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#2021 Perfect Guide to Trending Instagram Hashtags for Followers [100K]

Looking for trending Instagram hashtags for followers? Check this guide, you’ll learn how to find and use the best hashtags for followers on Instagram in 2021!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Hedy

What are Instagram hashtags? An Instagram hashtag is a singular word or a series of words, which is marked with a hash symbol(#). The main purpose of hashtags is to help Instagram organize and categorize the content. Now, lots of brands look for the best hashtags for Instagram to get followers. According to the survey on Instagram, 88% 0f brand posts include at least one hashtag, and posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without.

 Instagram Hashtags for Followers

Keep reading, we will show you a perfect guide on how to find and use trending Instagram hashtags for followers easily! And, of course, it's also possible to get followers without hashtags – there’s a reliable way at the bottom of this article, for your viewing pleasure.

Part 1: How Instagram Hashtags for Followers Work

Before learning how to use the best Instagram hashtags for followers, let’s find how Instagram hashtags work first! Hashtags can be attached to your posts and stories on Instagram and become clickable topics. When people click on a hashtag, they will be taken to its discovery feed, which displays all public content related to it. People usually click or search for hashtags they are interested in as a way to find content on Instagram.

Part 2: Why Use Instagram Hashtags for Followers

It doesn't make sense to be followed by someone whose interests are completely different from yours. By using appropriate Instagram hashtags, you can let people who are interested in the same topic see your posts. If they like your post, they are likely to follow you, hoping to see more content on the same topic.

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Part 3: How to Find the Best Hashtags for Followers on Instagram

After learning how hashtags work and the importance of hashtags, there will be 2 kinds of ways to find the best hashtags for followers on Instagram in this part. The best Instagram hashtags can help you extend your reach, engage your followers, and boost your brand. Come learn and save the following methods!

1. Use Hashtag search

People always love simple and fast methods to improve efficiency. Thus, hashtag search tools appear. To help you identify trending Instagram hashtags for followers. A reliable hashtag search tool is essential because it can provide you with detailed feedback on specific hashtags that other tools cannot provide. 

 Best Hashtags for Instagram to Get Followers

Regardless of if you’re using Instagram as a personal profile or a marketing place, multi hashtag search tools will make finding the best hashtags very efficient. So, here we recommend you the best 3 Instagram hashtag search tools and their features for you. Each tool following is feasible and you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

  • Keyword Tool: You can get hashtags in many different languages and easily select the one you want.

  • Tags Finder: Filtering option for different hashtags that is customizable as well.

  • Hashtagify: There are options to explore and compare hashtags and hot trends for increased efficiency.

2. Some conventional methods

In addition to the above methods of using search tools, you can also take some conventional methods to find the best hashtags. Actually, what you should use is the most appropriate hashtags instead of the most popular Instagram hashtags. The main reason for using hashtags on Instagram is to increase the chances of people accessing our content - but we always want to think about who is the real "right" person we want to attract. So, here are 3 tips to find the best hashtags for you.

  • Research your audience: Find what your audience is interested in, and find the hashtags and content they are searching for.

  • Research your competitors: Find the Instagram hashtags used by your competitors and you will be able to understand which hashtags provide the most engagement.

  • Research Instagram Influencers: Find the hashtags used by top influencers related to your brand and the level of engagement they get in their posts.

Part 4: How to Use the Best Hashtags for Followers on Instagram

With finding out the best Instagram hashtags for followers you should use, let’s talk about how to put your hashtag strategy into action. We will show you 3 reliable ways to use the best Instagram hashtags for followers.

1. Match your hashtags to your content

As we mentioned before, the hashtags you use should be related to the content you post. This seems obvious, but it is worth repeating. Irrelevant hashtags and content will only make the audience unable to understand, and will not resonate with them, let alone make them your followers.

2. Include hashtags in your first comment

In order to locate more hashtags without crowding the headlines, brands usually include their hashtags in the first comment of their posts.

Best Hashtags for Followers on Instagram

3. Jump on trending topics

Using hashtags that are popular recently is an effective way to gain followers. Hashtags that keep pace with the times will make your posts more likely to be exposed and attract the attention of the audience.

Part 5: Top Instagram Hashtags for Followers in 2021

1. #love

2. #instagood

3. #photooftheday

4. #fashion

5. #beautiful

6. #happy

7. #cute

8. #tbt

9. #like4like

10. #followme

11. #picoftheday

12. #follow

13. #me

14. #selfie

15. #summer

16. #art

17. #instadaily

18. #friends

19. #repost

20. #nature

21. #girl

22. #fun

23. #style

24. #smile

25. #food

26. #instalike

27. #likeforlike

28. #family

29. #travel

30. #fitness

31. #igers

32. #tagsforlikes

33. #follow4follow

34. #nofilter

35. #life

36. #beauty

37. #amazing

38. #instamood

39. #instagram

40. #photography

Part 6: Bonus Tip: How to Get Instagram Followers without Hashtags

All the hashtag topics we discussed above are to get more Instagram followers. Compared to spending a lot of time looking for hashtags and using them, here is an easier and faster way to get a large number of followers.

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Bottom Line:

That’s all for this perfect guide to Instagram hashtags for followers. When it’s time to publish Instagram posts, you can find the best Instagram hashtags and use them for more followers and likes. Besides, If you want to spend less time getting IG followers, you can try out GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsitato hack 300 Instagram followers instantly!

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