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[Long-term IG Grow] How to Keep and Track Your Instagram Followers Over Time

For a green hand of IG users, how to keep, increase & track your Instagram followers over time keeps on bothering you, make it no more an open question now.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Tom

Whether you are an Instagram influencer or a beginner, the keep, increase, and tracking of your Instagram followers over time is always a problem awaiting a more perfect solution.


And behind the final problem you want to solve is the dropping of your Instagram followers over time. It’s annoying, isn’t it? But you have to confront it.

  • The preface of the issue is the algorithm of IG shadowban: For users who are shadowbanned, the presentation of their posts is only valid for themselves or fans who follow them. Instagram does this to prevent those who do a lot of spam operations (a lot of like, comment, follow).

  • Improper hashtags: Some hashtags are banned, and some hashtags are restricted by IG. What you can do is just search in its searching box, then choose the available tags.

  • Discontinued posting and frequent posting operations.

  • Unhealthy profile, including your photo, name, username, and bio.

  • Bad consistency of your Instagram posts, including your wild caption style, different photos preset, and so on.

  • Participation lacking: Remember, Instagram was acquired by Facebook. Facebook is better at monitoring user interactivity, which means that once your post lacks participation,  your post will be less chance in the new push.

How to Keep Instagram Followers Over Time Without Dropping? 

Instagram has nearly 1 billion monthly active users, with such a huge population, you have no reason to lose Instagram followers. So, how to keep Instagram followers over time without dropping? All you need is the following tips.

  1. To trial and error. find the right post content that suits you and your followers most, find the right time to post your story or photos (The popular participation time of global IG users is 11 am on Wednesday and 10 am -11 am on Friday. The performance on Monday was the worst), find the proper posting frequency that is acceptable to your followers.

    Instagram Global Engagement.png

  2. Most of the time, if you can guarantee the timeliness of your post, then Instagram followers dropping cannot be possible. So keep an eye on fashion trends or news you can take advantage of.

  3. Followers want your attention. When you interact with them, you will get more comments, reply to them to build trust.

  4. Track Instagram followers over time: in this way, you will know what your followers like and dislike. The following are the data you need to focus on: your net acquisition and loss of followers, number of likes and comments, best-performing hashtags, the influence of the frequency of posting, who are your target audience, your best time to post.

  5. To post relevant and high-quality photos. In fact, on Instagram:

  • Photos with faces get more attention than photos without faces.

  • Images with the same preset receive 17% more attention than those with different presets.

  • The larger the space outside the main picture or text, the more attention you will get.

  • Images with blue as the main color generate 24% more attention than images with red as the main color.

After knowing those strategies to keep your Instagram followers standstill over time, you will be safe on the stage. However, even if you fail to do so, you can also use other methods to ensure that your followers are replenished in time even in the event of a loss. What needs to be introduced here is another more direct way, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

GeIntsta is a tool steadily supplying the user with protected Instagram followers over time, and being favored by the Instagram algorithm, it shelters your account from the shadowban.

On GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, with no password, no data collection, and no risk, plus 100% real and safe followers guarantees, just type your username, you can grow followers organically and improve your account engagement to keep your Instagram followers over time.

How to Increase Instagram Followers Over Time?

Now, you may be facing the dilemma of no fans or even fans declining, so finding a way to increase your Instagram followers over time is a top priority.

The next thing to introduce is some operational methods:

  1. Positioning.

    Before you start to build your account, what you need to determine is the positioning of your account. This is very important, it determines your audience, the difficulty of acquiring followers, and the ability to continuously post. You'd better not to operate a personal account, which refers to an account that shares your own life and does not have a specific theme. No one wants to pay attention to someone they don’t know, to see what he/she ate and did today.

    You are suggested to operate another type of account - a topic-related account. The topic account is that the content posted is focused on a certain field. For example, brfootball is a football topic account, which only posts comics and videos related to world football. The topic account has a specific target user, so you can produce content with targeted Instagram content ideas. At the same time, a specific user group is also conducive to algorithm recommendation, to obtain rapid organic Instagram followers over time.

    The audience is another point to consider when choosing a topic. For example, a topic for women in the workplace has a wider audience than one for women in sales.

    Sustainability should also be considered when choosing a topic. It is best to choose a field that you like and understand, to ensure the ability and motivation for continuous output over time.

  2. Make your name simple and easy to search for.

    Use simple names instead of dashes, special characters, or numbers, ensuring that your audience can remember you for a glance. Also, you can create your user name by an Instagram name generator.

  3. Make the most of your Instagram bio and profile.

    After clarifying the positioning and name of your account, the next step is to establish an attractive profile for your Instagram. The profile must be able to tell your audience who comes to this page: What is your subject? What value can you bring to your followers?

    Instagram Bio.png

    Only when the user knows what value you can bring to him can he/she follow you willingly.

    For example, if you are an account that aggregates funny videos, your first value is to aggregate high-quality information, and the second is to bring happiness to your followers.

  4. To get your Ins off the ground.

    Also important is your start post. If your account has only posted less than 10 posts, then it is doomed to fail. For small post content, several factors will lead to low attention rates:

    The follower is not sure whether you can continue to provide valuable posts.

    Small content cannot bring enough excitement to followers. The behavior of the following is like this: browse the historical content, like the post of interest, and when the number of likes exceeds a certain point (usually 5-6 likes), the audience will have a high probability to follow you. So if the content of your post is very small, there will be no content to like, and it will not bring the target behavior we expect - follow.

    So the suggestion is to start thinking about increasing your Instagram followers over time after having at least two to three pages of high-quality, consistent-style post content.

    A growth strategy can bring you traffic, but to let users follow you and be with you depends on high-quality content.

  5. Explore captions.

    A caption is one of the most important parts of your post, so take time to explore your Instagram captions to get followers over time, before that, what you need to remember is the following tips:

    Start with a sentence that sparks interest or curiosity.

    Include useful advice and tips.

    Add emojis to emphasize important information.

  6. Expand your reach by using relevant #hashtags.

    Hashtags are an important source of exposure on Instagram. Whether you want to increase your visibility or find what you want, Instagram hashtags are the best way.

    It’s a good idea to keep searching for the latest hashtags. The hashtag does not have to be completely relevant to your post, but it should still be relevant. Once you find some words, use them in your post to find new followers and get a little extra exposure!

    Also, you can find some hashtag generators on the web.

  7. Show where you are and where you visit.

    With the help of the geotagging feature on Instagram, Instagram users will see various photos and videos tagged in specific locations. You can always try to locate your post to get Instagram followers over time.

  8. Take advantage of the new features.

    After Instagram launches new features, there will always be traffic skewing for new features. For example, after IGTV and video features are launched, on the discovery page, the video will always occupy the top four spaces, while ordinary photos only occupy one space, which means that if you post more videos and igtv, you will have more exposure.

    New Feature on Instagram.png

  9. Keep stickiness and increase engagement rate.

    Engagement rate can be understood as follower activity, which is an important indicator of Instagram’s recommended post. If 90% of followers like and comment on your post, it will get more exposure, which is why we emphasize the engagement rate.

    You can increase followers’ engagement rate in the following ways:

    Carefully design the caption of the post to make it more storytelling; reply and like the comments of the audience; ask questions in the caption of the post.

    And, necessarily, the Instagram engagement rate calculator can be helpful to monitor your engagement effect.

    To increase engagement rate, you can also draw support from the existing tool, GetInta, its auto likes service can automatically deliver an equivalent number of likes to your new posts and upcoming new posts.

  10. Use other social media to promote your Instagram.

    Although it's important to focus on new ways to promote Instagram, you can't work for just one medium. To truly promote yourself on Instagram, please post your Instagram portal on other social media (such as Facebook, Telegram).

    There are many group chats on specific topics on telegram. We can use the search assistant to find groups related to our topics and then recommend your ins. The measured effect is excellent! You can get Instagram followers over time!

    Promote Instagram Followers Over Time by Telegram.png

  11. Maintain your account!

    You should maintain your Instagram account on a daily basis, likewise update stories, communicate with kith and kins, and many more to increase your Instagram followers over time.

If you use the methods recommended above to get high-quality followers and achieve a high engagement degree, then when you have 1,000 followers, you can probably get 20-40 organic followers for a post every day.

How to Track Instagram Followers Over Time?

Whether facing the panic caused by followers dropping or the joy brought by followers increase, there is only one thing you need to do, and that is, track Instagram followers over time.

For how to keep track of Instagram followers, Instagram has already offered you a ready-made feature, Insights.

You only need to switch to a professional account to get the insight. With the insight, you can see the data of likes, comments, favorites, shares, and followers your post has brought to you; you can also see the traffic data from different sources: homepage, discovery, hashtag, information flow, and so on. It is very helpful for you to analyze and improve your posts.

Follow the steps to switch to your professional account:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Tap the profile on the top right corner to unfold the options, click Settings.

Switch to Professional Account.png

Step 3: Click Switch to Professional Account.

Step 4: Select a category for your account, Artist, Blogger, Clothing, Community...

Step 5: Choose your role before clicking Next, a Creator or a Business.

Manage your new creator account on the desktop with Business Suite or Creator Studio. With Business Suite or Creator Studio, you can track Instagram followers/audiences over time intuitively.

Track Instagram Followers Over Time in Creator Studio.png

Or you can go to the mobile app to learn about your followers with insights, display and edit contact buttons, reach customers with promotions, and more.

The only difference is that when you enable the Insights in the APP, you need to find Settings on your profile page, and then click Account under the Settings option to Switch to Professional Account.

Insights Setting in APP.png

You can use Insights to analyze the effect of the hashtag. Every time you try different hashtag combinations, you can check the number of audiences entering the post from the hashtag to evaluate its effect.

Also, you can use Insights to monitor your post-performance, to see Instagram followers over time.

Besides the Insights on Instagram, you can also find the best apps for tracking Instagram followers from Google Play or APP Store.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Over Time?

The keep, increase, and track of your Instagram followers over the time mentioned above is a long-term project. As long as you can persist and learn your lessons, you will achieve rapid growth of Instagram followers one day. However, in addition to the above long-term strategic method, there is another means that must be mentioned, that is, to buy Instagram followers over time. This method is often the most direct, fastest, and most effective.

Although the method to buy Instagram followers has been mentioned above, what needs to be stressed separately here is that when you buy Instagram followers, you must hope that the followers you get are loyal, high-quality, authentic, safe, and even free and fast. All of these determine that you need to comprehensively consider your own needs, all or some of them, before making the final choice.

All of your expectations can be met on many websites or app tools. Here I will only take GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita as an example to explain how it meets your needs.

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Step 1:  Register and log in to GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

Step 2:  Find the Buy Auto Instagram Followers in the top banner on the page. Click and enter the purchase page.

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Step 3:  Check the follower plan and select your subscription plan.

Step 4:  Enter your username before clicking the NEXT to pay for your cart.

Here is the quick access that can save your time before the payment.

Bottom Line

Whether to choose a stable and long-term growth strategy or to choose an efficient and fast shortcut, I believe you have made your own decision after reading the article. Now, choose your favorite one to start your keep, increase and track of your Instagram followers over time.

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