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4 Best Instagram Giveaway Picker to Pick Random Winners Free

Instagram giveaway picker is a giveaway tool to pick winners. There are 4 pickers, which are totally free & safe and can pick a random winner successfully.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Instagram has become one main platform for boosting business. Instagram users run Instagram accounts to attract more Instagram followers, and they regard these followers as their potential customers. Also, they often do some interactions with followers to stimulate their consumption.

One common activity on Instagram to boost followers' interaction is holding Instagram giveaways, you can pick some of them from your comments to give the rewards. However, if there are many Instagram comments, you don't know how to pick winners among them. At this time, you can use Instagram giveaway picker. In this article, there are 4 best Instagram giveaway pickers, you can select one of them to have a try, 100% free and safe.

Some Reasons Why Use Instagram Giveaway Picker

Instagram giveaway picker is one kind of tool that can help you pick winners from lots of Instagram comments while doing giveaway activities. Some of you may think it is unnecessary to use an IG giveaway picker, in fact, there are some reasons to prove why you should use an Instagram giveaway picker.

Pick Giveaway Winners Quickly & Efficiently. If you have a few Instagram followers, doing giveaways and picking winners is so easy and convenient. But, if you have many Instagram followers, it will spend lots of time picking Instagram giveaway winners. So choose one giveaway picker can save you much time and let you pick winners quickly and efficiently.

Pick Winners Fairly to Establish a Better Relationship with your followers. Some Instagram business accounts often do Instagram giveaways to keep a good relationship with followers (potential customers). But if they pick winners manually and randomly, you may be driven by your impressions and feelings, and pick one with who you are familiar, which is not fair, also, your followers may doubt the results. But if you use IG giveaway picker, you can show the process of picking to your followers and leave a reliable impression to your followers, which is beneficial for you to hack Instagram followers 10k free.

Wask - Best Free Instagram Giveaway Picker to Pick Winners

Instagram Giveaway Picker

Wask is one of the best free Instagram giveaway picker. Although it is focused on Instagram ads management or other functions, its free tools of Insta giveaway picker function is highly preferred by Instagram users. With Wask, you can pick winners from your lots of Instagram comments automatically, you just need to open Wask official website, and then you can find the winner among your Instagram comments online. Besides, this picker is totally free, which means you can use it for $0 costs.


100% Free. You can use this Instagram giveaway picker totally free, it is different from some websites which need to spend money.

Fair & Efficient. Wask can pick the winner fairly and Efficiently. This tool is a little bit like an Instagram comment picker.

Safe & Privacy. Wask has a professional development team, and there is no virus and malware while using. Also, it won't leak your Instagram account information, 100% protection.

How to use it step by step?

1. Enter the ‘Wask’ official website.

2. Enter the URL of the Instagram post which you want to pick winners.

3. Choose the number of minimum mentions and the number of winners.

4. Pick the winner of your Instagram giveaway activities.

AppSorteos - Online Instagram Giveaway Picker ( Multiple Functions) 

Instagram Giveaway Picker Free

AppSorteos is one giveaway picker that supports multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok. With AppSorteos, you can do lots of giveaways on different platforms. Except for picking giveaway winners, AppSorteos can also help you create Instagram giveaways, which is more convenient for you to know how to run Instagram giveaway. Also, you just need 3 easy steps to find the winner.


Fast & Fair Giveaway Picker. AppSorteos has a fair and random system, it can pick the winners from your Instagram comments automatically. Also, it is fast to pick out the winner among lots of Instagram comments.

Free & Paid. According to a different number of Instagram comments, AppSorteos provides users free & paid services. If the number of comments is below 750, you can use it free, but if the number of comments is up to 750, there will be charges according to a different number of comments.

Multiple Functions. AppSorteos is not only for Instagram users but also is for other social media platforms. Except for social media giveaways, it can also support normal giveaway activities to pick winners.

How to pick a giveaway winner on Instagram with AppSorteos step by step?

1. Enter AppSorteo's official website, connect with your Instagram or enter the URL of your Instagram posts.

2. Add AppSorteos extension to your google chrome, click 'Start'.

3. Set some requirements and then click ' Start'

4. You will see the winners in a few seconds.

Simpliers - Professional & Fair Instagram Giveaway Picker

Best Instagram Giveaway Picker

Simpliers is an Instagram giveaway comment picker, which can pick the winner in a fair and professional way. As you can see from the name 'Simpliers', you can know it has a simple design and easy to use. Of course, it is true after using Simpliers. Simpliers is not only used for Instagram but also can be used on YouTube. With Simpliers, you can pick giveaway winners really from all comments.


Easy to use. Simpliers is easy to use, you just need to put the URL of your posts to the search bar, you can get the results in seconds.

Free & Riskless. Simpliers won't leak your Instagram account information, it is 100% protection for your privacy. Also, you don't need to spend any money, it has free trials, you will have 3 free times for each post which the number of comments is less than 300.

24/7 Customer Supports. Simpliers has 24/7 customer supports, if you have any questions, you can contact customer service, they will give you a satisfying answer in 24 hours.

How to use it step by step?

1.Go to Simpliers official website.

2.Paste the link of your Instagram posts to the search bar.

3.Make contest settings, and click 'Get Comments'.

4.Pick the winner of your Instagram giveaway.

Comment Picker - Giveaway Picker for Instagram & Facebook

Comment Picker is one of the best Instagram giveaway picker, it can be used only for Instagram business accounts, which shows its profession. You can connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page. With Comment Picker, you don't need to sign up or create a new account, all you need to do is to log in with your Facebook and then connect your Instagram account to your Facebook. Besides, it is totally free, you don't have to spend much more money. With Comment Picker, you will give a fair result to your Instagram followers, which can be largely beneficial for increasing Instagram engagement.


5 Instagram Giveaway Options. There are 5 Instagram giveaway options for you, you can set before picking the winner. For example, if you want to pick someone who replies to the comment, you can choose 'include comment replies'. In this way, you can filter some low-quality comments

100% Free Without Limits. You can use Comment Picker without limits, it is totally free whatever the number of Instagram comment is.

Professional Instagram business account giveaway winner picker. Comment Picker is designed for the Instagram business account, and it is not suitable for an Instagram personal account.

Safe & Privacy. Comment Picker doesn't need you to create a new account or sign in with your emails. Also, based on the professional development team of Comment Picker, your private information won't be leaked, and they protect all your information, 100% safe.

How to use it step by step?

1. Login with your Facebook account which must be connected to your Instagram business account.

2. Select your Instagram post that you want to pick the giveaway winner. Editing some options that you need.

3. Click 'Get Comment' to pick the winner of the Instagram giveaway.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, there are 4 Instagram giveaway pickers for you, you can select one of them you like to pick the winner. Also, getting enough Instagram followers is one main factor of succeeding in Instagram giveaway activities. Just use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to hack enough Insta followers and then use an Instagram giveaway picker to pick the winner from your comments fairly and automatically!

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