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5 Free Instagram Comment Picker | Free Giveaway Winner Picker

Do you need a free Instagram giveaway comment picker tool? The article lists 5 best free Instagram random comment picker to pick giveaway winners easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Launching a comment-based Instagram giveaway, sweepstake or contest is an effective method to improve your business account and increase brand loyalty. It contributes to increase engagement and expand your audience. Running a giveaway on Instagram for users who comment on a post on your Business profile is especially useful to grow your brand presence. 

After you launch a campaign or contest for Instagram comments, it’s time to choose winners from so many comments. It is hard to choose winners by yourself. You need to make use of an Instagram comment picker free to help you pick winners from a large number of comments who match your criteria. These tools enable you to choose random winners in an automatic and transparent way. 

Instagram Comment Picker

Title List

The article lists 5 Instagram comment picker tools used to help you pick winners when doing giveaways automatically and quickly. Before using an Instagram comment picker, you need to filter comments according to your own metrics. Make sure the metrics correspond to your initial goals. That really matters. Then begin to choose winners with one tool you like.

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Gleam Competitions - Free Random Instagram Comment Picker

Gleam is a management and marketing app to grow your business. Gleam’s Competition app, a free random comment picker for Instagram, is the most comprehensive way for you to run your comment contests. It has an intuitive drag & drop interface that allows you to design any competition that meets your business needs. 

Gleam Competitions -Instagram Comment Picker Free

With powerful Instagram Comment Import Action, you can automatically collect and track top-level comments on your posts, choose random or manual winners. It filters comments according to your settings, such as filtering by hashtags, certain words. You can choose entry intervals to limit how many times commenters can enter, single, hourly, daily, and even unlimited entries. you can instantly redraw winners in case you find that they aren’t eligible. 


Responsive widget.

Auto flag suspicious activity in your campaign.

Support 25 languages.

Easily pick winners for your campaign randomly.

Unlimited entry method combinations and one-click entry.


Free version.

Paid version: from $10/mo to $399/mo.

Woobox - Free Instagram Comment Picker for Winners

Woobox is an ideal tool for brand promotion on social media. It is designed to increase immediate engagement, amplify marketing, and grow potential audiences employing running sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, polls, and more across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media. 

Woobox - Free Random Instagram Comment Picker

Random selection of winners from people who commented on your Instagram posts is as simple as a content selection. After picking winners who meet your criteria, its Prize Claim campaign enables you to easily collect contact information and verify the eligibility of your winners. You can export the full list of people that liked or commented on a post. 

It offers many ready-made campaigns to help you get started with ease, including personality quizzes, poll posts, sweepstakes, and more. It also allows you to track the performance of your contests in the Woobox interface easily. 

It is so popular that over 4 million brands have used Woobox for their business goals. If you want to have an Instagram comment picker free, it is a fine choice. 


Create endless campaigns.

Automate coupons, contests, and more.

Quick and powerful customization.

Learn key insights about your audience.

Optimize user-generated content campaigns.


Free version.

Paid version: $37/mo.

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Easypromos - Best Instagram Comment Picker for Giveaway

Easypromos, designed to choose a random winner in a campaign easily and automatically, claims that it is the best platform for promotions and contests. It is compatible with all mobile devices. It can be used as an Instagram comment picker as well as the best Instagram giveaway picker. You can import all the comments from your Instagram giveaway posts, download a list of usernames and their corresponding comments as an Excel file. You can use the tool to filter comments by your criteria, such as date, hashtags, and so on. In a single giveaway, you are allowed to include up to 10 different posts. 

Easypomos - Random Instagram Comment Picker

What if you cannot contact one of the winners you have chosen? The tool will automatically select a substitute winner. It allows you to publish promotions in multiple languages and restrict participation in specific countries. A great function of the tool is the broadcast mode - making virtual a video of the prize draw. It saves your time and provides a chance for you to gain free followers on Instagram. An amazing random Instagram winner generator for giveaway.


Run multiple giveaways from the same post.

Publish results on the Winners Page.

Auto-select substitute winners.

Blacklist bad users.

Exclude former winners.

Notify winners automatically. 


Only paid version: $29/mo.

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Simpler - Free Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker

Simpler is a well-to-use YouTube and Instagram giveaway picker for the lucky winners. It boasts itself as the most transparent Instagram comment picker as it lists all comments it reaches and all users leaving comments have the same chance to be a winner. And all comments list pages can be generated and shared with your followers as proof that your giveaway is just and transparent.

Simpli Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker

The Instagram giveaway winner picker free version allows you to pick winners for a giveaway 3 times for each post with max 300 comments. The price of the SimpliPro version varies from $9.9 to $639.9 according to the number of posts and comments. You can enjoy multiple advanced services including repetitive winner control through intelligent algorithms, filtering comments by numbers of tags, combining comments of multiple posts for 1 giveaway/contest, ad-free pages and more. As for security, it doesn’t ask for any data about your social media account, no password needed. 

instaBom - Free Instagram Comment Picker for Giveaway Winner

instaBom is one great online Instagram comment picker free to use. Only 3 steps are necessary to start a giveaway on the site and end with picking the final giveaway winners successfully from pieces of comments. The first step is to enter your Instagram post (multiple posts can be combined for one giveaway). The second is to set the rules of the contest. The last step is to get the result of original and backup winners selected from the participants.

instaBom - IG Comment Picker

You can use up to 100 comments with a free version. Upgrading to the pro version can unlock the limit of comments with the cost of $3.99 at least. The exact price differs in terms of the number of comments for each post. The interface of the site is simple, and you can use it easily.

How to Start a Successful Instagram Comment-based Giveaway?

Running an Instagram contest such as a giveaway is a common way to increase engagement and product sales. There are many types of contests you could run on Instagram: like or comment on your posts, follow your account, tag friends, and so on. There we are going to talk about comment-based contests. To launch a successful Instagram comment contest, what should you prepare before using the free Instagram comment picker to pick comment winners?

1. Define your goal

The first and foremost thing you need to clear is your goal to run a contest. On one thing, it minimizes your cost and maximizes your gain. On another thing, only if you have defined your goal, you can make definite criteria to filter comments.

Are you trying to increase direct communication with your audience? Or are you promoting a product? Whatever your goal is, keep it in mind to make an overall plan to achieve it. 

2. Decide the Commenters’ Entry Method

Choose a simple way for people to enter your contest. After all, no one will enter a contest that requires them to do a lot of work. Once you have decided on the entry method, you are going to planning the rest details. You need to determine how many times a user can enter, how many days your contest will last. 

3. Choose a specific prize

The prize is important as it is associated with the number of participants and the result of your contest. Select a good prize that is specific to your targeted audience, not something anyone would want to win. In this way, you can engage your audience further and get concentration from potential fans. 

4. Design your campaign content

Try your efforts to design your contest content to attract users as much as possible. You can use editors to help you put together graphics to promote your Instagram contest. 

You can post it on your Instagram feed and share it on your Instagram stories to get more viewers who see your contest. Cross-promotion of your contest on various social media platforms is a simple and efficient way. 

If you have completed the above procedure, you are ready to start your Instagram contest based on comments on your post. Then you choose one of the 3 free Instagram comment picker tools to help you choose winners for giveaways and competitions randomly and quickly. 

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Bottom line

Running successful comment-based giveaway campaigns or other contests on Instagram is a cost-efficient way to increase engagement and brand awareness. You need to define your goal and make plans to achieve it. 5 free Instagram comment picker tools the article lists are used to pick winners for giveaway quickly and automatically, saving your time. They have different functions to meet your demands to run your desired giveaway and generate winners. Besides, if you take advantage of these tools, they will grow your business and expand the targeted audience. 

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