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Use Instagram Bot Comments Right & Say Goodbye to Spam Comments

Getting spambot comments on Instagram? Check out this article to learn how to fix it and use the best Instagram automation to grow your business!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

There is no lack of Instagram bot comments these days. Bot spam comments are flooding on Instagram, particularly with pages of high-profile celebrities or accounts with large followings. These bot comments are usually graphic and explicit, coming from the spam accounts that often display pictures of half-naked women, which invites you to sign up for some dubious porn sites.

What makes things even worse is that these spam comments can rack up many likes and make it to the top comments section -- such a turnoff. Clearly, the bot comments have violated Instagram’s terms of service and they are getting out of control. Instagram has been taking action against the spam comments, but the result is still far from satisfactory.

 Instagram Bots Comment.jpg

So what exactly are these Instagram bot comments? Are you also getting spam comments and don’t know what to do with them? Is there any safe Instagram automation to improve engagement? If you are facing the same problems, just check out this article to learn more!

Part 1: Instagram Spam Comments Examples

Instagram bot comments are created by the bot networks which try to get you to look at the profiles account that posting them, either to get you to sign up to shady porn sites or simply scam. Some porn bots will leave trashy comments like: “We gonna ignore the fact that I've GOT A HUGE BOOTY.” to lure you to the profiles with pictures of women in lingerie or bikinis.

Instagram Bots Comment Example.jpg

Some bot comments are complete scams that try to get you in pyramid schemes that promise to make you rich. Regardless of the types of comments, you’ll be lured into a site that requires you to enter your personal information or sign up, which is potentially harmful to your privacy and account security.

The most concerning example of spam comments on Instagram is about the sale of verification badges, the blue check next to the account name, which is limited to recognized public accounts, such as celebrities, brands, influencers, etc. The bot comments are often straightforward like this: "DM to purchase Instagram verification, 100% legit and 100% success rate with proof. Limited amount!" This either means the accounts have been hacked or the network behind the bots tries to scam your money for badge verification.

Part 2: Why Are There So Many Bot Comments on Instagram?

So why are these bot comments prevalent on Instagram? Bot comments on Instagram have been around for a long while, this is because Instagram remains the top platform for influencer marketing, which allows businesses and brands to reach a massive audience. However, these days Instagram has now become increasingly competitive for influencers to gain popularity, thus many tools such as Instagram bots emerged to help grow the Instagram business at a continual pace.

Instagram bot comments are from the Instagram bots, also known as Instagram automation, which has been useful for Instagram growth, for instance, scheduling posts, interaction with your followers, etc. Instagram bot comments are the product of Instagram bots that aims to acquire more followers, increase reach and improve engagement. This is because getting good engagement is time-consuming and becomes increasingly difficult these days. With more and more spam comments spreading around, Instagram bots have become a bit controversial and are now regulated by Instagram.

Part 3: How to Avoid/Block Instagram Bot Comments?

Even though the bot followers boost your following, they might lead to potential problems, for instance, getting you shadowbanned because of violating Instagram’s policy and regulation. What’s more, it delivers a bad image of your brand, creating a sense of unreliability. So to avoid/block your Instagram bot comments, here are a few tips that might help you out.

- Instagram comment control

Instagram allows you to manage your comments based on your preference, and this will help you avoid Instagram bot comments effectively. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to profile, tap on the Hamburger menu and select “Settings.”

Step 2: Go to Privacy > Comment > Comment Control.

 Instagram Bots Comment Control

Step 3: In “Block Comments From,” block comments from accounts that spam you frequently.

Step 4: In “Manual Filter,” you may add keywords like “bio, check, follow, like, profile, sale, off, youtube,yout, DM, hot.” to avoid spam.

This isn’t enough but can avoid most of the spam comments on Instagram. Additionally, you can remove the bot accounts to avoid Instagram bot comments.

- Block Instagram bot accounts

An account that has thousands of followers but with no content at all could be a bot. Most bot accounts have similar usernames produced by a bot farm, with a name followed by a number, for instance, “dekcher0” or “mayson5.” Once you have identified the accounts, you can remove or block them from the list. The bots can’t follow you again if you block them. You can also report spam comments on Instagram directly.

Part 4: What Is the Right Way to Use Instagram Bot Comments?

Instagram bots, or say Instagram automation is not improper as you imagine. It depends on how to use it appropriately. A legit third-party tool can help you better manage your Instagram account and speed up the process, as long as you use it right. Here are the benefits if you can handle the Instagram bots perfectly.

 Instagram Bot Comments and Automation.jpg

Save your time: Obviously, the biggest advantage is to save you from tedious and repetitive tasks. As aforementioned, the Instagram operation is a time-consuming task. Simply content creation will take up so much of your time, and Instagram bots can optimize your workflows, especially with interactions and customer service.

Enhance engagement: A decent Instagram bot automation is not just about managing Instagram bot comments, it can be more powerful than you expected, particularly in improving engagement. As Influencer marketing is getting increasingly competitive these days, a legit and proper Instagram automation can help you effectively teach a border audience and enhance engagement such as comments, views, likes, etc.

Part 5: What Other Instagram Automations Are Safe to Use?

So don’t get overreactive when you learn about Instagram bot comments, it’s just one of many normal Instagram automation for social media marketing, which helps to manage Instagram account and optimize workflow more efficiently. The biggest challenge is to identify the legit service provided by the trustworthy company. If you want to grow your Instagram business effectively, particularly in increasing free Instagram followers and Likes, you can try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, the most secure and professional Instagram automation on the block.

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Part 6: Conclusion

Now you have learned the knowledge of Instagram bot comments and the ways to avoid/block them effectively, you may try to remove the bot followers that might potentially endanger your Instagram security with the methods above, say goodbye to spam comments forever! Aside from that, don’t get scared when it comes to Instagram bots/automation. In fact, they are useful marketing tools that are meant to bring benefits rather than disadvantages, as long as you use them in the right way. As the legit and verified app, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita can surely help you get more free followers and likes on Instagram with ease. Get the app now, and see it for yourself!

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