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Top 5 Free Instagram Caption Generator Apps for Various Captions

Want to write lively IG captions? There is 5 free Instagram caption generator offering kinds of captions suitable for all posts.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

To get more followers and likes, captions are an important part of your Instagram posts. It illustrates what do you want to express with your images or videos. But some still feel that writing a fine caption is challenging. Then you’re in the right place. The article is to help you get out of trouble. Here we list Instagram caption generator tools and apps to get fine caption ideas, increase engagement, and gain more followers and likes by the way.

Best Instagram Caption Generator

1. Caption Plus - Best Free Instagram Caption Generator

Caption Plus is a great free Instagram captions generator that keeps updating to give users a fresh experience on caption ideas to get more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram. It provides a lot of filters and categories of the original captions for Instagram and Facebook photos for you to choose from. They are generated with advanced AI technology and it gives suggestions to quickly match likable captions. Hashtags are always added to a caption and play an important part in creating another chance to see your posts. Caption Plus, therefore, offers new and trending hashtags to help you get a more organic reach for your posts. 

Caption Plus - Instagram Caption Generator

What content do you usually post? Friendship, nature, love, or life, fashion, success... Whatever, you can find related captions in a short time by filtering category, tags, gender, and emotions. You can select the most suitable captions and hashtags to finish your post and create curiosity and likability. If you’re optimizing your bio, it is also a useful tool as it is adding more insta bio quotes and the best bio for users without paying one penny. 

Features of Caption Plus: 

  • More than 15 kinds of caption categories

  • Over 1m pieces of captions 

  • Trending and new hashtags

  • AI-based tech to generate unique captions

Compatibility: Android, iOS

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2. Caption for Instagram - Well-designed IG Caption Generator

Captions for Instagram gives access to tons of captions in every single category. It claims to provide cool captions to trigger chains of likes and comments. How many caption categories you can see? Attitude, beauty, couple, DP, friends, insta, nature, funny, love, and more. With these great caption words, your posts go to another level and attract more people to like, comment and share. It also offers quotes and captions that match well with the mood of your pictures and videos. 

Caption for Instagram - Free Instagram Captions Generator App

With a beautiful design and user-friendly interface, it has been one of the most popular Instagram post caption generators. According to categories and tags, you could get access to right captions in a short time. Besides, it allows you to filter captions based on latest captions and popular captions. All of these services are free.

Features of Caption for Instagram:

  • Over 10 kinds of categories

  • Find captions by category and tag

  • Filter captions by latest captions and popular captions 

Compatibility: Android, iOS

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3. Caption Pro - Free IG Caption Generator App with Emojis

Are you going to find a perfect Instagram photo caption generator that gives you thousands of captions to choose from? Caption Pro meets your need in every aspect. Instagram has been so popular globally, adding fantastic captions to your posts is to help you get maximum followers and likes. Caption Pro facilitates and contains over 1m new captions for every post on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to find a certain category of captions, there is a search box to help you find them quickly. 

Caption Pro - Best Instagram Caption Generator App

Captions are more than just words. Hashtags and emojis are an indispensable part of captions, and Caption Pro knows it well. It shows you popular words with cool hashtags and emojis that suit each mood and situation. You can select a caption and copy and paste it with one click. To find the best and trendy caption for Instagram to get as many as 1m IG followers for free, it is the right choice.

Features of Caption Pro:

  • Search by hashtag and category

  • 1000+ pieces of Instagram captions

  • 70+ Instagram caption categories

  • Find captions with hashtags

  • Easy to browse, download, and share.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

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4. Best Captions and Status - Caption Generator for Instagram with 20+ Categories

A stunning picture deserves the best caption. How to write Instagram captions to get followers and increase engagement? If you’ve run out of caption ideas, Best Captions and Status shows you amazing ideas about kinds of captions. Funny Instagram captions, happiness captions, cool captions, travel captions, song lyric captions, friendship captions... A wide range of captions and quotes are displayed in the app. It’s easy to find specific captions by categories and tags.

Instagram Caption Generator App Free

Having been downloaded and installed on Play Store over 1m times, it keeps updating for a better user experience. Find your wanted captions and copy them to your post, you’ll get an unexpected result.

Features of Best Captions and Status: 

  • More than 20 caption categories

  • Filter captions by category, tags, and favorites

  • Copy and share captions easily and quickly

Compatibility: Android

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5. Caption It - IG Caption Generator with Unique Editing Function

Captin It is a free caption generator for Instagram designed to change the font, size, color, and background of the caption text to make it unique and eye-catching enough. At first, you need to pick an image from the camera roll or take a picture in the app. Then you could choose to drag the caption on the image to the place wherever you like. The app offers a wide range of beautiful fonts, different color options for caption text and background, kind of caption sizes. You can adjust the caption in any font, size, and color you like. It’s a great app to edit caption text to gain more attention and likes.

Caption It - Instagram Caption Generator

Features of Caption It:

  • Drag and position the caption on the image to the place you want

  • Support multi-line caption and different captions sizes

  • Contain different colors for caption text and background

  • Save and share images with captions instantly

Compatibility: Android 

Kown the Instagram Caption Length Before Writing 

Adding captions is the last step to post on Instagram. Instagram has set limits on following and unfollowing. Similarly, caption character is limited, no more than 2200 characters, including words, emojis, hashtags... But it's not the longer the caption is, the better it performs. What kind of captions to write and how long it should be? It depends on your post to a large degree. Want to have a beautiful caption? Take advantage of IG linebreak caption generator. Are you feeling that you're run out of caption ideas? Never mind. Instagram caption generator works.

Instagram caption generator tools and apps are a useful way to increase engagement and gain more followers and likes. But we have to admit that it still needs time and energy. To get new free followers and likes instantly, you could download the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app to get real Instagram followers and likes. And your posts have more people to enjoy in turn.  

What's the Benefit of Instagram Caption Generator?

On Instagram, the hashtag limit is 30 characters, the bio character limit is 150 characters, and the caption limit is 2200 characters. It means that Instagram allows users to try their best to write captions. From the character limitation, you can see how important the caption is. Besides, if you’ve seen the posts of the top 20 most-followed Instagram accounts which are shown with the Instagram ranking tool that updates daily, you’ll find that every photo or video has its distinctive captions, no matter long or short in length. They are celebrities and influencers on Instagram, and they still need to write captions to their posts. Not to mention us. Keep in mind that captions are so vital to your posts on Instagram. If you have no idea about captions, it’s time when Instagram caption generator plays its role. 

Using IG caption generator, you can gain new ideas from thousands of existing captions. Besides, with it, you don’t need to spend a long time deciding what to write for posts. The above Instagram caption generator apps or online tools are totally free, and you could use them as you like.

Bottom Line

All in all, the 5 best free Instagram caption generators are totally safe and easy to use. You can wave goodbye to the dilemma of choosing the right caption for your image or video with them. If you are going to share posts on Instagram and other social networks, make the most of the best Instagram caption generator to add great captions to your images or videos to gain more followers and likes by the way.

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