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Tested & Compared: 5 Best Instagram Followers Remover App/APK in 2023 – Fast & Safe

Want to remove ghost, inactive, and fake followers on Instagram quickly? Here are 5 Best Instagram Followers Remover app recommended for you.

Updated 2022-12-29 13:45:12 | by Albert

On Instagram, there is no exception of getting ghost, fake, and bot followers. These inactive followers will never be engaged with your posts. There are only numbers counting to your profile. Beyond that, it makes no sense. So it's time to clean your IG account and increase your profile quality. Here are 5 best Instagram followers remover app to help you get rid of unwanted followers in bulk. Let's check it out and choose one to remove them all out.

Instagram Followers Remover Apps

1. Cleaner for Instagram: Unfollow, Block, and Delete Pro Mod APK & App

Want to remove and unfollow Instagram followers in bulk? Cleaner for Instagram is a widely used Instagram followers remover app that can help you mass delete and unfollow your followers instantly and effortlessly. This app's most prominent feature is detecting ghost and inactive followers and supporting relationship indicator, and undo actions. So you can remove target users accurately, avoiding accidental delete of your back-followers. You can also use it to mass block, mass unlike Instagram photos or videos, mass download posts, and mass delete Instagram posts. In short, this is a fully functional app to help you clean up your Instagram and remove followers thoroughly and efficiently. 

Cleaner for Instagram: Unfollow, Block, and Delete


  • Easy-to-use app.

  • Simple and Clean Interface.

  • Efficient and Fast.

  • 100% safe, no hack, no virus.

  • 24/7 help support.


Sometimes the app would crash for no reason.

2. Follow Cop: Best Instagram Followers Remover APK & App for Android

Follow Cop is another popular Instagram followers remover APK and app. This app is entirely free and safe. Whether you want to remove ghost/bot Instagram followers or haters, Follow Cop can help you eliminate all the unwanted followers quickly and easily. When you use this Instagram followers remover app, you can bulk remove up to 15 followers at once, and you can remove up to 200 followers per hour. Besides, this app provides a real-time tracking feature that tracks your followers. You can see your new followers and lost followers. In general, it's a great Instagram followers remover app & APK you can choose to use.

Follow Cop: Best Instagram Followers Remover App for Android


  • 100% free to use.

  • Ads-free and Risk-free.

  • Convenient selection.

  • User-friendly interface.


  • It doesn’t support multiple accounts.

  • Only available for Android Service.

3. SpamGuard: Spam Cleaner & Instagram Followers Remover App

SpamGuard is an anti-spam tool and Instagram followers remover. This app can help remove fake Instagram followers, spam accounts, and even undesirable comments. This Instagram following remover app is simple to use. You can bulk delete those unwanted followers in a few steps. After that, the rest of the followers are real people interested in your feeds. They are more likely to interact with you when you share new posts. So it's not only a fake followers remover app, it's also a useful app to increase engagement on Instagram as well.

SpamGuard: Spam Cleaner & Instagram Followers Remover


  • 100% safe and secure.

  • Fast cleaning.

  • Well-designed interface.

  • 24/7 customer support.


It’s not completely free. You'll need to pay for an upgrade, then you can have access to all the features. 

4. Unfollow for Instagram: Remove Ghost Followers in Bulk

Unfollow for Instagram is a great Instagram followers remover app that saves your time to bulk remove inactive followers with just one tap. It has a whitelist manager to ensure that your friends, families, or other close people will not be detected as inactive followers. That can avoid deleting them wrongly. This Instagram followers remover also supports batch unfollow, block/unblock users, and batch unlike, delete posts. Unfollow for Instagram is a good option to mass clean up your Instagram account.

Unfollow for Instagram: Remove Inactive Followers in Bulk


  • No information leakage.

  • Quick selection (Inactive users, Non-followers, etc.)

  • Time-saving.


You have to pay premium fees to remove ads.

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5. My Ghost Followers: Best Instagram Ghost Followers Remover App

Have you ever seen some IG accounts with thousands of followers, but their posts only have a few likes and comments? That's not because their content is not eye-catching. Ghost followers are a big mistake. Since fake and ghost followers are not interested in your feed at all, they hurt your account by lowing your engagement rate and popularity. My Ghost Followers is an Instagram ghost followers remover that is highly recommended. This ghost followers remover APK and app analyzes your followers' actions to find out who is inactive and fake. Then, you can bulk remove ghost followers on Instagram instantly and safely. 

My Ghost Followers: Best Instagram Ghost Followers Remover App


  • Quick analyze and remove.

  • Safe and Secure.

  • Convenient and simple to use.


You can only see 2 ghost followers for free, and then you have to buy coins to see more.

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There are Instagram followers remover apps to help you clean your Instagram account. Undoubtedly, some Followers Boosters come to the table to help you grow followers efficiently. 

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The Bottom Line

So, now that we have covered 5 best Instagram followers remover apps or APK with all of them being easy and safe to use, what you need to do is choose anyone and start your cleaning. Besides, don't forget to keep growing real and active followers. Only in this way you can make your account more engaging and bring more followers organically. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is a great Instagram Followers app to help you achieve it. If you remove fake, ghost, or unwanted followers and simultaneously increase real and engaged followers, you will be an influencer on Instagram in no time.

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