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How to Write Best Instagram Captions to Get Followers - 6 Tricks [2021]

How to write captions to get followers on Instagram? The article shows 6 tricks to write the best IG captions to get followers.

Updated 2022-06-27 14:05:01 | by Grace

Many Instagram users attach great importance to their content and ignore the function of the caption as Instagram is a visual platform. The fact is that captions are more powerful than you think although there are fixed characters for a caption. It is the first channel for others to learn what content your post maybe. 

Captions include many kinds of elements: words, emojis, hashtags, and so on.  So the article tells you how to write the best Instagram captions to get followers to a large degree. You may aware that a good caption usually gets more attention and have the possibility to get more followers.

Captions to Get Followers on Instagram

The first thing you need to know before writing attractive captions is that the limit for Instagram captions is 2200 characters. And not all characters you have typed will display at once on your follower’s feeds. Instagram will show the first three lines. So if you want to show your entire caption, the advised length of a caption is under 125 characters. Then we’ll show 6 tips to write the best captions to get followers on Instagram

Tip 1: Write IG Captions Relative and Creative

Captions are a brief introduction to your content or kind of story behind the content. So the caption should be relative to the content you post. It’s the basic line that a starter or common person should follow. Of course, if you are an influencer with a big fan base, this doesn’t matter. whatever you write in the caption, people increase engagement with you by means of liking, commenting, or sharing. They’ll follow you then if interested in your posts.

Creative captions are another important line that you should keep in mind. Nowadays, we can search for kinds of information online. Common captions will let your Instagram account lose competition as thousands of posts appear on Instagram daily. Not to say gain followers. Creative things are always appealing, and users even not your followers would click to view your content and engage with you. They are your next potential followers. Write creative Instagram captions to get free Instagram followers all the time.

Tip 2: Use Emojis Smartly in the Caption to Get More Followers

Emojis are popular to help people express their feeling in a funny and cute way. They are more expressive and infectious than simple words. Using emojis to attract others’ attention is easier. At the same time, whatever you’re an expert or a common person, you convey information that you’re friendly and keep with the times. It is actually one of the best Instagram captions to get followers.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Hashtags in the Caption to Get IG Followers

Hashtags are similar to categories. Different posts have relative hashtags, such as flowers, photography, crystals ... No matter what kind of content you’re going to post, you’ll find a hashtag that suits you. It’s a wonderful way to increase your reach to others. Therefore more people have a chance to see your Instagram profile and become your followers. No worries if you find it hard to find the right hashtags. Check the Instagram hashtag generator to find what's best for you! 

Instagram Captions to Gain Followers - Hashtags

Tip 4: Employ Call-to-action Words in the Caption for IG Followers

Generally, words consist of a large portion in the caption. Plain words gain nothing. So you need to take your time to write the least words with the most powerful energy. From this point, writing call-to-action words to encourage your viewers to follow and interact with you is a fine way. If they are fond of the interaction with you during the process, you can gain free followers using Instagram captions. Asking questions is one of the useful methods that involve participants as much as possible. 

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Tip 5: Don’t Forget to Mention Others in the Caption

Mentioning others in the caption is a great way to get more followers. On the one hand, if your posts feature someone, mentioning them is an ethical and convincing way. On the other hand, they have a large audience, and if you mention them in captions, you’ll get more exposure on Instagram. If you regram on Instagram, it is an essential thing to mention their username in the caption and tag them. It greatly increases your chance to leave a good impression on others and get followers.

Tip 6: Use a Caption Generator to Get Followers on Instagram

Are you troubling about writing proper captions to your content? Don’t worry. The 5 free Instagram caption generator could help you out of the situation. There we take the Preview app as an example. Available for iPhone, Android, and PC, it is really an awesome caption generator with over 3 thousand captions. 

If you are a starter for a business or blog, it has many captions templates for you to choose from. It offers proper captions according to your content and keywords you select. So it functions as a caption analyzer. If you are not good at writing the best captions and want to save your time, the Instagram caption generator is a fine tool for you to get more followers.

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Bottom Line

Captions function as an introduction to your content. Writing the best captions for Instagram to get followers is what you need to keep in mind. 6 tips that the article lists are really helpful and effective. Combine them in your caption based on your content, and they’ll lead to the best result. If you want to save your time and get followers fast, then try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. It enables you to get real unlimited followers without any risk.

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