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Instagram Bot Accounts – Why Not Get Real Instagram Followers in 5 Mins [Free]

Wanna know how to make or how to get rid of Instagram bot accounts? Take a 5-mins read on this page and get Real Instagram followers FREE!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

According to Instagram itself, there are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. Most of them are real people but there are quite a few robot accounts among them. Then what are bot accounts on Instagram? You can consider Instagram bot accounts as a service, a function, or a program. They will automatically like your posts, comment, and even send you direct messages. It sounds great, right? It saves you time and increases your engagement at the same time. But do things really go like that? Check out this page and you will learn all the things about bot accounts on Instagram.


Things You Should Know Before Make Instagram Bot Accounts

There is no doubt that everything has its pros and cons. People will search on the internet “how to create a Instagram bot?”. But before doing anything, you should first understand its benefits and drawbacks. The advantages of Instagram bot accounts have been listed, and you will see some drawbacks.

Unrelated comments

Bot accounts on Instagram are just bots, they don’t and cannot think. They don't look at the photos you post or the captions, hashtags, so you often get comments that have nothing to do with the topic. You post normal content, but you sometimes get comments like this “we gonna ignore the fact that I’ve GOT A HUGE BOOTY”. Not only do they not fit your subject, but they can also be embarrassing.


Not real engagement

It sounds Instagram bot accounts can bring you much engagement since they can leave many comments and likes. But the truth is that they cannot make an increase on your Instagram engagement. The rule of Instagram treasures real people and comments. Therefore, too many bot comments don’t improve engagement and will be bad for your account.

Against Instagram’s terms of use

As you know, bot accounts on Instagram are not allowed, that is why many providers claim that they offer real followers and likes. Even if someone bypasses Instagram’s rules and uses a bot for a while and doesn't receive any punishment like having their account frozen. The use of bots is always disallowed, and maybe someday your account which costs lots of your energy and effort will be blocked.

How to Create an Instagram Bot

Well after learning the hidden dangers of Instagram bot accounts, if you still want to try and wonder how to make bot accounts on Instagram, you can check the guide – make Instagram bot accounts python.

Since Instagram forbids the use of bot accounts, you will need some special methods to create a bot. The common method is to use a programming tool, if you have a relevant base in computer programming then this will probably be easy for you, if not, it will be very difficult. Because Instagram does not allow this behavior, it will not be introduced here. If you are interested, you can read the guide above.


How to Get Rid of Bot Accounts on Instagram?

If you are not interested in making an Instagram bot account but how to remove bots Instagram, you really should read the following tips carefully. Here provides 3 tips you can refer to.

Using Instagram Insights

Instagram insights in Creator Studio is a very useful tool for Instagrammers. You can use it to monitor the activity of your followers and every post. But to use this function, you should transfer your personal profile into a business account. It is very easy with just 2 simple steps.

  • Launch Instagram on your phone.

  • Find the “Accounts” in the settings, and then choose “switch to professional account”.

By using it, you can detect who are the bot accounts.

Posting notices about remove bot followers

You can publish a post and tell your followers to like or comment because you are going to remove bot followers. Real people who like you will often comment but bot followers may ignore. Then you can use some tools to remove them. When you adopt this method, remember to leave your followers some time, they may not notice your post.

Check their profile

If you have not so many followers, you can use this tip. Instagram bot accounts usually have the following characteristics.

  • Common names followed by numbers, such as @Valentinacerny6940, @ninabobo296, and the account just in the picture above @iamcamelia035. Not all accounts with this structure are bots, but if you notice that they leave strange comments and their usernames are just like that, they are most likely bots.

  • Profile photos. Bot accounts on Instagram that lead you to dangerous websites which will steal your private information always catch your attention by sexy even kind of dirty profile photos.

Get Real Instagram Followers Free [Fast]

As you may have noticed, all three methods above have certain limitations, you can't actively get rid of those bot accounts on Instagram, you can only use the above methods after they follow you or comment under your posts. So why not get real Instagram followers free in the first place?

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How to Get 1K Real Instagram Followers for Free in 5 Minutes?

Here are the simple steps for you to hack real IG followers in the first place.

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The Bottom Line

This page tells you the benefits and drawbacks of Instagram bot accounts. If you have suffered from bot followers, try the 3 tips above to remove them. But to save your energy, don’t forget to use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and gain real Instagram followers!

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