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An Ultimate Guide to Instagram Captions to Get Likes

Looking for some effective ideas for Instagram captions to get likes? This guide will show you 7 best ideas for Instagram captions that will get you likes.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Hedy

To do marketing on Instagram entirely depends on visuals. When it comes to getting likes on Instagram, the most crucial factor is the quality of your photos and the captions you mentioned. It's certainly important for you to take high-quality, attractive, and beautiful photos according to your business or brand. But the caption of your Instagram post is where you can give a voice to the visual content. Sometimes it’s hard for many people to write good Instagram captions that will get you likes on posts. If you are inexperienced and are aspirant to figure out the best ideas then keep reading the article. Below in this guide, we’ve mentioned the importance of Instagram captions and some  effective ideas for Instagram captions to get likes.

 Instagram Captions to Get Likes

Why Good Instagram Captions Are Vital

Prior to we talk about how to write the best Instagram captions to get likes, one thing needs to be clarified. Why are good Instagram captions so vital? In fact, good Instagram captions can provide more information for your photos to engage the followers and help to get free Instagram likes. Additionally, a good caption and an attractive picture adding in the post prevent a user while scrolling. According to the algorithm of Instagram, the more a user spends time reading your post, the better your post will rank. 

The caption of your post enables you to convey your message and personality in different ways that one photo can’t do. You can freely tell jokes, ask questions to engage with your audience, advertise brand products, and share stories with the help of post caption. You could be able to express this with a video, but for that, the user has to watch the full video. And on Instagram the majority of the users skip videos as compared to images with catchy captions. 

How to Write Best Instagram Captions to Get Likes

The main goal to create attractive Instagram captions is to elevate the engagement of the post and represent your brand or business. To accomplish this goal, we’ve done the latest research finding the real content creation strategy to get more potential customers.

 Captions to Get More Likes on Instagram

1. Keep the significant information first

Most of the audiences on Instagram are online from mobile devices. This means that the first characters of a caption are mostly viewed because it appears in a user’s feed. The user has to tap on “click more” for the rest of the caption characters. Therefore, keep the significant information first. 

2. Engage your followers by telling stories

If you are promoting your brand, company, or business then you should tell a story about your brand that connects with readers as your Instagram caption. The story should be written honestly, professionally, and authentically to engage the followers and get likes.

3. Consider the structure of Instagram captions to get more likes

A user has to tap on “click more” to see a full caption, but that doesn’t mean you should write short captions. Try to mention long captions as Instagram allows up to 400 words in one post caption. And you are supposed to consider the structure of captions to get more likes on Instagram.

4. Ask questions to elevate engagement 

Posting interesting content isn’t always enough, to increase Instagram engagement you have to ask questions from your followers, so they will better engage in your post by answering the following mentioned questions. Asking questions is an extremely useful idea for good Instagram captions that will get you likes.

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5. Add call-to-action

A good way to better your Instagram post shares is to have some kind of call-to-action in your images caption. E.g. you could say, “Like if you enjoy” or “share with your friends”. This is a pretty effective idea for Instagram captions to get more likes.

6. Use emojis to show some love

Since 2015, emojis have been used in social media marketing strategies, but now, they are very common on all social media platforms. Including emojis in your posts or captions is a great way to personalize your business or brand. Add emojis in your Instagram caption to free Instagram likes no verification as it will add extra personality and assist to higher the engagement rates rather than posts having no emojis. 

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7. Include hashtags in your Instagram captions to get likes

Using the right Instagram hashtags can help you extend your reach, engage your audience, and even boost your brand. Include hashtags in your Instagram captions and it could help receive more likes and comments as compared to post with zero hashtags.

 Best Instagram Captions to Get Likes


You can learn how to use the captions to get likes above, also you can check the Instagram caption ideas to get more amazing captions to boost your IG likes!

Bottom Line:

That's all for 7 best and effective ideas for Instagram captions to get likes. If you want to promote your unique business or brand, try the ideas mentioned above. You can either combine them all or use the ideas one by one and record the consequences. If you want to get more Instagram likes instantly,  you can try the Instagram followers auto liker app - GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to increase your Instagram likes quickly without payment.

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