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Top 7 Instagram Font Styles to Create an Elite IG Feed

Get the best fonts to use on Instagram. Your Instagram font style is now defined by GetInsta, where you get the best fonts and boost your Insta account.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kelly

Apart from uploading that photo or video on Instagram, you want to write a stylish caption from what it says to how it looks. The same also happens to Instagram stories. The font you choose can make or break you, and that’s why it’s crucial to match your intentions with the bigger picture.

The Best Instagram Font Styles for an Elite IG Feed

If you want a cool Instagram font style, you may have to dig deeper than what Instagram presents. But, on the other hand, what you can use for a casual post will not suit those advertising products.

We hope you will indulge in some design lessons, but in the meantime, we have the top seven Instagram font style categories that you can peruse. You will also encounter what people use to give you the most fabulous captions with an admirable font.

7 Best Instagram Font Styles That You Should Use Immediately

Unless you have performed an Instagram font style change, the default font is Neue Helvetica. That is what you get in the comments and captions. The main font is Systems Roboto for Android users, while headlines and texts in prose form take the Freight Sans.

You can change the font vis the Stories section, which is the only place that gives you various choices. However, the Instagram font style of choice may not be there, bringing in the need to search for more.

7 Best Instagram Font Styles That You Should Use Immediately

Let’s look at seven categories where you can get multiple fonts for about anything you would like to post on Instagram.


This is where you get a mixture of everything from the standard fonts to those deploying style and current trends. The category carries italicized ones, calligraphy, boxed types, and more. Sticking with popular ones will make you trendy, and you can also choose a formal font where the need arises.


Here, there are fonts that you can use for business purposes, especially when you are promoting a product or service. Most of the fonts in this part are somewhat normal. You can, however, deploy some calligraphy on the captions or comments, depending on the situation.


The boxed section will contain enclosed characters in every word you type. They look fantastic when used on Instagram, but you need to be choosy here. The characters will have boxes, circles, brackets, and other means to make them boxed, as the subheading suggests.


The fonts in this category are suitable for writing informal captions, comments, or stories. However, you may need to watch out for the audience and see if they can comprehend the characters. That is why they suit those who don’t mind stylishly conveying the message.


There is beauty in the characters when you use the embellishments category. Some symbols or marks accompany the letters either above, below, or in the middle of the characters and words.


The fonts here may resemble what we have in embellishments, but the characters are distinguished by using heart emojis and somehow twisting the letters. Other symbols such as double brackets and small arrows are also in use.


Lastly, at random, we have characters with different shapes and sizes too. So, you can have a font that combines the use of marks and 2D pictures or letters written in a somewhat funny way.

NB: Every category has multiple fonts, which makes the choices numerous. If you want to be spoilt for choice, keep reading to see where you can get the Instagram font style emoji and more. In the end, you will see a superb way to customize our keyboard for the Instagram case.

How to Achieve These Magical Instagram Font Styles

The section above may still not be clear to you. Why? You don’t know where to get the most suited Instagram font style from the categories above. However, there are amicable tools to get the best font styles for your Insta captions, comments, and stories.

One of them is the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita Instagram fonts tool that you can use on Android and iOS. Once you get the font tool, your Instagram font style will never be the same again. Here, you get a chance to customize your keyboard and proceed to use the fonts we have described above.

How to Achieve These Magical Instagram Font Styles

Now, at that point, everything is digestible. You, however, need to know the features you will get once you have the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita Instagram font tool. They involve the following:

A Better Keyboard

The font tool will enable you to switch from the default keyboard to the one that incorporates all the Instagram font styles and numerous emojis. This can be done on both Android and iOS.

The Fancy Fonts

They may have a name or not, but there are 180+ fonts to utilize, and more are coming with the future updates. Furthermore, they are all Unicode-based, which means other users can view what you type. So, no matter the chosen font, the messages will always reach the masses.  

Numerous Decoration Styles

There are more than 90 decoration styles to choose from in the different font categories. They aid in personalizing your conversations, thanks to the patterns created by the dedicated team. With symbols and marks accompanying the characters, there are many ways to present your message and express a certain level of emotion.

A Plethora of Emojis

These days, you can’t leave a conversation without emojis. They help in expressing how you feel better when there are no words to describe it. Now that we have the face gestures on our keyboards, the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita font tool incorporates 180+ cool emojis.

Use Multiple Emojis and Fonts

Your caption can have your favorite Instagram font style, or you can use multiple ones as you deploy the emojis you need. You can select the fonts to use as you type, and they will all appear as the chosen formats.

There is more to learn about the Instagram font tool once you visit the main website. However, using it is simple once you install it. Here is the procedure you need to start using the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita Instagram font tool.

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How to Use the Instagram Font Tool

Step 1: Download the application from the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita website. It’s as easy as scanning the QR code provided for each version (Android and iOS).

Step 2: After installation, launch the app and proceed to set up the Instagram fonts. First, you have to enable them via settings. After that, you can switch to the Instagram fonts by choosing the ‘Multilingual’ option.  

Step 3: Choose your keyboard theme from the ones available. You can also choose your language and layout if you don’t want the usual QWERTY. Next, to start using the fonts, click on the ‘F’ icon to see the available ones.

Step 4: Once you head to Instagram, the multilingual keyboard will pop up with all the fonts above the letters, and there are other categories for the emojis and text decorations.

How to Use the Instagram Font Tool

One More Step to Build Your Instagram

Now, you have a fantastic option to choose an Instagram font style. How about getting the whole setup to boost what you write using awesome fonts? Great captions should accompany great pictures, but it’s all for nothing if there are no likes or followers.

That is why you need the right influence and boost as you deploy fonts that the masses will enjoy. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, apart from having a tool for Instagram fonts, can also help you get more followers and likes.

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Now, that’s something you may want to hear after creating a caption using the chosen Instagram font style. The app works with Windows and Android. So, you can promote your account via your phone or PC. As you use it, these are the qualities it will share with you:

● It's fully compatible with Android and Windows from XP to Win 10

● There are no viruses introduced as you use it

● No survey questions and the only password you need is for the Instagram account.

● Supports up to 16 languages

● It’s free of charge

● The changes you make are reflected within 24 hours

What happens on GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is that you earn coins for every task you perform. It can be liking a post or following other users. They are natural, which means you will be connecting with real people operating existing accounts in the end.

Once you earn the coins from the tasks, you can buy followers and the likes you need. So, as you get the Instagram font style, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will be waiting for you to help in boosting the post.

The installation and use will only take five minutes at most. The best part is that you can include more accounts on this application. Once you sign in, there are free coins for you to start with as you proceed to earn more via the tasks presented.

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An Instagram font style will define how people will view your post. If you want more than what Instagram presents to the users, just download the Instagram font tool from GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and let it do the magic. After writing the caption, use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to boost the likes and followers.

So, this is a package that will take your Instagram account to the next level and keep it there. 

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