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Practical Sites of Unlimited Instagram Followers for Sale

Are you still baffled by where to find Instagram followers for sale? Read this article to help you chill out. Here are 5 of the best sites to go.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Dale

Nowadays, Instagram has already become one of the most popular platforms for young people. So, lots of businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity and created sites with Instagram followers for sale to help people improve their Instagram experience, then the prices have risen accordingly. To help you find the best deal, here are 5 sites that have been selected based on both performance and price. They all provide real Instagram followers for sale and guarantee your account security as well. If you're looking for the best place on where to buy followers at the lowest price, just keep reading!

Instagram Followers for Sale

What the Strengths of Instagram Followers for Sale

Everyone started their Instagram accounts with the motivation of attracting like-minded friends with terrific posts. But the society moves so fast, with the 500 million Instagram daily active users, your posts sink down and were hidden from views quickly. This is where sites that have active Instagram followers for sale come to your rescue.

Time is up to you

With Apps or websites that have Instagram followers for sale, you can decide when you want to increase your followers. Whenever you want to launch products, create contests or start Instagram games, you can surge your followers up in time to get more people involved.

Increase followers fast

Using tools of Instagram followers for sale is the fastest way to gain Instagram followers since they all send followers to your account within hours. With their help, you can gain what you want as soon as possible.

Gain unlimited followers

There is no limit on how many followers can you buy with tools. You can find 1k, 30k or even 100k Instagram followers for sale with such kinds of tools. More followers mean more engagement, and unlimited followers on Instagram are great for both your reputation and product promotion.

Top 5 Sites to Find Instagram Followers for Sale

But how to get followers on Instagram? There are many such tools on the market, but few can guarantee the authenticity of followers and the security of your accounts at the same time. The following top 5 products are the result of a comprehensive comparison of various aspects, and all of them will not require your password. Come and choose the one that suits you best!


SocialShaft is a platform where meets all your needs for Instagram marketing in 2021. Buy engagement on Instagram - everything from views to likes, comments and followers from all over the world in just 30 minutes maximum. In order to increase sales, they have a 50 free likes trial for you.

100k Instagram Followers for Sale


2.95 $ for 50 followers.

4.95 $ for 100 followers.

24.95 $ for 1000 followers.

49.95 $ for 2000 followers.

As you can see, the more you buy, the cheaper the average price you’ll get!

Pros & Cons:

√ 30 days guarantee.

× English only.

× No daily plan.

× Free trial for likes only.

× Without an App, it is not convenient to check the progress.


InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita is a powerful tool that works on all the systems of Android, iOS and Windows devices. You can get unlimited real and active Instagram followers here. It is a platform where real users are gathering to like and follow each other. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita supports 20 languages and multiple payments including PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa and so on. You can buy both instant followers and daily followers here. Besides, there are Instagram video downloader, Instagram ranking tool, Instagram name generator and Instagram follower counter 4 free tools on their website. With plenty of discounts and giveaways, it’s surely the best App to get Instagram likes and followers.

GetInsitaInsbottleGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
  • Free high-quality Instagram followers & likes from 100% real person.
  • Organic daily IG followers & likes with various subscriptions.
  • Instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.


Instant followers:

Free trial of 50 followers.

3.95 $ for 100 followers.

25.99 $ for 1000 followers (+500 free).

35.99 $ for 2000 followers (+1000 free).

Daily follower:

0.99 $ per day for 30 days of 50 followers daily.

0.76 $ per day for 60 days of 50 followers daily.

0.69 $ per day for 90 days of 50 followers daily.

You can see that, like the previous product, the more you buy in InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, the more discount you’ll get. In addition, it also offers a lot of giveaways, which makes it the most cost-effective among the five products.

Pros & Cons:

√ No human verification.

√ 20 languages supported.

√ Free trial for both followers and likes.

√ Give additional followers and likes with the package.

√ You can check the delivery process both on the website and the App.

× No Mac version.

× If you download it from Google Play, you can't buy followers with cash directly. Instead, you can buy coins with the same price as the website to get followers, plus a large number of likes for free.

For App users, in case you don’t know how to operate it, here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1:  Download InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita to your phone.

Step 2:  Register with your email and login.

Step 3:  Add at most 5 usernames you want to buy for.

Step 4:  Buy followers and check the process on the task list.

Real Instagram Followers for Sale

You can not only buy instant and daily followers here but also instant, daily and auto likes! There are plenty of discounts waiting for you.


Blastup is a service that allows you to purchase likes, views and followers quickly. Or you can select an automatic like system for a flat monthly rate. They are popular in social media marketing for bringing quick Instagram followers.

Real Instagram Followers for Sale


2.99 $ for 100 followers.

5.99 $ for 500 followers.

9.99 $ for 1000 followers.

Pros & Cons: 

√ Cheap.

√ Fast delivery.

× English only.

× No followers daily plan.

× PayPal is not supported.

× Free trial for 10 likes only.

× Customer service didn't reply to an email in time.

× Without an App, it is not convenient to check the progress.

× Auto likes without amount notification, so it’s no way to know if it’s worth the deal or not.

× Delivering followers too fast that it might be caught by Instagram's algorithms and put your account at risk of being banned.

Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is just as functional as InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita. It is a real and active Instagram followers platform, where you can gain unlimited followers on Instagram. You can complete your purchase both on the website or on your Android or iOS devices. And you can enter a username to participate in their free trial. Their delivery is also organic, and it will help you get 1k Instagram followers in 5 minutes.

Active Instagram Followers for Sale


Instant followers:

4.98 $ for 100 followers.

24.98 $ for 1000 followers (+500 free).

39.98 $ for 2000 followers (+1000 free).

Daily follower:

0.99 $ per day for 30 days of 50 followers daily.

0.89 $ per day for 60 days of 50 followers daily.

As you can see, there are abundant discounts and giveaways for you. Furthermore, if you buy likes at Followers Gallery, there are lots of discounts and giveaways too.

Pros & Cons: 

√ Can check the delivery progress both on the website and App at any time.

√ Organic delivering with no risk of been banned at all.

× English only.

× No targeted followers provided.


It's also a platform for Instagram followers, and it has a wide range of services, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on. The best thing about Fanexplozion is that you can choose to buy male or female followers at a higher price. And you can even buy real verified Instagram followers here at a so much higher price.

Real Instagram Followers for Sale


4.99 $ for 100 followers.

32.99 $ for 1000 followers.

39.99 $ for 1000 male or female followers.

29.99 $ for only 1 verified follower.

Pros & Cons: 

√ Targeted followers.

√ Supports both German and English.

× Expensive.

× Without an App, it is not convenient to check the progress.

× Can only see the reviews on their websites, which are all positive ones. And you can not see other reviews on any other review site.

After a series of analyses, in terms of real and active Instagram followers for sale, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita and Followers Gallery were found to be the most comprehensive tools among the five. And Blastup is the cheapest one while InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita and Followers Gallery do have free ways to buy followers with coins. Since Blastup sends followers so fast that your account might be banned by Instagram, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita and Followers Gallery are more recommended.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Followers

Once you have a lot of followers, you should think about how to use them. It depends on what you're buying Instagram followers for. 

If you want to be an Internet celebrity and get more popularity, the most important thing, then, is to maintain the existing followers and continue to attract new ones. For the former, your biggest task is to increase engagement on Instagram. Add a call to action to your posts and encourage your followers to comment or like your posts. While in terms of attracting new ones, you can try to start interesting Instagram challenges to gain attention.

If you are a brand or someone who is trying to build your own brand. To make use of the followers you bought, you should learn how to sell products on Instagram. For example, launching a new product right after your followers’ purchase. Or, you can attract Instagram users’ attention with an Instagram giveaway App.

The Bottom Line

In today's world of new products emerging one after another, it has become more and more important to pick the most practical and cost-efficient product out of them. When it comes to Instagram followers for sale, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita and Followers Gallery is obviously more comprehensive than the others. And you can decide which one you like most with your criteria. Then, with these purchased followers, you can launch new products, hold Instagram giveaways or start some interesting challenges. Don’t forget to use an Instagram followers analyzer to help you learn better about your followers, and go your way to success step by step!

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