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Plan Your Instagram Feed Visually & Aesthetically to Get IG Followers [2021]

Plan your Instagram feed visually & aesthetically to get IG followers. Decide the Instagram feed content and theme, and choose popular Instagram feed Ideas.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

While there’s a lot to be said for having fun and getting inspired on Instagram, its users desperate for Instagram, more importantly, because it is powerful. By simply sharing images or videos, your business may get grow. Therefore, a brand or a company feels a pressing urge to do marketing on Instagram. To make your business stand out on Instagram, high-quality posts of images and videos, engaging and creative stories, stream live videos, attractive advertisement, and Instagram feed all matter. 

Instagram Feed, needless to say, is the biggest factor affecting your business marketing on Instagram. It is the place where the images and videos your post will show up to the feeds of your followers, as well as that of the users who follow the hashtags you use. That means you have to plan your Instagram feed visually & aesthetically so as to get more IG followers and make your existing followers attractive and engaged. 

Instagram Feed

How to Plan Your Instagram Feed to Attract IG Followers

Instagram helps to grow the business with a visual marketing strategy. Instead of simply posting the close-up shots of your product along with some written words, it is much better to plan your Instagram feed more aesthetically and more targeted. Here below are some ideas on planning your Instagram feed, so as to make the most of the visual content in marketing. 

Decide the Instagram Feed Themes

There are many popular theme ideas on Instagram, from “Color Block” theme, “Black and White” theme, to “Minimalist” theme, etc. if you decide on an Instagram feed theme and stick to it, your feeds will gain followers’ attention instantly. Furthermore, your photos will look more organized, consistent, and also make your account more memorable to followers, which are significant to personal branding or sales. 

A theme for your Instagram feeds is virtually essential. Then how to decide which theme is best for you? For example, if you want to showcase various products with a cohesive and overall effect, use “Flatlay Theme”, which will help to make your images work well together to look neat and organized, provide different perspectives of your products for followers, and enhance aesthetics on your profile.

Instagram Feed Ideas

Choose & Find Suitable Instagram Feed Content

Selfies, landscape, healthy recipe, or fitness photos, how to choose the Instagram feed content for your brand or business? Due to the impact of the Instagram algorithm, the right content is crucial to get free Instagram followers. So after making it clear for your marketing strategy and objectives, you have to decide what to post, from a wide spectrum of Instagram feed ideas, so as to communicate visually and effectively with your customers. You may also use an Instagram feed planner app for content planning. 

Is your brand a fitness label? Then fitness photography is what your account should be focusing on. Create healthy and aesthetic content, with clean, sharp images of graceful yoga practice, fitness in the gym, or jogging in nature, etc. When your followers keep getting inspired, they probably want the same fitness wear.

Use Popular Filters for Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is all about sharing visual content, as a result, posts that look more aesthetic result in a much higher level of engagement, and attract more followers. Luckily, Instagram has many popular filters, which many users think just look better than any Photoshop app. With a perfect filter, your photos will have cohesive looks and stand out. 

How to choose the right filter for your Instagram feed? You need to decide the theme of your feed first. It can be vintage, black and white, or colorful. It is also important to find the best app for Instagram filters and choose a filter according to the type and color of your pictures. For example, if white is the dominant tone of your images, try “the White Filter Pack: to make the whites whiter, with more texture, and also enhance other natural colors, like green, blue, yellow, on the images. (See below an example from @mich.elle.imagery) 

Instagram Feed Planner

Most Popular Instagram Feed Ideas for You [2021 New]

Nothing lasts forever on Instagram. To get more Insta mark followers, and convert your followers into customers, you need to keep up with the Instagram trends. Here we list five popular Instagram feed ideas for you in 2021. 

1. Community-led / user-generated content for Instagram feed is still on the trend. Listen to the voices of your community is one of the best ways to figure out what people want to see and get your followers engaged. Many brands have depended primarily on community-led content, which they find leads to a win-win result on Instagram. 

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2. Animated elements are getting popular in 2021. With some small and simple animated graphics, such as two kissing birds, a shining light, or a moving house, your Instagram feeds will look more creatively and aesthetically. 

3. Product Displays are on the rise on Instagram and highly recommended if you are doing e-commerce. Plan shoppable posts on your Instagram feed to create an excellent shopping experience for your followers. Everything is ready – the shop menu shortcut and the rollout of Instagram Checkout. Just tag the products you create on Instagram and get conversions.

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4. Quizzes and puzzles are more likely to get likes and comments. To get your posts more engaged, simply ask your followers a question or a puzzle, and it will get a lot of people involved, who will probably respond and share their ideas. 

5. Behind-the-scenes posts, which refer to the images or videos of your brand events and activities, will make your brand more humanized, and make your advertisement more credible, especially if you’re not a customer-facing company.

Instagram Feed Not Updating

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Simply put, Instagram is extremely valuable for business. On Instagram, a brand’s profile, products, services, company stories and culture, and personality display visually. To make your brand stand out and shining, and attract more followers, ensure you plan your Instagram feed visually & aesthetically, by deciding the Instagram feed theme, choosing the right post Ideas, and using popular filters. An Instagram feed planner is sure to help. But if you simply wish to increase followers at the moment, what you need is GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, which is a free app to help Instagram users to get real, high-quality followers easily and fast. 

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