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Top 3 IG Follower Metrics You Should Track - Instagram Followers XYZ

Instagram followers XYZ are the Top 3 must-track metrics to ensure your success on Instagram. Come to read what it is and learn IG follower hack XYZ.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

Instagram is rich with golds for marketers, influencers, and brands, but at the same time, there are full of temptations that mislead people to chase after wrong goals. 

One of the biggest mistakes is paying attention to the follower count only. So that many Instagrammers can not resist the easy success acquired from buying bot/fake Instagram followers or participating in “follow for follow”. 

Instagram Followers XYZ - Top 3 Must-Track Metrics

However, those deceptive behaviors all come down to one thing. That is the lack of a comprehensive understanding of Instagram follower metrics. 

In this regard, the standards of Instagram followers XYZ metrics turn out to be essential and helpful. It’ll help you grow a healthy and engaged follower base, on top of that, reach your social media marketing goals.

What Are Instagram Followers XYZ?

X, Y, and Z are not just the last three letters in the alphabet. They are the frame to construct a three-dimensional structure or the so-called 3D. Compared with 2D, X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis in 3D all together add depth to an object in space. 

Similarly, Instagram followers XYZ are the top three metrics that give you Instagram followers insight, in case you lost in the sea of the most popular social media platform with more than 1 billion users. X metric represents follower growth rate, Y metric is for engagement per follower, and Z metric stands for reach rate.

 What Are Instagram Followers XYZ.png

How to Track the Top Three Instagram Followers XYZ Metrics?

Perhaps you’ve noticed. Unlike follower count, Instagram followers XYZ are more dynamic to measure your performance. That is because these three Instagram metrics for followers do not linger at the raw number superficially, instead, they penetrate into the change in a period of time.

If you also want an insightful overview of your followers, just keep reading. You’ll learn how to track your Instagram followers over time with the top three follower insights for Instagram.

-Instagram Followers X Metric- Follower Growth

Given that follower count can be spammed, Follower Growth is the first metric of Instagram followers XYZ you should track. It implies how fast you are gaining or losing Instagram followers, rather than a vanity metric about how many do you have.

How to Measure Follower Growth?

In terms of how to measure Instagram follower growth, you should use the number of your new follower to divide your previous follower count, then multiply 100%.  

Followers Growth Rate = New Followers/Starting Follower Count × 100%

For example, if you have 1000 followers at the beginning of July and you’ve increased 100 followers at the end of the month, your follower growth rate is 10%. At the same period of time, if your competitor starts with also 1000 followers yet they get 10 new followers, he/she has only achieved 1% follower growth. 

By comparison, it means your Instagram campaign is doing much better than your opponent’s, and you should keep doing it.

Why Should You Track Follower Growth?

If you keep an eye on your own follower growth rate, you’ll know how effective your Instagram campaign it is and when to make some adjustments.

Moreover, at the time of picking an influencer to collaborate with, follower growth is something indispensable, too, for it indicates whether he/she up followers on Instagram in a legit way or not. A sudden spike on anyone’s follower growth curve surely deserves a closer look into what happened. 

 Instagram Followers XYZ - X Metric Followers Growth.png

-Instagram Followers Y Metric- Engagement Per Follower

Instagram follower growth is crucial but not the whole story. We can not measure the performance of an account by just one aspect. Thus, engagement per follower ushers in to help. It is the second metric of Instagram followers XYZ.

What Is Engagement Per Follower?

By definition, engagement per follower is a metric used to measure how engaged per follower is when it comes to interacting with your posts.

How to Measure Engagement Per Follower?

Engagement per follower is calculated by using your total engagement to divide your follower count, multiplied by 100%.

Engagement Rate = Total Engagement/Follower Count × 100%

Total engagement: the total number of your likes, comments, saves, etc.

Follower Count: the total number of your followers. (You can know the exact number of your follower count by just inputting your Instagram username down below, no password needed)

For example, if you post something to your 5000 Instagram followers and get 1500 likes, 300 comments, and 200 saves, then your engagement per follower for this post should be 1500+300+200/5000 = 4%. 

However, since the save count is private, you don’t have to include it in your total engagement when you are comparing with others or measuring an influencer.

Why Should We Track Engagement  Per Follower?

No matter how fast your follower growth it is, your effort goes to waste when 0 follower on Instagram interacts with your content. 

On the other hand, engagement is extremely crucial to the Instagram algorithm ever since the chronological order has been removed. 

That’s why you need to measure engagement per follower, a metric that indicates the quality of your content, also the currency of social media marketing industry.

 Instagram Followers XYZ - Y Metric Engagement Rate.png

If your engagement rate is high, it means your followers are commenting, liking, sharing, and responding to your content. Instagram will take it as high-quality content, so there will be a higher chance to reach more potential followers.

On the flip side, if your engagement rate is low, you can still see it as a chance to make some changes. It could be the reason that your content is not attractive, your audience don’t feel resonated, or perhaps, your followers are not your targeting customers.

What Is a Good Engagement Per Follower?

According to the study of Hootsuite, “most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5 %. The more followers you have, the harder it is to achieve.” 

-Instagram Followers Z Metric- Reach Rate 

Last but not the least, Reach Rate is the last Instagram followers XYZ metric to track.

What Is Reach Rate on Instagram?

Reach rate on Instagram means the percentage of followers who see your posts or stories.

By the way, in case you may confuse reach with impression, it is also necessary to explain the differences between reach and impression.  

Reach: the total number of people who have seen your content. For example, if 100 people have seen your content, then your reach is 100.

Impression: the total number of times your content has been shown on a screen. For example, if your content has been displayed on 100 people’s screens three times, your impression is 300.

How to Measure Reach Rate on Instagram?

Reach Rate = Number of people who have seen your Posts/Follower Count

Why Should You Track Reach Rate on Instagram?

According to the study of Bizaarvoice, reach rate on Instagram has an impact on conversion rate. In a deeper sense, it implies your social media marketing goals. The higher reach is, the higher website visits and web conversion will be. In addition, the study also reveals that brands with smaller following have a higher conversion rate.

 Instagram Followers XYZ Metric No.3 - Reach Rate (Pic Credit: Bazaarvoice)

  • Top 20% of Instagram accounts: 0.3% (conversion)

  • Brands with 10k - 50k followers: 2.2%

  • Brands with less than 10k followers:1.8%

Instagram Follower Hack XYZ to Have a Better Performance

Now you must know how to measure your success on Instagram with Instagram followers XYZ metrics. The show is still on. Let’s dive into Instagram follower hack XYZ to get faster follower growth, higher engagement rate, and better reach rate.

Instagram Follower Hack X - Instagram Followers Insight Tools

Data is helpful, however, it is annoying to calculate them manually. So the first bonus tip suggests you choose a reliable tool that tracks Instagram followers insight. It can be the build-in Instagram Insight or the third-party tool, such as NotJustAnalytics.

Instagram Follower Hack Y - Grow Your Followers and Likes at the Same Time

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Instagram Follower Hack Z - Schedule Your Posts

Another way to fix your low engagement rate and reach rate is to find the best time to post on Instagram. As stated by the study from Later, the top three global best times to post on Instagram are shown in the chart down below.

 Instagram Follower Hack XYZ No. 3 - Schedule Your Posts (Pic Credited from Later)

  • If you are an Instagram creator account, you can enter the build-in scheduling platform Creator Studio to schedule your posts at the best time to get the most exposure.

  • If you don’t mind downloading a third-party tool, Later is a good choice after you’ve converted to the business account.

The Bottom Line:

Data to Instagrammers is what compasses to sailors on the sea. As the top three Instagram metrics, Instagram followers XYZ will navigate in the darkness and help you reach your destination. Meanwhile, with some bonus tips like Instagram follower hack XYZ, you can get Instagram followers instantly free of any difficulty. 

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