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Check the 5 Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators: Tested in 2021

Engagement rate is the key factor to measure Instagram accounts. That’s why you need an Instagram engagement rate calculator.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Wen

There is a case on the market. One company wants to find some influencers to promote their product. But they offer a higher price to the one with 586k followers and a lower price to the one with 1.11m followers. That’s strange, right?

Of course followers matter, but in that case, the engagement matters too. 

How to calculate engagement rate? The formula is ((likes+shares+comments)/(total followers)) x 100. However, it’s quite difficult to do this arithmetic every time as the data is changing. Therefore, we need a tool to help us, especially for those who are doing market promotions. No matter you are Instagram users or sponsors, Instagram engagement rate calculators should be a good helper.

 Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Title List

What Is a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

The average engagement rate on Instagram is around 3%. Therefore, when your or someone’s rate reaches 3%, the data is good. 

The followings are the standards of engagement rate (ER) that you can set as a reference.

  • Er < 1% = low ER

  • 1% < ER < 3% = average / good ER

  • 3% < ER < 6% = high ER

  • ER > 6% = very high ER

Instagram owns 500+ million active users which makes it one of the special platforms for social media marketing. No matter whom you are, it’s of a big matter to calculate the engagement rate. Let’s check out the top 5 tools to calculate Instagram engagement.

Top 1: Phlanx – IG Engagement Calculator with No Followers Limit

The first tool will be Phlanx. It’s a marketing platform to contact influencers, work with brands, and create contracts and measure engagement. It can calculate the engagement on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok, but today’s main topic is Instagram. 

 What Is a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram

Let’s see how to use it. 

Step 1: Enter the Phlanx site, at the top of the page, you will see the “Platform”.

Step 2: Follow this order to use the calculators: Platform> Engagement Calculators> Instagram Engagement Calculator. 

Step 3: After you enter the calculator page, input the Ins name that you want to measure and click on analysis. 

Finally, you will get a rate, including average per likes and comments. Its algorithm is determined by a collection of recent posts, measuring average interactions and comparing them to the overall following of the Instagram account. 

 How to Calculate Engagement Rate


30-day free trial.

Support multiple platforms analysis. 

Provide average engagement rate for a reference. 

No verification. 

Can log in with Facebook.

No limit on followers.


It has a direct tool to calculate the ER on the homepage, but one account can only search for three times unless you upgrade as an affiliate. 

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Top 2: Hypeauditor: Engagement Rate Tool & Detect the Fraud Activity 

Hypeauditor can track statistics and get an insight into Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. For Instagram, it has a database with over 12m influencers and provides 35+ metrics for Influencer vetting, such a paradise for marketing. When analyzing engagement, it can not only give you the rate but also give you a warning if there’s a fraud activity. HypeAuditor is the only Instagram analytics that checks engagement authenticity and detects engagement pods.

 Instagram Engagement Rate Tool


Can detect the fraud activity.

Many additional features.

Free to use if you only want to know the Engagement rate. 


To unlock more functions, you have to upgrade your account.

Instagram followers have to reach 1000.

Top 3: Inbeat- Free Instagram Engagement Calculator 

You maybe heard of Inbeat, but do you know it also has a tool named Instagram engagement rate calculator? In this tool, you can get a bunch of data about Instagram profiles, including engagement rate, average likes, comments per 1000 likes, followers, following and posts, etc. It also gives you graphs so that you can see the changes in likes and comments. If you are the one who wants to improve IG engagement, you will know which segment is wrong. Or, if you are a sponsor, you will get one-hand statistics about the influencers you want to cooperate with. It calculates an Instagram user’s engagement by making the average likes and comments of the last 12 posts.

 Free Instagram Engagement Calculator


It’s free to use.

Don’t ask for an email or watermark your report. 

It provides over 9 kinds of data. 

You can find similar influencers in the calculator

It can jump to the Instagram page by clicking/tapping on profile or posts.

It shows the recent posts.


It takes a long time to analyze.

Can’t analyze if the followers are less than 1k.

Top 4: Mightyscout – Fast Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Mightyscout is a site build for tracking Instagram followers. Although it’s paid to track Instagram users, the Instagram engagement rate tool is 100% free to everyone. It’s simple to use that you only have to enter an Instagram name and you will get stats. If you want to visit someone’s IG without an account, this tool is also a good choice as it provides recent 9 posts of that account. Except for the engagement rate, it also gives you a ratio of comments and likes.

 Fast Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator


No limit on followers.

Fast analysis.

Can jump to Instagram from that page.

Don’t have to sign up.


Less additional features.

Top 5: Nitreo

The last one is Nitreo. Just like Mightyscout, you only need to type in an Instagram account name to get started. However, when starting to analyze, it will ask for an email address. It calculates the engagement rate across a user’s posts, likes, and comments. But we don’t know how many posts it counts. The engagement rate of the same IG account is higher than the rate of Phlanx. It is because the number of posts that they calculate is different. But Nitreo is free and gives you the average rate based on follower count. 

 Tools to Calculate Instagram Engagement


No limit on followers.

The result will appear within 30 seconds. 


Email required. 

Don’t know how many posts it counts. 

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How to Reach 1000 IG Followers If You Are Nobody?

As we can see from the top 5 Instagram engagement rate tools, some of them will ask for over 1000 followers if you want to analyze the engagement, such as Inbeat and Hypeauditor. However, I believe most of us are less than that number. How to reach the number of 1000? This question is difficult and simple. 

Firstly, it’s difficult because you have to post creative content with high quality every day or twice a week and stay alert to catch up on the hot topic and tags, which is a big job for you if you don’t have a team. 

Secondly, it’s also simple. No need for high-quality posts, just the posts of your daily life are ok. The next step is to let more people see your posts with the help of an external shortcut. Here is the suggestion. 

GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is an app to grow real followers. How? The app gathers millions of Instagram users together to follow each other. But they don’t follow blindly. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will show your post and your profile to them and if they like your style and content, they will be your followers. Check out the app tutorial video.

Besides, the official website of the app has a plan for organically growing. Everyone can grow Instagram followers daily no matter you are the app users or not. 

Start to Be Sensitive To the Engagement

Hope those Instagram engagement rate tools would help you to track the performance of your or others’ Instagram. In the 5 tools, all of them are free to use but some have a deadline for free versions, such as 14 days or 30 days. Usually, we believe that the paid things are of high user experience. So, you don’t have to skip when you see that they’re paid versions. Instead, you should try first to check whether it’s worth that price or not. 

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