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How to Check Instagram Followers Demographics in 2021?

A complete guide on Instagram followers demographic. You can learn how to know your audience better and attract more followers easily with this guide.

Updated 2022-06-30 10:25:36 | by Rainer

Consumer insights, buyer persona, audience research…when it comes to marketing strategies, one essential part that is universally recognized is - know your audience better. It means you have to gain a deep understanding of your audience, for instance, who they are, how they feel, and what they need.
For brands and influencers on Instagram, to know your audience better begins with knowing who they are, that is to say, your Instagram followers demographics matter before you dig into everything else. Only when you know who your audience are, your marketing strategy can get into shape.

Get Instagram Followers Demographics

Instagram followers come and go, but loyal audiences will always stick around. Want to know who they are and how they interact with your Instagram content? Check out this article to learn how to find out the demographics of Instagram followers and meet your audience today.

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How to Get Instagram Followers Demographics in 2021

If you’ve got an Instagram business/creator account, then you can find your Instagram followers demographics easily with Instagram Insights. The native Instagram feature allows you to access all the data and analytics that are relevant to your accounts and posts. You can find the Instagram followers demographics, and the data like followers count and changes in the past 7- 30 days, so you know how many of your old Instagram followers are gone. Apart from that, you may see the overall performance of your Instagram content and how your followers interact with it, so you can tweak your content strategy based on the analytics.
Here we'll mainly focus on the Instagram followers demographics, just check out the steps below for how to get Instagram demographics with Instagram Insights.
Step 1. On the profile page, tap on the Hamburger menu in the top right.
Step 2. Tap on Insights > Your Audience to see the Instagram followers demographics.

Get Instagram Followers Demographics (1)

Generally, the Instagram followers demographics will cover audience information as below:
1. Locations: The metric tells you where most of your audiences are from, and you can find the top 5 locations of your followers sorted by country and city.

Instagram Followers Demographics Followers Location

2. Age: The age range and distribution of your followers, you can also find the specific distribution for men and women separately.
3. Gender: Gender distribution in men and women.

Instagram Followers Demographics Age Gender

4. Active times: The average time your followers spend on Instagram and the most active time. The metrics can be sorted into hours and days.

Instagram Followers Demographics Active Time

These are the Instagram followers demographics that allow you to know who your audiences really are. You may adjust your content strategy based on the insights, for instance, by identifying the patterns in the times of peak activity of your followers, you can post content accordingly to maximize the reach.

you will need to have at least 100 followers to learn more about the Instagram followers demographics. It makes sense though, given the analytics won’t work unless they are running based on a large volume of data.
For users who own an individual Instagram account, you may switch to a creator account to find your Instagram followers demographics if you can’t be verified as a business account.

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Get Positive and Stable Instagram Followers Demographics

It’s not hard to find the Instagram followers demographics with Insights, what matters is how you read them and adjust your content strategy effectively. As mentioned earlier, the Instagram followers demographics won’t be activated unless you have more than 100 followers. That is to say, the more Instagram followers you have, the more in-depth insight you will get.
To be more specific, the Instagram algorithm will need a huge quantity of datasets to output the insights. If you want to have more valuable and comprehensive analytics, then getting a stable and massive Instagram following is crucially important.
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While filling up your feed with content sometimes doesn't seem to be effective to boost engagement, it’s crucial to look into your Instagram followers demographics to get deep insight into your audience and understand who they are. The analytics let you know how effective your content strategy is, understand what your audiences want, and tweak your strategy to cater to those needs. However, all the valuable analytics are built on solid and huge datasets, which means you’ve got to have a strong follower list to generate in-depth insights. So try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to do that, build a stable and massive Instagram followers demographics first and make better decisions with analytics now!

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