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9 Things You Should Know Before Joining Instagram Engagement Groups in 2021

Before joining Instagram engagement groups, you’d better know all the pros and cons, including the risks. Hopefully, the 9 things in this blog are helpful to you.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

If you’ve ever searched for Instagram hacks online, “Join Instagram Engagement Groups” must be a piece of advice you won’t feel unfamiliar with. Such a strategy, introduced by many blogs, often appears in the form of bolder fonts. People see it as one of the most effective ways to go viral on Instagram overnight.

Instagram Engagement Groups.png

Convinced by them, perhaps you are on the point of making the move but without knowing where to find one. Or, not convinced, you are still struggling with the dilemma to use or not to use engagement groups for Instagram. Well, take it easy. After reading 9 things in this blog, you’ll make a sound judgment before joining Instagram engagement groups.

1. What Are Instagram Engagement Groups?

Instagram engagement groups, also called Instagram engagement pods, are a group of Instagrammers who gather together to help each other increase engagement on Instagram with ease. They exchange likes and comments in hope of tricking the Instagram algorithm, reaching more potential followers for more engagements.

2. Engagement Group Instagram Rules Explain

Different groups come with different rules, but in general, they work in a similar way. Once someone in the group drops the link of his/her new post, the rest of the people need to like, comment, or save the post as soon as possible. It sounds easy, isn’t it? But there are more details you might not know. In case of being kicked out of an engagement group, you’d better go over the following four rules beforehand.

 Instagram Engagement Group Rules Explain.png

  • Engage Before You Drop

Instagram engagement groups seem lucrative but there is no free lunch. Before you can drop your links in a group, you have to engage first. In other words, you’re required to like or comment on the recent post dropped before you. 

How many posts do you have to interact with before dropping your link?

It depends on what type of your group cycle is. (Group cycle is a term belonging to engagement group community. It implies the number of links you have to engage with before you can drop your own link) The most common ones are DX5 and D24H.

DX5: Done×5. It means that you have to engage with the last 5 links dropped before you.

D24H: Done in 24 hours. It means that you have to engage with all the posts shared up to the last 24 hours.

  • Do Not Leech 

Leech refers to those who take advantage of the Instagram engagement groups but don’t like and comment on others back. This ungrateful behavior is what the community hates most, so the punishment for this is merciless. The one who is caught leeching will be banned from the group permanently, even if you are not doing it on purpose.

  • Drop Your Post Link with the Right Format

To keep the group well-organized, your link format is also something mandatory. If you do it wrong, they may remove your link and even ban you from the group. As for the right format, it often appears in the form of “Group Cycle + Link”. For example, you can take a look at the Instagram engagement groups telegram down below. 

 Drop Your Post Link to the Instagram Engagement Groups in the Right Format.png

  • Do Not Chat

As you can see, engagement groups for Instagram are not for the sake of promoting discussion. Instead, Instagrammers land in the groups for one thing - give and take. Yes, you can see it as a trade. In order to save time, there is no need to chat about anything in the group, except that you are allowed to clarify what kind of comments you want in a short sentence.

3. Why Are Instagram Engagement Groups So Popular?

The idea of Instagram engagement groups began with the change of the Instagram algorithm. What shows up in your feed no longer follows a chronological order. Instead, “it is determined by what posts or accounts you engage with the most”, as well as other factors.

Since then, a rumor says that only 7% of your followers will see your posts, which resonates with the people’s feeling that it is getting harder to grow engagement than before. So they turn to engagement groups for Instagram, a hack that beats Instagram algorithm to think their posts are popular. Ultimately, their content might reach more potential followers and even exhibit on the explore page.

 Why Peope Love Instagram Engagement Groups.png

4. Do Instagram Engagement Groups Work in 2021?

Do Instagram engagement groups work in 2021? Yes, it still works somehow. You’ll see the engagement growing if you are in a decent group where no one leeches. 

It will be even more effective if you are in a niche group. When you receive likes and comments from profiles of the same industry, the Instagram algorithm will think your post must be good. So it’ll increase the organic reach of your post to see how others will interact with you. 

Furthermore, supposing that your content continues to generate a good engagement organically, then your post is very likely to land on the explore page, or ranks high in the hashtag searches.

How Instagram Engagement Groups Tricks the Instagram Algorithm.png

Personally, I tried two telegram engagement groups for Instagram. One is Dx5 and another is D24H. To my surprise, in the group, there are lots of well-established influencers with more than 10k Instagram followers. But I have only received two comments in the end... 

When I decided to do it again, I was banned from the group without knowing why. I liked and commented on all the posts before me. Perhaps, it is because I only have two posts in my profile, while they require at least 50 posts in one’s profile before entry.

5. Are Engagement Groups Allowed on Instagram?

Instagram likes to see people interact with each other but it doesn’t favor those who game the rules. A notice, posted by Instagram Business Team, demonstrates their efforts to reduce inauthentic activity on Instagram.

 Instagram Doesn't Support Engagement Groups.png

Besides, they had proved it. Back in May 2018, Facebook removed ten Instagram algorithm gaming groups. So before you decide to join an Instagram engagement group/pod, you should know that Instagram doesn’t support it, at least the ones that trick the Instagram algorithm.

6. Will Instagram Engagement Groups Harm My Account?

In the group, few people take your posts seriously. In most cases, they linger at your profile no more than 3 seconds and leave with meaningless and repeated comments. If you do it very often, your profile will smell fishy and spammy.

You know, the Instagram algorithm will notice it, either from your irrelevant comments or the sudden decline of your engagement. The system is more sophisticated than we think. Many other factors contribute to the visibility of your post. The aforementioned theory of how Instagram algorithm works is just the tip of the iceberg.

That means Instagram engagement groups are not a cast-iron guarantee for going viral on Instagram. What’s worse, they might cause you trouble. On Reddit, there are already discussions about being shadow banned after joining Instagram engagement groups/pods.

Instagram Algorithm Knows You Are Using Engagement Pods.png

Besides posing a risk to harm your account, engagement groups for Instagram cost you a lot of time. You have to comment and like all the posts dropped before you, whether you like it or not.

7. Where Can I Find Instagram Engagement Groups to Join?

After knowing all the pros and cons of Instagram engagement groups, do you still want to use this hack? If you’re ready but don’t know where to find one, just keep reading, you’ll get a list of Instagram engagement groups to join.

Since forming an Instagram engagement group is not technologically demanding, all that need is an online chat room where you can drop your links. With this clue in mind, it is a piece of cake to deduce that engagement groups are thriving on Instagram DM groups, Telegram, Whats app, Facebook, or even Reddit.

Mass groups are easy to find. If you input “Instagram engagement groups” into the search bar, you’ll find that

  • Facebook has a bunch of large groups/pods waiting for you to join.

  • Telegram owns the best telegram groups for Instagrammers to try.

  • Reddit opens a thread for IG pods.

  • Instagram and Twitter have engagement groups, too if you use hashtag search for it.

Unfortunately, private and niche groups are hard to find. In most cases, it is invite-only. Probably you can contact influencers of the same niche to ask for an invitation. Or, pay for the membership to join some. Here we also offer you a solution. Why not create your own Instagram engagement group?

8. How to Start My Own Engagement Groups for Instagram?

One of the benefits of creating your own Instagram engagement groups is that you have more control over the quality of the result. You give rules, decide who is going to join, and what should be done. Here is what you can do.

Step 1: Pre-select like-minded people whom you hope to be in your group.

Step 2: Send a direct message to invite them.

Be sure that your invitation letter is sincere and formal. You can make it long enough to cover everything about your group, for example, the rules, aims, who is going to join, etc.

Step 3: Name your group and send a welcome message.

Step 4: Find a good time to state your rules and tell them this group is invite-only!

Moreover, we highly recommend you make it more than just a group where you exchange likes and comments. Instead, try to foster real relationships, communicate and support each other. 

Another piece of advice, don’t add too many people in a group, for it becomes harder to manage. 15 to 20 should be fine.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Follower Count, Too

Instagram engagement groups are helpful to gain more likes and comments. But they do little help to your follower growth. What other people will think if your follower count remains the same while your engagement keeps growing crazily?

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The Bottom Line

Before joining Instagram engagement groups, you’d better know all the pros and cons, including the risks. Hopefully, the 9 things mentioned in this blog are helpful to you. After reading all of them, you can make a sound judgment before using this popular hack. 

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