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Why Are Instagram Bots Messaging Me? & How to Fix It?

Instagram bots messaging me constantly? Don’t worry! Check out this article to learn how to fix it, plus the tricks to get more followers without using bots!

Updated 2022-06-30 10:26:38 | by Colin

Messages from unidentified accounts that contain untrusted links to the dubious site, mostly porn sites; comments that have nothing to do with your post; if not all, followers that post random, low-quality images despite having a legit profile picture...Yes, bots have invaded Instagram like a plague.

That’s why people keep asking for solutions to“Instagram bots messaging me.” The spambots continue to be a headache on Instagram these days. With more than a billion active users monthly, the social media platform seems to carry roughly 8% of fake accounts by and large.

As part of Instagram automation, Instagram bots are designed to optimize the workflow and speed up the process, saving people from tedious work. They are supposed to bring more advantages than spam.

So what can we do when Instagram bots keep messaging me? Is there any legit automation to grow Instagram efficiently? This article will tell you all, just read on!

 Solutions To Instagram Bots Messaging Me.jpg

Part 1: What Is a Messaging Bot?

Instagram users have been complaining that “Instagram bots messaging me” and don’t know what to do. Let’s define messaging bots first and why they message users relentlessly. A messaging bot is a piece of automated message software that is used to converse with people on most social media platforms and websites.

On Instagram, an account that has no posts at all but somehow has a massive following is suspicious. Bot accounts tend to post half-naked pictures of women or random, low-quality images. Moreover, their names have something in common, often a name followed by a number, which is clearly the production by a bot farm. These are all red flags, so steer clear when you see that.

 Instagram Bots Messaging Me Example.jpg

These bot accounts will send you spam messages that are riddled with ridiculous typos, or some links to get you to click on it, then you’ll be taken to some shady porn sites. Some bot messages will promise you money if you join their pyramid schemes.

Part 2: Why Do Bots Keep Messaging Me on Instagram?

Why are Instagram bots messaging me? The prevalent bot accounts on Instagram are created by bot networks and run by a third party for scamming purposes. These scams and porn bots have been around for some time. By leaving you spam comments or messages, they hope to lure you to check and follow their account and eventually ask you to sign up for an account on some suspicious websites. the most concerning one is those selling Instagram badge verification to exchange for money. They promised to get you verified with the blue check that appears next to the account name, which is limited to some recognized accounts like celebrities and brands.

For people who find “Instagram bots messaging me,” If you click the links in the bot messages, just like with all those links with viruses, your Instagram account privacy and security could be breached. When you have been redirected to a site, you will be asked to create an account by entering personal information, such as email address or credit card number, thus your card is compromised and you might be charged with a big amount of money you do not recognize. Not to mention that the other potential harm like that comes with the privacy leaks.

Part 3: How to Stop Bots from Messaging Me on Instagram?

The complaint of “Instagram bots messaging me” is nothing new. Before you taking action against bots, it’s important to tell the difference between real and bot accounts. We have rounded up the characteristics of bot accounts in the previous part, now let’s see how to take action when Instagram bots DM me.

- Block and report

When you encounter an “Instagram bots messaging me” issue, you can block and report the spam account. Once you block them, the bots can’t follow or send you spam messages. Here’s how to block and report bot accounts.

Step 1: Go to bot accounts profile, tap on the three dots in the top right.

Step 2: Select “Block” or “Report.”

 Block And Report When Instagram Bots Messaging Me.jpg

Step 3: Confirm you want to block the account in the question that appears on your screen.

Step 4: If you want to report bot accounts, choose the reason for reporting then confirm.

- Turn off new message request

You can turn off the new message request to fix the “Instagram bots messaging me” issue. Here’s how.

Step 1: On the Instagram profile, tap the Hamburger menu.

Step 2: Choose Settings > Notification > Direct Messages.

 Turn Off DM when Instagram Bots Messaging Me.jpg

Step 3: Select the “Off” for “Message Requests,”  you can also switch off group requests here.

This method might reduce the chances for you to get more business partnerships and grow Instagram followers and business.

- Monitor your account

The solutions above can not help you fix the “Instagram bots messaging me” issue instantly, as you report one bot and another just pops up to fill its place, but they can keep your account safe to some extent. Besides that, you can monitor your account either by Insights(available for Business/Creator account) or a third-party tool like DMPro to sort and filter your Instagram messages and make the customization on DM.

Part 4: How to Get More Followers without Bot Messaging Others?

Now you know what spambot messages are and how to effectively fix the “Instagram bots messaging me” issue. Bots can be a little intimidating, but don’t freak out when talking about Instagram bots/automation. From a perspective of marketing or customer service, they are helpful as bots save people from repetitive tasks and optimize workflow efficiently. Bots aren’t here to take over the world, they can make life easier if you use them right.

When it comes to Instagram bot followers, they do boost your follower count but will bring more problems and it’s not worth it. Bot accounts cheapen your brand and they are signs to potential customers that you are not reliable. Furthermore, bot accounts inflate your marketing cost because you are creating content and running ads for bot accounts that will never convert.

So why not get real and active Instagram free followers instead and improve your engagement organically?

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Part 5: Conclusion

With the solutions aforementioned, you can surely fix the “Instagram bots messaging me” issue successfully. When it comes to using Instagram bots/automation, they are supposed to bolster speed and efficiency for Instagram growth when you use them wisely. So try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to gain real followers and say goodbye to bot followers today!

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