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Best Instagram Comment Scraper to Scrape IG Comments Easily for Analysis

What is an Instagram comment scraper? This article will give the full explanation and recommend the best Instagram comment scraper for you. Easily & Fast.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Instagram, as a big social platform, has owned much information, such as Instagram profiles, comments, likes, and others. If you want to use Instagram to help you be successful in some business area, you can take advantage of the data, and analyze it to get some useful information, especially the Instagram comments.

Instagram comments show many information and ideas from the users, so how to export many Instagram comments fast and analyze them fast? You'd better use tools. Luckily, this article will introduce you to the Instagram comment scraper and help you get a large number of Instagram comments quickly.

How to Scrape Comments from Instagram

What Is Instagram Comment Scraper?

In fact, Instagram can provide you with Instagram API that you can use only to analyze your own data, and it also has number and data limits. If you want to access the whole data on Instagram comments of others, then you must find one API which is served by outside providers. Luckily, considering the needs of Instagram users, there is a new creation named Instagram comment scraper.

Instagram comment scraper is one tool with a computer program that can export comments from the Instagram platform automatically by sending requests to the targeted web pages and downloading them. With an Instagram comment scraper, you can collect lots of Instagram comments data, and then analyze it, which will be beneficial for you to decide something important for your business.

3 Best Instagram Comment Scrapers for Unlimited IG Comments

Some people have coding knowledge, they can write Instagram comment scraper python to scrape IG comments. But for you, if you are not familiar with codes, or if you think it is troublesome to write codes, it is wise to choose the best Instagram comment scraper. Below are the 3 best comment scrapers for export unlimited IG comments, you can take advantage of them to finish your comment scraping tasks.


Theraffler Instagram Comment Scraper

Are you looking for a reliable and effective Instagram comment scraper online? is one of the right options which should be on your list. With, you don't need any code skills, you just need to use this scraper to export unlimited Instagram comments fast and easily. Also, takes the Facebook official API to scrape Instagram comments, it is 100% successful and you don't have to wait for a long time. It is a faster scraper comparing to other scrapers in the market.

Besides, is also a helpful Instagram giveaway picker, it can export your comments in your giveaway activity and then pick up the winners.

What you’ll get with

  • Most popular package: $29.35/100,000 comments.

  • Instagram comment scraper free: with 3 requests every day for 100 comments.

  • Data export format: an excel sheet.

  • Facebook official API: 5 times faster than some other scrapers.

  • Free Instagram followers provided. You can also get free Instamark followers.

#2. Botster

Botster Instagram Comment Scraper Free

Botster is an online tool to solve the problem of how to scrape comments from Instagram, it is proved as one of the most popular websites available for scraping Instagram comments. With Botster, you can export the comments data from public Instagram accounts. 

One feature users like most is that Botster will notify you by sending emails while finishing its scraping and turning the results as one spreadsheet, so you don't wait for a long time, just leave it to scrape and do other things. 

As a professional Instagram scraper, Botster can retrieve relatively complete information of Instagram comments, including the comment content, commenter username, URL, posting time and so on. 

What you’ll get with Botster?

  • Free 3000 credits for $3: a reward for you while first login.

  • Most popular package: 25,000 credits for $25, 500 credits/1,000 comments.

  • Instagram followers scraper available: use Instagram API get followers free.

  • Data export format: Excel, JSON, or a CSV file available.

  • Easy to use: just need to paste the Instagram URL. No password needed.

#3 Apify

Instagram Comment Scraper Online

Apify is proved to be one of the best all-in-one Instagram scrapers, which can scrape Instagram profiles, followers, comments, likes, locations, and so on. it can understandably export the data that Instagram users can see for you fast and securely. What the good news is, Apify is not only an Instagram scraper but also is used for scraping Facebook, Twitter, Reddit social media platforms.

There is one feature that is special comparing to others. Apify provides a set of API, which is convenient for you to custom the programs. 

What you’ll get with Apify?

  • Personal package: $49 per month for 100 Actor. Different package has different price.

  • Comment scrape free trial: 30-day free trial for you.

  • All web page scraping is available: including simple HTML pages, social profiles, map places, and so on.

  • Data export format: excel or CSV files.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, it gives you more details about Instagram comment scraper, and introduces you 3 best Instagram comment scrapers. You can choose one of them to have a try. Also, if you need Instagram followers and likes, you can download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to see the increase of followers on your Instagram account.

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