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How to Change Font on Instagram Bio - 4 Best Instagram Fonts Generators

How to change font on Instagram Bio? There are 4 top Instagram font generators to help solve the problem of how to change IG font easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Ann

Instagram is a social platform that encourages self-expression which can be seen in your posts and your Instagram Bio. Due to its inclusiveness, Instagram Bio allows you to talk about your business, your contact information, and everything around you via simple but straightforward writing. Therefore, Instagrammers try hard to refine the words in order to convey more information within a 150-character-limitation. All they did was just for getting as much attention from their targeted followers. 

Instagram Fonts for Bio Newest

Except for the content, Is there another approach to help your Bio stand out from a crowd of descriptionsSure, you can also change Instagram font style. 

Because the default font for IG Bio does nothing to show the highlights of your Bio. Want to separate from a pack of Instagram accounts that compete in the same niche? Changing Instagram fonts for Bio is the simplest and quickest choice that you can grasp now.  

Instagram Fonts for Bio Shape Who You Are 

There is an old saying in China that the handwriting is the man. That is to say, a part of a person's character can be reflected in the way he writes. Though you have no way to write the Bio on your own, you can choose what Instagram font style to use. By the same token, it implies your character to some extent.

Instagram Fonts for Bio Show Your Personalities

Let’s make it more visible in the following picture.

 Instagram Fonts for Bio Show Personality

Compare the two fonts that wrote the same sentence in this picture, we find that they bring viewers different feelings. The left Sans Serif font looks clean and understated. The personality of people who use them may be sleek and elegant. While the right Serif font seems traditional, stable, and practical. People who use them may be kind of serious, formal, and scholarly.

So we can say the Instagram Bio fonts reflect the distinct personality. 

Instagram Bio Fonts for Boy/Girl

As a matter of fact, fonts for Instagram bio can also help distinguish gender to some extent.

Instagram Bio Fonts for Boy 

In the above picture, you can clearly see that the right font is more likely for boy, and the left one is for girl. Because the right one looks powerful, strong, and firm while the left tends to be soft, gentle, and graceful. 

In brief, the right Instagram fonts for Bio can be a strength to make your viewers impressed. Furthermore, it may help boost Instagram followers and likes.

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How to Change Font on Instagram Bio - Fonts

Since Instagram fonts for Bio is so important, how do you get good-looking, fun, and usable fonts? Fonts must have the floor to answer this question. It provides you with a variety of options on font style, decoration, and customization. And it also has good compatibility for it is available on Android, iOS, and PC-online.

Main Features: 

180+ Fancy Fonts

Support more than 180 fonts that can be displayed on all kinds of digital devices to show your content with beautiful fonts.

1800+ Cool Emojis

Over 1800 emojis help you convey your emotions, feelings, ideas, and characters that are hardly express in words. 

90+ Decoration Styles

Instagram fonts have more than 90 different decoration styles which are made up of various facial texts. So you can add them to your Instagram fonts for Bio to show your distinct personality.

Awesome Keyboard

Every font you chose on Instagram fonts can be transferred as a corresponding keyboard so you needn’t switch to the fonts every time. 

Customized Keyboard Themes

This feature is a benefit for custom lovers. It permits you to change the keyboard theme or you can create your unique keyboard by changing the look, shape, and color of the keyboard buttons.

How to Change Font in Instagram Bio on Android & iOS?

Step 1: Click to Download Fonts to enable it on your phone.

For iOS users, you have to press and hold the “Earth” button on your keyboard and switch to “Fonts”.

 How to Change Font in IG Bio with Fonts on iOS

For Android users, you need to go to the “Settings” to find “General Management”, then go for “Keyboard List and Default”. Enable “Instagram Fonts”.

How to Change Font in IG Bio with Instagram Fonts

Step 2: Next, go to your Instagram account and tap “Edit Profile” to edit your Bio. Then you’ll see the “Instagram Fonts” keyboard replaced the original keyboard.

How to Change Instagram Fonts for Bio with Fonts Tool

Step 3: Click the Font icon to select the font you want for your Bio and then you’ll get a corresponding keyboard with the font you chose.

 How to Get Different Instagram Fonts for Bio with Instagram Fonts

Step 4: Type the text with the selected font and then you can insert emojis and text faces into the text.

Get Different Fonts for Instagram Bio with Instagram Fonts  

Step 5: You can also click the Brush icon which allows you to customize the themes, languages, and layouts of the keyboard.

 Change IG Bio Fonts with Instagram Fonts

How to Change IG Font in Bio on PC Online?

For users who spend their most time on the computer, Instagram Fonts also has a user-friendly and easy-to-operate font creator to help change Instagram fonts for Bio.

Step 1: Input your text to the top text bar. 

Step 2: Select a font to view the text change

Step 3: Copay and paste it to the Bio on Instagram.

 How to Get Different Font in IG Bio

How to Get Different Instagram Fonts for Bio Online? - 3 Alternative Options

To meet the people who are not only seeking ready-made fonts, we have also carefully selected three other online Instagram font creators, including the simplest templates, emojis and stickers choices, and the customizations on the fonts.

Simple Instagram Font Generator- Metatags

The great eye-catching point about Metatags is that it gives users an intuitive view of what the Bio looks like on Instagram. And you can only choose a font from its 50 existing options without emoji or text faces available.

Step 1: Input the text at the top right bar of the page.

Step 2: Scroll through the font style options behind the text bar and select one from them.

Step 3: Preview its visual look on the Instagram display area and then click the “Copy” button beside the font selected. Finally, paste it on your Bio input box.

 How to Change IG Font in Bio

Interesting Instagram Font Changer - Fontget 

Metatags is best for users who only need to change fonts, while FontGet is best for users who have demands on funny emojis and text faces. 

Step 1: Start by editing the text of the Instagram fonts for Bio in the top bar of the page, and then you can see the instant look in the below templates.

Step 2: Click the “Emojis” or the “Text Faces” and click one to copy to the clipboard if you need.

 How to Get Different Font in IG Bio with Fontget

Step 3:  Go back to the IG Fonts and paste the copied emoji or text face .to the place you want it to be. At last, click the copy icon in front of the template and paste it on your Instagram.

Practical Instagram Font Designer - Instafonts

Compared to the first two tools, Instafonts gives users a lot more freedom on how to make the idea of Instagram Fonts for Bio a reality. They can edit different letters with different fonts.

Step 1: Type or paste your sentences in the text box. And you’ll see its 42 types of font styles.

Step 2: Scroll down to click “Design Your Own Fancy Fonts” and you’ll skip to another page with a letter list and each letter has many font appearances.

 Change Font in IG Bio

Step 3: Input your text in the left text view, and randomly select a letter from its suggestions below, then you’ll find the same letter in your text changes to the font you chose.

Don’t forget to copy the final creation and paste it to your Instagram Bio. Though the self-design process is kind of troublesome, it’s really interesting to make a font yourself.


It's time to say goodbye. Thanks for spending your precious time reading how to change IG font in Bio. In this article, we learned that fonts influenced people’s impressions, especially when it comes to self-introduction. To say it briefly, your Bio font is another face when people have no idea of how you really look like. For purpose of finding beautiful Instagram fonts for Bio, we recommended so many font creators can be used on PC, iOS, and Android. 

Among them, Fancy Fonts seems to be your first choice because of its cool emojis, cute text faces, and awesome decoration styles. So check it out and get fancy fonts to upgrade the beauty of your personal Instagram. 

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