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Everything about Instagram Creator Account You Should Know

The creator account Instagram introduced lately is an amazing feature. Check out this article to learn more about it and how to grow your account.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kelly

It’s hard to imagine the days without Instagram a decade ago, when selfies and influencers were still something novel. 10 years on, Instagram has become the No.1 photo and video sharing social media application with more than one billion active users, and the place where cultural trends are generated and shaped. 

This year, to deliver specific benefits to specific users, Instagram has updated with several features, providing new levels of functionality. Instagram creator account, for instance, allows content creators to have more Insights into their Instagram account. As an alternative to the business account, the creator account Instagram lately introduced, is tailored to influencers and offers a slew of features to help them better manage their online presence. 

Everything about Instagram Creator Account You Should Know

What Is Creator Account on Instagram

What is the creator account Instagram recently updated? The new feature was offered to the MVPs - the profile that has more than 10,000 followers when it’s initially released. However, these days, the Instagram creator account requirements are no longer valid.

There are two main reasons that Instagram rolls it out to the public later. One is Instagram wants to keep the influencers growing; not only are the influencers the main parts of the platform but also Instragam is adopted by 87.1% of influencers by and large. On top of that, the creator account Instagram newly introduced, is slated to separate businesses from influencers, who do not necessarily associate with traditional business models. Creator accounts can at best customize the profile to suit the unique needs of influencers, like public figures, artists, and content producers. 

More Detailed Instagram Data

The creator account allows users to check the daily number changes in followers, which is even more comprehensive to the business account, where weekly data can be shown only. The demographic data helps influencers understand their audiences better and how they interact with content specifically. Besides that, the newly introduced “creator studio” is a handy dashboard to gain more insights.

Sub-divisional Labels

The creator account Instagram just launched, can better help influencers to label and brand themselves. Unlike the business account, in which the profile is rigidly assigned by the Facebook page, leaving no room for creative labels. The creator account offers more options and allows influencers to label and brand them freely!

Streamlined Message

With Instagram creator accounts, messages are divided into three folders: Primary, General, and Request.

- Primary: messages that influencers want to receive and get notified of.

- General: messages that influencers consider no notifications.

-  Requests: messages from the users influencers don’t follow.

Flexible Contact with Followers

As an influencer, the messages and marketing pitches can be overwhelming at some point. The business account allows followers to contact them with the contact information provided. Now with creator accounts, influencers get to turn off those contact buttons to give themselves a break, which is helpful to stop unsolicited spam. 

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Instagram Creator vs Business Account

Now you have learned about the creator account Instagram just introduced, so what’s the difference between these two? Generally, Instagram creator vs business account is individual identity vs business branding. While the creator account Instagram just released offers influencers more flexibility to brand themselves and insights to promote content, the business account is ideal for branding, providing more opportunities for online marketing and promotion. If you are an influencer who wants to create more engaging content based on in-depth analytics and various features, switching to an Instagram creator account is the best bet -- with more features rolling out soon.

How to Switch to Instagram Creator Account

Step 1. Go to profile and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner. Tap “Settings” and “Account” in the next menu.

Step 2. Select an account to switch to a creator account.

- If you have a personal account, choose “Switch to Professional Account” and tap “Creator.”

- If you have a business account, choose “Switch to Creator Account.” 

How to Switch to Instagram Creator Account - Step 2

Step 3. Choose the category that can best describe who you are and whether to display it on your profile. 

How to Switch to Instagram Creator Account - Step 3

Step 4. Tap “Creator” and “Next” to proceed.

How to Switch to Instagram Creator Account - Step 4

Step 5. You are required to finish 5 steps here before switching. Your account will be switched to the creator account after you do so.

How to Switch to Instagram Creator Account - Step 5

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