just the total number of likes.  

Instagram Hide Likes

If you're not really busy, you can manually count the likes and views you get from friends of your post. Everyone can click on the other to see the names of the people who liked the post, but there is no way to measure likes because the exact number of likes is private and can only be seen by the user. In Instagram's global test, which included more than 1.5 million users in the US, there was no difference in how many likes a post received.    

After the test, Instagram plans to remove the total number of likes from photos and videos that appear in the main feed or on the permalink page of your profile. Note, however, that this does not apply to your own posts, so you still have the option to see how many people have been engaged with the content you have shared on your own profile. As it is a test and the photos or videos you post are put into the feed, you cannot see them alone.     

Only your account users can see the number of Instagram likes your posts receive, and they will no longer show the exact number of people who liked your post. They will show you a few names that liked the photo, as they do now, but not the total number.

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