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Use Instagram Games to Increase Followers: Practical & Resultful

Check this passage and you will find out how to use Instagram games to make a radical change to your Instagram followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Dale

Instagram Games have taken off in recent years, especially during the epidemic lockdown. It has become the most entertaining interaction among friends. Have you ever joined Instagram Games started by your friends? Or, have you ever started your own creative Instagram games to play with followers? How did it work? Did it help you increased your Instagram followers? If you want to know how to design better Instagram games for followers, just keep reading to find out all the secrets you need to know about how to use Instagram Games to get followers.

Instagram Games

What Are & Why Should Play Instagram Games

Instagram Games are not additional software or App developed by Instagram nor a game system built into Instagram, but a kind of interaction or challenge created and participated by Instagram users spontaneously.

You can get involved in a variety of ways, which can be as simple as initiating a certain activity and nominating several friends to play together, or completing various interesting game challenges through searching filters on Instagram.

We all know that playing Instagram games are quite enjoyable, but what else can it offer us?  First of all, playing Instagram games with your friends can create a sense of intimacy and trust when you're doing the same thing, and enhance your friendship during the process.

While for most Instagram games creator, they create Instagram games to get followers. Instagram games are very useful for building a brand and improving awareness.

Some Interesting Ideas of Instagram Games  

In an attempt to keep engaged during the epidemic quarantine, in which people were locked up in their houses with nothing to do, a lot of new and interesting Instagram games came out. Let’s take a look! 

Between Art and Quarantine Challenge

With museums and galleries closed during the outbreak, some art lovers have come up with a creative way to keep busy: recreating famous works of art at home. All you need is a few common items around your house and creativity. This picture is from the “Between Art and Quarantine” Instagram page (“Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine” in Dutch)

Instagram Followers Game

Quarantine Pillow Challenge

This is an Instagram Challenge created by a Sweden girl Firo. The rule is to use pillows, or any bedding from your home, plus a belt to create a new dress. Participants need to use their ingenuity to make it a very delicate dress, which can not only fill the time, but also display their clothing accessories, their figures, and their homes by the way.

Instagram Games to Play with Followers

This or That

This is a fun interactive Instagram followers game idea. Pick a topic and encourage your followers to reshare it to their stories with their choices circled or underlined. There are many other word games of this type, for example, Bingo, Favorites, Truths and a lie, etc.

Game for Instagram Followers

Flying Face

Flying Face is an AR mobile game developed by Instagram user dvoshanksky. Users can control the bird by blinking. How well you do depends on the frequency of your blinking. Blinking at a controlled pace will help the bird to go through the green pillars. But lose that momentum, and your bird will drop to the ground, or hit a pipe. It allows a maximum of two players to take the challenge. And there are a lot more such fun Instagram game filters you can try at home like Motorbike Runner, Blink to Jump, Draw in 5 Seconds and so on.

Instagram Games for Followers

Except for the last category, which requires some technical support to develop and design, all of the above are purely rely on the user’s creativity. They are interesting, right? You may wonder that why can't I come up with such funny games? Don't worry, here are my answers.

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6 Tips for You to Create Brilliant Instagram Games  

Plan games that are easy to implement

Instagram Games shouldn't be too hard to participate, because the only reason people want to join the game or challenge is for fun, not really to challenge themselves.

Make each participant unique

You’d better make every participant distinct through your game. All games are about expression and presentation. How to encourage your followers’ personal expression is what you should pay special attention to.

Either funny or meaningful

Make your game as fun as possible, and if you can’t, make it meaningful. There’s a 5 km running challenge hold on Instagram to raise money for the NHS. The “Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5” challenge calls on people to walk or run 5 km, donate £5 to the NHS, and tag five friends to do likewise. It spreading faster than any viral charity campaign since ice-buckets flooded Facebook in 2014 to raise awareness of motor neuron disease. This example shows us that except for being playful, you can also make your Instagram games meaningful.

Leave your brand name

If you are a brand and want to improve your brand awareness with interesting Instagram games, be sure to watermark your brand name or logo on the poster, so that every participant can know and remember who started this game.

Set an Instagram giveaway

You can give your followers some material incentives. Using products, cash, coupons and other lucky draws to entice your followers to participate in your Instagram games. Besides, running an Instagram giveaway with a high winning rate marked out can also promote followers' interest in participating.

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The bottom line

That's all you need to know about Instagram games to play with followers. With the increasing number of entertainment options available today, Instagram Games are so unique for it standing right between the virtual and real life, so, making sure to take full advantage of its propagation force on the Internet! When you start your creation from the tips I mentioned above, combined with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to increase your fans on Instagram for a wilder spread of your games, and make the most of your creativity, then you can surely create influential games for Instagram followers. And widespread Instagram games will certainly bring a radical change to your followers’ condition!

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